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BTS Reaction to Meeting You

GENRE: fluff, neutral



A/N: this is a sequel kind of to my first reaction, and i might make some reactions all tied together in some way, idk. i hope you enjoy, and make sure to check out the first one if you haven’t already! none of the gifs are mine btw, credit to their owners! the previous part is also not exactly connecting this reaction to it, for reasons so that people don’t have to go back if they don’t want to. enjoy!



Jin would be smiling the entire time, unable to hide his excitement about finally being introduced to you. He would make a lot of dad jokes and puns, and you couldn’t help but laugh at them. If they weren’t that funny in your opinion, you would find yourself laughing at his reaction. He would be a giggly mess, ecstatic about meeting the girl he has had a fascination for since earlier that night.

“That was the best one, rig
ht Y/N?”


— I feel like Yoongi would be a bit awkward at first, but he would quickly warm up to you. He would just smile and nod, listening to whatever you, your members, or the boys had to say. Once he realized you were not as intimidating as you seemed, he would begin to talk more. Yoongi would talk to you a lot about music at first, but as your relationship progressed you both would open up.

“Taehyung once got his hand stuck in the fridge.” “What does that have to do with rapping, hyung?” “The fridge represents how you keep trying to rap, but we won’t
let you.”


Hoseok would immediately latch onto you. Having been a big fan for years, he would make sure he had you before any of the other boys did. You wouldn’t mind talking to him for hours, being that you had also been a fan since their debut. Hoseok would do anything to make you smile, loving the grin on your face that he had caused.

“Don’t laugh to death o
n me!”


Flirty Namjoon would come out of his shell! He would definitely tell the boys prior to meeting you, that you were going to be his girlfriend, and they would not get in the way. The boys would take it as a joke, but once they saw how clingy he was to you, they realized he wasn’t kidding. Namjoon, like Hobi, would do everything to make you smile. He wanted to be one of the few people who had a lasting impact on you.

“Very nice to me
et you.”


Chim would speak to you softly, a bit embarrassed of the other members. You would smile and laugh, which sounded like angels to Jimin, but you knew that the boys were only teasing him. You were pretty shy yourself, so you and Jimin already had an understanding for each other. Once the boys broke away from you guys, the two of you would start talking more. It wouldn’t take long for both of you to be attached at the hip, laughing constantly.

“Jin don’t tell the story, pl


He would stand with a grin on his face with the boys as you hugged and talked vaguely to Jungkook. You would forget that your members, and the rest of the boys were standing around. Taehyung would find the comfortable you very adorable, and once you remembered that you hadn’t met the boys, the shy you would come out. Taehyung would try to talk to you any chance he had.

“Kookie! Is Y/N coming


He would be really guarded at first, hiding behind his hyungs to avoid making eye contact with you. You had wowed him so much, he was ashamed to even be standing next to someone so talented. The boys would instantaneously know that he had a crush; they would tease him to death about it. You wouldn’t think too much about it, not realizing that their teasing was surrounding his crush on you.

“Kookie is in


So apparently from the SDCC leaks the Diamonds are coming to wage war on Earth, Pearl fuses with Steven at some point, Pearl gives herself up to Homeworld for some reason, and Lapis doesn’t care about fighting the Diamonds. Thanks, Lapis. Thanks a lot for continuing to be the most overpowered character and remaining apathetic and useless. And I have no idea why Pearl giving herself up to Homeworld is supposed to help, but of course it’s putting her in the spotlight again. Btw are Garnet, Amethyst and Peridot doing anything in this new arc or are they being benched again? I haven’t seen any talk about them.

The only news I’m excited about so far is we’re getting a flashback about White Diamond so we may finally get to see her, and that Lars and the Off Colors are coming back and found their own escape from Homeworld. Hopefully now that Steven and the CGs have access to a spaceship again they’ll do something about rescuing all the gems and humans still trapped in the zoo. And maybe Steven will finally get back to healing corrupted gems like Centi and Jasper. I’m afraid to get my hopes up about Bismuth, but if the Diamonds are planning to attack Earth the Crystal Gems are going to need her and her skills. They have to raise an army and they need all the gems they can get.

