btw was i the only one who freaked out when saw who was the next letter directed to


Hello everyone! I got a handful of requests to write a fanaccount for my experience at SXSW this past week so here is the first part! Just a little background about me first… My name’s Paloma (@cluelessghost on twitter) and I flew to Austin, Texas from Los Angeles, California~ I’ve been a fan of Mamamoo since they collaborated with K.Will for Peppermint Chocolate back in Feb 2014 and have had the pleasure of watching them go from rookies busking on the streets of Hongdae to their first wins with ‘ 넌 is 뭔들’ ^^ I’ve also been blessed with the opportunity to attend all of their USA events thus far (LA Korean Festival, Moo Party LA, and SXSW) so… yeah I really like Mamamoo haha. Take that as a warning for the mega fangirl-ness of this fanaccount because I am absolute Mamamoo trash ahahaha.

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