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Hi I saw your post giving advice about starting up a writing blog & I found it really helpful. I've been writing (bullet style, mtl & reactions etc.) & I was confident at first and I do get some notes but I hardly ever get messages from my followers which is disappointing especially when I have writers block. After every post I always ask for feedback & ask my followers to talk to me to get to know me. But it barely happens which is discouraging. I have thought about quitting. What should I do?

This refers to this post btw.

Okay so I’m going to write this from a personal kind of view, so this is advice that I use myself.

Again numbers don’t equal to steps, but rather an easier way for me to refer if needed.

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Like, starting by how stunning she looked as the HBIC that she is (and at 65 btw)

(And those legs alkjskfhjkslad)

Then showing up with her husband, married since 1978 and still rocking the Oscars together

Then, what’s the first Meryl reference of the night? : “Magic Meryl effin’ Streep” (so yeah, a pretty good description for Meryl at the Oscars) and the fact that she still gets adorably embarrassed when they joke about all her nominations

She blew us a kiss and blessed us while doing so

Her epic reaction to feminism

Giving THE BEST introduction ever, so beautifully delivered it almost won an Oscar

Fangirling over Julie Andrews like us

And as if that wasn’t enough, she ruled the selfies of the night once more

being an adorable dork in the meantime 

So thank you Meryl Streep for always making the Oscars an event worth watching, this is why