bu alumni


Beautiful short film by two recent BU alumni.

I just got back from my very first BU Alumni event. I think the goal was to get a bunch of alumni involved in communications, media and entertainment to mingle and network, but basically we were all there for ANDY COHEN.

Some gems from his talk:

> He’s still bffs with his orientation roommate.

> He recommends doing a ton of internships while you’re still in college. 

> Julie Chen and him started out as interns together at CBS. It cracks him up that she's host of Big Brother and wife of Les Moonves because she was the first one out the door everyday. She had to meet her boyfriend outside.

> He’s turning down a lot of pitches for “Swingers” shows.

> He pinpointed the fact that the Bravo brand is about fashion, art, celebrity and entertainment, but it’s more importantly supposed to be aspirational. All the shows are about rich people and Bravo has the richest audience of any cable network–because rich people love watching themselves.

> He never thought Real Housewives would be a franchise.

> He actually seemed intrigued when someone suggested a Boston version of Real Housewives.

> The PA’s bring fresh drinks during every commercial break on Watch What Happens because it looks better on TV or something. It also gets everyone wasted.

> He’s a big believer in starting at the bottom and working for places you’re passionate about.

> He hated living in Warren Towers his freshman year as much as I did. 

> You could tell that one of the reasons he’s so successful is that he’s hard-working, but more than that, he’s not afraid to point out things that need to be fixed or support interesting things that might not be popular at first. More importantly, he has the wisdom to recognize what works and what doesn’t.

> When someone asked him about his professional goals, he said he’s living his dream producing and being on camera. He did also mention that he loved guesting with Hoda on Today and…and…loved filling in on Live with Regis and Kelly. That’s going to be a vacant seat in six months…

Thanks to Caitlin who came as my guest and no thanks to the entertainment lawyer who touched my back when he said goodbye. Charming, right?