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Basic questions about vaccination answered by the one and only Mrs. Frizzle. 


Chris and I actually met twice. The first time we met was at a dental conference in Baltimore in July 2011. We went out to lunch with a large group of peers from various dental schools and Chris sat directly across the table from me. Apparently we all had a great time, however, I don’t recall any encounter with him. We met again three months later in Vegas for a another dental conference in which our dental schools sent us as representatives. I was boarding a bus to tour University of Nevada Las Vegas School of Dental Medicine when I heard a voice yell, “Courtney… It’s me Chris Chance.” As I slowly turned around to give that, “I’m sorry but I don’t know you” expression, he explained how we met in Baltimore and requested that I sit next to him on the bus. He declared that he would make sure I never forgot him again and he was right!

Chris proposed on the first day of Spring, March 20th. I was preparing to go to a job interview in Cleveland since we would be moving there in the summer. I came home from residency to find a dress on the bed with instructions to get dressed to go out to dinner. I thought nothing of it since I was in scrubs and we had earlier discussed going to my favorite Thai restaurant. When I came downstairs, to my surprise were flowers, champagne, and a candlelit dinner with my favorite food ordered in. Escorted by our dog, Marvin, Chris came into the kitchen expressing his love for me and proposed with the notion that he did not want his lady interviewing and explaining her relocation as someone’s girlfriend. He got down on one knee and presented the ring which had been carried by our dog.