Fanart Monday!

Oops, I almost forgot to do today’s Fanart Monday! :P 

Nah but here I am, ready to drool over the nice fanarts people do for me with all their love. My weekend is gonna be filled with sketches and many trials and armors, but I’ll be fine! I hope!!

Fanart of the week by  @blanky-bloo! Crossover with Zombietale?? Heck yeah!!! My poor child is so screwed

More under the sexy cut ;D

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Omg, I'm sorry but I'm laughing. You sound so evil discussing your characters and the suffering and plot related stuff, it makes me excited for what's to come. I hope this sounds right. I think that's gotta be one of the funner parts of creating characters and getting to share their story (at least for me it is); watching how others react to what is going on.

it is fun!! and i’m pretty sure most creators like to be mean to their OCs. i don’t know why exactly but the more you love them…….

and hell yes i lovelovelove seeing others react to the plot ;; it’s so rewarding when others get invested, notice small things, and are even talking to each other in the comments, discussing what could be and all. and it’s so fun to read all the theories, too. my goal is to surprise you from time to time and leaving my readers on edge, because everything is possible. good and bad, fluff and sad,

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The other page I did for Fire Emblem: Awakening Crossover Fanart Anthology along with this piece. This time it’s Yakuza AU, I was inspired to make it looks like a movie cover instead, I guess it looks like the Chinese martial art movies/series more ehe.

The books are shipped so I’m excited to hold the physical copy in hands, I hope you guys do to! Thanks for the support!

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Sarah I'm worried are you feeling ok? :(

oh no please don’t worry about me!!! Im feeling a bit down these days probably because Im going to have my periods eheh but yeah im alright! :^D

I wasn’t in the mood to draw anything till now! SO yeah I guess Im finally really back!

BTW I’m really excited for Jimin’s birthday!!!!!! 

Because for some reasons I really wanted to draw last night at 2 am and I couldn’t stop and basically I draw all the sketches for all the upcoming members bd. I fell alseep at 6am BUT IT WAS WORTH IT. It will be a serie called “bts: the origins”, I still don’t know how long it will be BUT ITS GOING TO BE GOOD I PROMISED IM RLLY EXCITED THATS WHY IM TELLING THIS NOW. I really liked what I did for Jk’s bd and I thought why not doing the same for the other members eheh

GOT 706: Anvils everywhere

Last night, I only had seen the first few clips leaked & read recaps. Now that I’ve seen all of it, I’m so excited bc my big takeaway was D&D dropping BIG pro Gendrya & pro Jonsa plot anvils.  I also see a Jaime becoming part of Team Queen Sansa which makes me happy.  TONS of thoughts on 706 & why I’m eager for S8.  My reasoning under the cut. Warning: 707 spoilers galore.

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Please write an Ashton smut? Like he's at the studio too much and you barely see him so you just have your way with him Idek lmao. Cuff him to the bed kinda reverse dom?? You're a great writer btw ❤️

y e s 

he would be so shocked but like too exhausted to even realize you’d dom him. he’d be really excited tho 

so i m a g i n e waiting impatiently for your drummer boy to arrive home. Ashton has been working hours in the studio, coming home as late as ever only to leave in just a few hours. That studio consumed his time, and that bothered you for several reasons. 

One: your boyfriend was being worked too hard. 

Two: you desired much attention from him. 

Your heart immediately fluttered when keys jingled behind the doorway and opened to reveal your exhausted boyfriend. You hop up from the couch and walk over to him, grabbing his hand to guide him upstairs to the shared bedroom. 

“You look tired, baby,” you spoke softly, seeing the groggy drummer nod as he trotted up the stairs. Unlike you, Ashton wanted nothing more but to fall asleep to kill another day in the studio. But you had other plans. 

“The studio is killin’ me,” Ashton admitted, removing his shoes as soon as he entered the bedroom. You watched as he hopped on the bed, facing upwards towards the ceiling as he slowly fluttered those hazel eyes shut. You skimp over to him, beginning to rub his aching body at his thighs, sides, and arms. 

