bu bu poruche


Bu Bu Poruche (Yellow’s Theme) from LocoRoco

I was going to write something about how great this song is, but Mr. Sanskrit from The Gameolocigal Society does it better:

This is what joy sounds like. This choir of happy blobs has never known a day of trouble they couldn’t overcome just by sticking together with a positive attitude. A few outliers shout something like “Garu-che!” so that it almost sounds like “Yeah! Yeah!” throughout the chorus, approaching levels of cheer that would normally be grounds for someone to be institutionalized. They could be singing about stomping the skulls of their enemies into dust and I wouldn’t care, because it fills my heart with joy for today and hope for tomorrow. If your daughter were playing little-league soccer and the rival team started singing this song in perfect time and harmony, you would root against your own child because clearly the other team is way more organized and oh my golly is that adorable.

True, true, all of it true.


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