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Richard Armitage + things he does which I find endearing [2/?]
↳ smile/ laugh with his teeth showing

axentis  asked:

hey as a digital artist that uses sai too, i was wondering how you have such clean straight lines, circles, and curves in your art? also how long does it take to do your pieces on average??? btw your art is really gorgeous and i really admire your skill....... youre talented as hell

Hello! For circles, I had to go to Photoshop for that, since SAI, unfortunately, doesn’t have a circle tool. I used Photoshop’s circle tool to make a ring, saved it as a png, and I just use that file to put circles into my pieces in SAI. But if you don’t  have photoshop for that, then you can try this, >video which is a pretty dang neat trick 

If I need to draw straight lines, I tap on one place on my canvas, hold the shift key down, and then tap somewhere else. SAI automatically connects the two places I pressed with a straight line, as long as the shift key is held down. However, once I start painting, I don’t always do that shift key trick, I just paint freehand really slowly along the straight line. I find the results more natural, or at least as natural as digital can get. haha

As for curves, I just do a stroke really fast and hope for the best hahaaha (cry)

I sometimes have to try again and again until I get the curve I want, but I mostly get there in the end lol. The main thing for all the things above is patience and to loosen your hand, so keep at it! 

On average, my pieces take around a week to a week and a half to complete. 

Thank you! I hoped this helped :D 

edit: here’s the circle file! it should be the original png, so feel free to download it/save image, etc. 

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anonymous asked:

Hi Bonnie, so sorry to bother you but I just wanted to know how you make a squiggly animated outline that you do in some of your gfx, it looks so cute but i don't know how to do it ;-( btw your works are gorgeous i love seeing them on my dash!!

Hello!! You’re not bothering me at all ^^
Let me see if I can explain this well LOL I’m so bad at explaining
It’s very simple though /cracks knuckles/ HERE WE GO

Make a new layer that you’ll draw your first doodles on (I named this layer “1”), and just draw!! (Make sure you’re not directly drawing on the same layer as your subject… in this case it’s my lil bro Boo!!)

Next, make a second doodle layer (I named this layer “2”). Keep 2 selected (the selected layer will be blue) while you still have 1 visible. This way, you can use 1 as a guide to trace over your doodles. Be careful not to draw on 1 instead of 2!

Now it’s time to animate! If you don’t already have the Timeline open, go to Window > Timeline. In the first frame we want to have the 1st doodle layer visible, while the 2nd doodle layer hidden.

Make a new frame like so:

Now we want to have the 2nd doodle layer visible, while the 1st doodle layer hidden.

Play the animation to see if you’re satisfied, and once you’re done go to File > Save for Web and this window should pop up. Click save.

This is the final result:

zambienie  asked:

Would u ever consider doing a tutorial?? Like show up how you so certain things. Because I use the same app for over a year and i still hasn't figured it out xD and the videos don't really help. And I'm really interested I how u do certain effects. Btw, your art out gorgeous and something I look up to and go to for insperation 😊😀❤

I would LOVE to but I personally wouldn’t know how to set that stuff up! Maybe I’ll do something along the lines on how I draw things one day if I figure out a proper way to do it :)

dream-daddiest  asked:

what are your brush settings if you dont mind me asking please and thank you (btw your art is gorgeous im dying 💕💕💕)

Omg what a sweet message! I really don’t know how to make those posts and I hope this answer your question. 

My SAI is portable so that’s why there’s spanish here and there -That’s the way it came when I downloaded it ksdjsdj-

I use only 4 brushes -plus eraser and bucket- for almost everything :) first one is brush for a sketchy looking finish, second is aerograph, I use it for both quick sketches and lineart, third is marker, it’s what I use for shading and lighting, and fourth is off focus or blending and it’s what I use for making shadows softer. I really like blending with some texture, but of course sometimes I increase or reduce that setting lol

padfootno-deactivated20171106  asked:

a fellow human who has fell into the kpop hole. also omg I’ve found someone else who likes the rose actual dream

hahaha I’ve been festering down here for just a bit over a year… wow…. I’m not even an old fan but I feel like one. Yeah I actually haven’t listened to the Rose before but this song was so pretty!!!! (talk to me about kpop please i will love you forever)

anonymous asked:

aah sorry if this is too intimate question but did Rythlen handled her pregnancies well? I hope they didn't cause her much discomfort. Also I can see Alistair getting pregnant dad syndrome at some point lol. oh, and were kiddos planned or they happened to be "happy accidents"? (sorry if this was asked before and btw your art is gorgeous ;;o;; <3 )

No worries :D  Here are some old sketches:

Her first pregnancy was tough—it being her first, and also because she was having twins. She isn’t used to taking it easy and had to force herself to rest often.  In the end, it was worth it of course.

The first pregnancy was planned (they needed an heir), but having twins they did not expect. Rahlen was a happy accident. ^^ And thank you!