Without him looking, you quickly remove your shorts and panties. 

“I can see that,” you hummed, your hands continuing to glide down to his thighs to reach at the hem of his pants. Slowly, you tugged them down, removing them from his legs to receive a moan of relief. You giggled, seeing his eyes remain closed as you slowly run your hands up to his veined forearms. Without him even guessing, you swiftly grabbed the pair of fluffy cuffs in your bedside table and latched Ashton’s wrists to the bedhead. It was when he felt the cool metallic that Ashton realized something was up and quickly opened his eyes. 

“Um, Y/N?” He’d ask, looking up at you as you took a seat on his lower stomach. He looked up to see the cuffs, and looked back at you, a bit of shock twinkling in those hazel eyes. “What’s this?” 

“A stress reliever,” you mused as you began to rub your clit upon Ashton’s clocked cock. He let out a quiet moan, his shocked expression dissolving into an angry one. “And a punishment, since you haven’t been around to please me and you enjoy being dominant all the time…” 

“Y/N,” Ashton growled, clenching his hands into fists as you rubbed your clit against the smooth fabric. His cock hardened below you, having you throw your head back in pleasure as you kept it. “Un-fucking-lock me. Now.” 

“I can’t, baby, this feels too good,” you moaned, your hands firmly pressed on his tummy as you moved your hips faster. Ashton immediately began to hit the chain of the cuffs against the headboard, watching you in immense frustration. 

“Fuck, let me– haahh…” Ashton choked, bucking his hits up for more friction and stimulation. You moaned loudly, slowly guiding your hands down to the hem of his Calvin Klein’s. That’s when Ashton stared at you with a stern expression. “Don’t you fucking dare.” 

“I don’t think you’re in any position to throw threats, baby,” you coo, bouncing your bottom back onto Ashton’s thighs to reveal Ashton’s hard cock. It flopped out with ease, veins crawling up and down it as pre-cum spewed out from his cherry tip. “Aw look at you– already so hard for me.” 

“Y/N,” Ashton growled, his voice raspy from straining it at the studio. He bashed the chain at the headboard even louder, frustration emitting his large being. “You fucking wouldn’t. You wouldn’t dare disobey Daddy.” 

“Try me,” you said with a smirk before sliding yourself down on Ashton’s dick. 


Be With Me

Request: can you make a smut that the rederis damons big love but she is an original sister and she is dating lucien and damon can not bear sombody elese fucking her and damon fuck her so hard – @shamelessfunworld

Pairings: Damon x Reader, Lucien x Reader

Warnings: swearing, smut, angst

Word Count: 2616

ANGST. Hmp. Btw, I actually had no idea who Lucien was but yey, now I know.

(gifs not mine, credits to owners)

Damon’s POV

Klaus was back, for some reason that I don’t give a damn about, but what shocked me was that (y/n) was here again. That, of course, is what I care about. I know, I know, why should I be freaking excited about some gorgeous, bad ass, perfect Original? Wait, I said it already. Damon doesn’t do love, but when he does, he goes big time. And that’s where (y/n) perfectly fits in.

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I'm so glad Evens not going to the main I've honestly never come across such a falsely self parodic fandom as the 'Evak' one. We should learn through him through Sana which I'm excited for. The relationship can be a very distant feature.

Wowowow. Humans having different opinions? What a new concept! Honestly mate, it’s very common for people to have opinions that aren’t the same as yours. You can’t go around trying to shit on everyone’s beliefs. You would be the most angry person in the universe and that ain’t fun. Also, my number one pet peeve is when people try so bloody hard to disregard what clearly makes others’ happy. A season with Even as the main, makes some people happy? Gives some mentally ill people hope? Allows some lgbtq people to feel accepted? I don’t see any of this as wrong unless you fall into the category of fetishizing (in which case, bYE). Also i’m not saying that any of this is untrue for Sana because her being the main is also going to make a lot of people (poc especially) happy. Which is great! As a poc, i can also list you a bunch of reasons that i’m excited for a Sana season but i’d prefer an Even season and that’s that. I’m not going to trash people who want a Sana season for that. I’m an adult and i understand the concept of opinions. Let people be happy anon! You be happy too. None of us actually know that Even isn’t going to be main btw. We haven’t even seen the trailer so if anyone’s being falsely self parodic, it’s you. Whether it’s Sana or Even, it’s chill. 

Pre Movie Confession

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Requested by @melli1808

Request: Hey :)— I don’t know if you have already done that but if not - could you pls write a Stiles x Reader where Stiles has a crush on the reader and they are best friends and one day she stays at his place for the night bc they want to make a movie marathon or something & Stiles wants to tell her about his feelings for her but he’s also afraid that it could ruin their friendship if the reader doesn’t feel the same way? And just lots of fluff pls? Thank you & btw I love your blog sm

A/N: Thank you so much!

I was on my way to Stiles‘ house because I was spending the night there. He and I wanted to have a Lord of the Rings marathon, and that was going to take ages. But nonetheless I was extremely excited for two reasons: I love Lord of the Rings and I get to spend time with my best friend/crush. 

I pulled into his driveway and parked my car. I grabbed my bag that was full of candy and drinks and also some clothes. I looked in the bag for a last minute check to make sure I had everything, when I saw that I did, I opened my door and hopped out of the vehicle. 

I raced up to Stiles’ door and turned to door knob. Of course it was unlocked. As I walked inside, I screamed, “I’m home!” I shut the door behind me. A few moments later, I heard footsteps coming down the stairs and soon saw Stiles in the doorway. 

“Hi.“ He said.

“Hello!” I replied. “Are you ready for a Lord of the Rings marathon?”

“Oh yeah.” He nodded. “But I need to tell you something first.”

I looked at him quizzically and tilted my head. “Yeah?”

He took a deep breath. “I understand if you don’t want to stay after I tell you, it’s just that I need to tell you because it’s eating me up inside. I just need to have you know.”

“Okay. What?”

“I’ve had a crush on you for a while now, and I really, really like you.” He blurts out.

My eyes widen in shock. My crush likes me back? Come on! This only happens in sappy romantic films or in fanfiction. I just couldn’t believe it. I was so surprised that I couldn’t get anything to come out of my mouth. I couldn’t speak. Stiles looked distressed when I didn’t say anything, so he looked down to try to hide his sorrow. “It’s alright, Y/N. I understand if you don’t like me back.”

I dropped my stuff which caused his head to shoot right up. Running towards him, I opened my arms so that I could engulf him in a hug. I slammed into him, and he almost fell backwards. “Stiles! I really like you too!” 


“Yes!” I laughed.

“So do you want to be my girlfriend?” 


He hugged me tighter and pulled me closer. We stayed like that for minutes before I remembered that we were going to watch Lord of the Rings. 

“Come on!” I said. “Or we’re not going to have time to finish!” I ran back to get my stuff and rushed back to him. Grabbing his hand, I dragged him all the way to the living room where we snuggled up together for the rest of the night. 

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the thing about the titans show is that they are going to cast dick white. raven and starfire had open ethnicity and so did beast boy but they are leaning towards someone asian. dick was the only one who had to be white and they already casted raven with a 13 year old white actress so it can really go either way.

Welp, that’s how it is with DC, they do one good thing and then immediately afterwards they do something bad to ruin it on us.

To be honest, while I love the fact that Starfire (And hopefully Beastboy too) are going to be played by actors of color, a part of me can’t help but think that the main reason they did so is so that they can take our attention away from Dick’s casting. Because unlike both Starfire and Beastboy, DIck is the only one character who was confirmed to be canonly PoC (Romani btw) in the comics, so obviously people are going to anticipate weather or not they cast him right. And maybe that’s why they released Starfire’s casting first, so that people would be too busy getting excited about the actress playing her that they wouldn’t notice Dick being whitewashed. 

I mean really? They put “Preferably Asian” in the casting call next to Beastboy’s name, even though Beastboy isn’t canonly Asian. So why didn’t they just do the same with Dick by putting “Preferably Romani” in the casting call next to his name since Dick is actually canonly Romani? I don’t know what reason they had for purposely only allowing white actors to audition for Dick beside them not wanting the main protagonist to be PoC.

Don’t get me wrong, the fact that they casted a dark skinned black woman to play Starfire is a great thing, but the fact they specifically asked for only “Caucasian” actors to play Dick is a…well, a dick move basically.


july 23. a jily fic.

july (and june) jily challenge | @heypottcr vs @liiilyevans

theme: summer tropes
prompt: “I just wanted to get my school supplies early, how have we ended up sharing an ice cream at florean fortescues? wait… am I actually enjoying your company??”

happy happy happy birthday to harry james potter!! i’m so sorry i wasn’t able to create anything for his birthday,,, this is a finished, old (only from the beginning of july, actually) draft for the jily challenge so i’m going to post this instead (well, today’s the deadline anyways) but hey, jily is the reason harry potter exists so haha.

notes: this is my first fic after i deleted all my posts and i’m excited :) i really like this prompt and even though my writing isn’t the greatest, i hope you enjoy what i’ve put together :) so please read this and feel free to leave some feedback! and btw, the lowercase letters are for the aesthetic, don’t judge lol

the hustle and the rush of the large street of diagon alley was never something i loved. i had quite a couple of bad experiences with the constant buzz. say, last year, i was walking and wanda bilden was giggling about some gossip with emily royston. i accidentally overheard the little slip in her volume, or maybe she intended me to, knowing how much havoc it would spawn. 

“and did you hear about jane? she’s pregnant, and she’s 16!” they squealed. and the most i can say about jane isveld now, is that she doesn’t have a baby and that we are no longer best friends.

i was determined to avoid losing more friends this year, at least from drama in diagon alley. after an intense pros and cons list, i decided july would be the best time to go shopping. june would be busy with all of the rushing, obsessive parents trying to figure out what will be on the lists and attempting to cram their children with knowledge. and august would be when the general crowd would mill around, all demanding the same supplies from the same shops. 

but july? july was perfect. barely anyone would be there except for the average folks, those who shop there on a daily basis, anyways. so today was the day. july 23. i decided the june rush would be over, the evans family would be back from vacation, my hogwarts letter came just yesterday, and the august craze was still nice and far away. it was the perfect day to go. 

but it was also really hot. i dabbed sunscreen on top of my makeup, which petunia, standing in the corner of the bathroom curling her hair, rolled her eyes at. the foundation is finally beginning to blend into the white paste i had just applied, but it still left a faded shining pale color on my face. “bye,” i glanced in petunia’s direction. she nodded in acknowledgement. 

as soon as i emerged from the staircase, sunlight poured into my eyes from the windows of the kitchen. “darling, turn on the a.c., will you?” my mother’s rushed voice rang in my ears. i am barely able to see. i quickly flick the switch and make my way to the main door. “i’ll be home at 4,” “ok, lily, see you then,” and with that, i shut the door behind me, hearing a small yowl from our cat, buttercup, and get into the car. soon enough, i was at the leaky cauldron, tapping my wand lightly against the burning, red bricks.

i felt the heat waves hitting my skin and sinking in, all soaked up, like a sponge. it didn’t help that there were barely any awnings in front of the shops. i ran from shop to shop, trying not to linger in the sun too long. sunburns came rather easily to me. i was “blessed” that way.

eventually, i landed in the apothecary, sifting through a pile of boxed pixie dragon eggs. three for a galleon, it was a pretty good deal. really good. but the only problem was that pixie dragon eggs heated up quickly, and then they would crack. i wonder if mr. emerson planned it all out. 

but that would be pathetic. i then continued to retort to the voice in my mind, but that would be smart! i knew if i ever started a business, i would put out the most convenient deals on the least convenient day. but what kind of business would need that? “i surely couldn’t start an apothecary, mr. emerson would steal all my business,” i didn’t realize i said it aloud until i heard the shuffle of feet. 

the scuffling sound became louder and i turned away. my cheeks were surely bright pink by now. i began to walk quickly in the other direction of the aisle and was about to escape from some strange embarrassment. turning back to see if the person had approached, i continued to stride across quickly, faster, faster, faster, when smack! i bumped into someone.

“sorry,” i muttered. a pair of glasses were on the floor and i quickly reached down to pick them up. was there really any trip to diagon alley when i didn’t land in a mess, even if it was small this time? the man i ran into groaned as i nervously stuffed the glasses into his hands. “are you okay?” i said as i looked up, to identify the man, and possibly find help.

i found the answer to my question. there truly was never going to be a trip to diagon alley made by lily evans that was completely successful. “lily?” his voice was a little surprised and his posture immediately straightened. he stopped clutching his stomach, where my fist, somehow, forcefully collided with him, and put on his glasses to confirm it was me.

i bit my lip and turned around again, weighing my options. an old man with balding white hair and round, eerie spectacles was staring at me. oh, great, mr. emerson was the man who had heard me talking about his shop. aren’t i just the luckiest one of the bunch?

the heels of my sneakers swivel again and i find james potter’s head leaning to the side, confused. “i didn’t expect anyone to be here in july,” james exclaims, ruffling his hair around. i hear mr. emerson’s footsteps fade away. “yeah, well, me either,” i mutter in response, deciding i was stuck with james now.

“shopping for school?” he asks. i nod, glance at him, and move on to the next aisle. “so how’s your summer been?” well, i guess he wasn’t planning on leaving anytime soon, despite the fact that i never extended an invitation for him to join me. i figured i might as well talk to him, “it’s been good. vacation was pretty fun. what about you?” i try to keep the conversation as casual as possible.

“the usual… our annual trip to france and we stayed in an old cottage in godric’s hollow this year. haven’t been there in a while,”

“france?” i gushed, “i’ve always wanted to go. you’ve been there every single year?” i was shocked. he nodded, as if it was obvious. that they were rich. and suddenly, i was reminded of the reasons i rejected him all these years.

maybe next time i should go shopping in august. or maybe may. i turned to begin looking into another shelf. my eyes blatantly stared at the shelf, without emotion, not focusing on the actual objects themselves. i was just trying to give them something else to look at instead of james potter. i even thought i hear him walk away for a second, but i was just too hopeful.

james grinned and continued, “we should go there sometime, you know?”

“to france?” my eyebrows were raised as i scoffed, “yeah, right, how the hell are we going to get there?”

“you’re forgetting we can apparate, aren’t you?” my head snapped towards him. we can’t apparate. we’re sixteen. where has he been?

“i think you’re forgetting the factor that we’re only sixteen, and we haven’t even taken the lessons yet!” james just rolled his eyes, “don’t tell me you haven’t tried to apparate until now,”

i shook my head with wide eyes, “i’m here, telling you, that i haven’t tried to apparate until now!” he laughed. i retorted quickly, “why is that so hard to believe? do you just decide, oh, let’s try to apparate right now, in your free time?” i turned back to the shelf, and picked up a bag of some frog’s eyeballs.

“i can show you how to apparate if you want…” james followed me through the aisles. we found ourselves in between bat bones and shedded snake skin.

“i think i’d rather learn legally… but actually, if you’re can apparate, why don’t you show me? not to france, of course,” i quickly added.

“so it seems like you’re not so by the book after all, huh?” he smirked.

“well, i’m technically not the one breaking the rules, you know,” i laughed.

“ok, here’s the deal. i’ll apparate if you tag along,” james reasoned, taking the situation into consideration rather quickly. i turned back towards him and opened my mouth to reply. it hung open for a second and all of a sudden, i could feel myself biting my lip hard. shut up, i told myself, no one’s even here. except for old mr. emerson and honestly, who gives a piece of shit if he sees?

i wasn’t so worried about the fact that it’s illegal. i was a little more freaked out about trusting james potter with doing this. apparition was some crazy stuff, i wouldn’t expect a sixteen year-old to be able to do it, nonetheless, james freaking potter. yikes. however, james was pretty smart, whether i wanted to admit it, or not. if he says he can do it, he probably can.

“sure, why not,” i sigh. he smiles, “alrighty, where do you want to go?” 

i shrug, so james continues, “how about florean fortescue’s for some ice cream after the ride of your life?” i laughed and nodded, “sure,” 

there’s a twinkle in his eyes as he laughs. his grin is replicated on my face as he mockingly bows and holds out an arm. i laugh and his eyes light up even more, crinkling his face with lines of happiness. streaks of joy. i can’t stop laughing, this is all so pathetic. i never thought i would be here. i take his arm, and we both feel something. he twitches, barely noticeable, and my eyes freeze for a second or two. it’s quick, but powerful. just observations, of course.

the feeling of his skin on mine, it’s so new. so different. i don’t know why. it’s just two people touching. but no. it’s me and james potter touching. my skin is pressed against his when he looks at me seriously but still while smiling. “ready, milady?” i nod while throwing my head back in laughter. it doesn’t take a countdown. he just gives me a look and both our eyes connect. he knows that i mean now.

i hated that i was feeling this way, but i knew i had to be honest with myself. how could i stop it? i didn’t mind feeling like the epitome of ethereal joy. we’d never had a moment like this and on summer break, at home with petunia, i sure wasn’t going to feel this happy anytime soon.

in a click, i close my eyes and my fingers naturally tighten around my thin wand. and in a flash, i feel my head shrink, and my legs suddenly felt very tense. my arms were thinner and i could feel the pressure of some imaginary force contracting me. it hurt quite a bit, a burning sensation pulsing through the veins, all over my skin. it was totally unlike the feeling of the heat before. i felt like my head was rolling around and all of a sudden i was standing again.

it was so fast, but so powerful, so surreal, like a bolt of lightning, but tamer. the pain fueled me with a burst of energy, even though it hurt. it, kind of, felt… good. james quickly looked at me as soon as we landed, i assume, making sure that i didn’t splinch.

it was hard to take in all the bright light of the outside all of a sudden, even though we were underneath the awning of the cart. i couldn’t even remember the experience of apparating too well now. it was gone so quickly, i couldn’t even remember the little details, like what i saw, or heard, or felt. except for the pain. i could definitely feel the pain.

“are you okay?” i let out a wary laugh, blinked my eyes a couple of times and finally said something, “yeah, that was… amazing,” 

“it probably hurts, but food helps with that. good thing we’re already here at fortescue’s!” james exclaimed and started towards the assortment of various, vibrantly colored ice creams. he pulled me with him and i realize, in a flash, that his hand is still wrapped around mine.

“hello, there,” florean began, picking up his ice cream scooper as soon as we stopped in front of the cart, “what will you two lovebirds have, then?”

i blushed, glancing at james, but he just grinned, looking straight at florean, with a surprisingly straight face, “she’s not my girlfriend,”

“oh, well, still, what can i serve to you two?” florean smiled. i looked down at the array of ice creams. james immediately responded, “caramel almond, one scoop in a waffle cone, please,” my eyes skimmed through all the options and i quickly decide on chocolate mint ice cream, two scoops, in a cone.

as soon as florean hands it over, i take a napkin and begin licking. it’s delicious. the flavorful cold cream on my tongue in this heat is like a dream come true. i walk over to one of the tables under an awning but the sunlight still makes its way in. i close my eyes for a second and savor the ice cream. i can feel the minty flavor dancing on my tongue, its feet tapping gently on the tip of my tongue and then near my throat and then leaping to the roof of my mouth.

“so, think you’ll try apparating again, soon?” james ruffles his hair, a playful smirk imprinted into his lopsided grin.

i laugh and quip back, “yeah, when the lessons come this year, you know?” he laughs and i roll my eyes, but i’m still smiling. we both pause, enjoying our ice cream and i stop to think. this can’t be the only illegal thing he’s done.

“how much practice have you gotten to get here? and how the hell does the ministry have absolutely no idea that you’re already apparating?”

james smirks, “that’s a secret. now if you wanted to learn how to apparate, just a little bit earlier, maybe i could reveal it…?” i shook my head, “i’d rather not. only a couple months away from learning anyways,”

“ah, well, it’s your choice, i guess,” we go back to licking our ice cream. “so, you always come here in the middle of july?” i ask. 

he shakes his head, “nope, just once in awhile, i didn’t necessarily want to shop in august with everyone out and about. let’s just say, i’m trying to avoid some specific people right now,” i nod.

“well… i might just make it a tradition of coming on july 23. despite the lack of people, it’s actually a pretty fun day after all,” i smiled.

extra special: a little “alternate ending” of sorts. i didn’t love it, but it’s okay, so i thought i might pop it into the end anyways:

as soon as i got home, i jogged upstairs to my room, carefully closing it behind me. i sat on the bed and opened up my bag of stuff, when i found a drop of ice cream on one of my rolls of parchment. i giggled and wiped it off with my finger. mmmm…. caramel. delicious.

in the corner of my eye, i saw my bright red calendar and walked over to it. flipping it all the way to the next year, i found the month of july and lingered. but i quickly flipped it to august and picked up a pen, making a small mark on some random wednesday.

but somehow, my hands still found their way to july 23. my finger tapped on it lightly, and i quickly scribbled “diagon alley” in the small, black square.


Oracle of Questionable Decisions!

54 cards of sass, kindness, and saltiness!

I’ll be making a preorder listing on Etsy (I’m also making an Etsy shop btw and listing many things!) In about a week or two. I need people to


this post if you will be interested in buying a deck (or possibly a pdf file so you can print and cut your deck out yourself (??????) )so I can start figuring out a plan to make this happen.

The more people I get the more reasonable the price can be!

I’ve also been thinking about the future of this deck. It may not always be available. I want to be able to create multiple decks… Kindof like how @thecrackedamethyst ( some of your cards in the amethyst Oracle helped me btw! ) does.

Do please reblog and tell me how much you think you’d be in buying this deck.

And if anyone has any advice for noob like myself please drown me in it! I’m excited af about this.

Also if you have experience selling your deck as pdf files I’d like to know the pros and cons of that!

Thanks guys!!!

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Hey Amelia, long time fan. I think I already know your opinion about this but, why do most people not accept cishet aces as lgbt+? I was intimidated by a group into not going to the pride parade in my city this year, I was really excited to go because it was gonna be my first one. But I ended up feeling like I did't have the right to... you think I should go next year as a part of it? or am I really not supposed to? (Btw sorry If I made any grammar mistakes, my first language is Spanish)

This is an ooooold ask, sorry. 

So, the main reason ppl don’t like having cisgender, heteroromantic ace people in LGBT+ meetups is because they see those people as “basically straight” - these people usually classify LGBT+ as either being trans or being attracted to the same gender. They feel like because cisgender heteromantic aces don’t have that experience, they shouldn’t be involved in the community. 

The thing is, though, that being asexual is a unique experience, very different from being heterosexual. Ace ppl can face a whole lotta shit for not wanting to have sex with their partner, and honestly, not experiencing sexual attraction can feel very ostracising. That’s why I always feel like LGBT+ spaces should welcome asexual people. (And indeed, most do.)

You should definatley attend Pride, though! I know AVEN actually marches at a lot of them (they do at London Pride) and it’s worth seeing if there’s ace people you can march with. Also, I usually see ace flags at pride parades (admittedly, I’m often one of the people wearing one) so you’d not be the only ace person there, even if AVEN isn’t marching.

HIIII!!! My names Nikki I’m 16 from the UK
I don’t really know where to start, I like music and movie blah blah
I like Lana del Rey, the weeknd, the neighbourhood, Drake, Halsey etc
I have almost like a slit personality (lmao it’s not that deep) like half of me is really girly and likes make up and pink then the other part is more grungy-ish? With more red and blacks.
Preferably I’d like someone who’s really lit and free to talk about anything and everything, don’t shy away I don’t bite. Ideally over 15-19 and your sexuality or race or gender doesn’t matter to me.
I’m also half Persian so that’s a cool fact.
I don’t know what else to say so BYEEE!!!

Oh btw - snapchat- N1kk126
Tumblr - red-v0dkaa

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Omg this made my day 😂 I don’t know HOW he kept his cool at all! He was so polite. I felt so bad for him and Lili, that lady can eat shit