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What happens if you see fanart of Sondam + kid’s.
          You delve into the pit’s of hell and design kid’s of your own for the ship.

SR2 cast

so we know how the DR cast is PsychoPop

dr2 is PsychoTropical

and v3 is PsychoCool

well now looking at all three classes the 77th class really are the oddballs if you think about it even in the despair arc theres a noticeable difference in the over all tone in the designs whereas the V3 class would fit right in with the 78th class. 77th class perfectly fits their game but they are particularly distinct out of their island environment. Not saying this is a bad thing just notable. Add how unique the 77th class really is tbh.

While im on the topic people in the fandom always talk their favorite class. The reason being are usually due to their biases and their personalities. I think this is very important and actually shows the development of the game and the writers. However i notice that many people regard DR as a game full of anime stereotypes. And looking at the play through really is (besides like Toko, Celeste and… Maybe Leon..Beyakuya was a twisted version of stereotype )…. see here the difference between DR and SRD cast.

DR: The cast were anime/japanese archetypes and happened to be talented with their personalities actually being centered around their titles (ex. Modo, Taka, Kirigiri, Maizono, Sakura) to the extent you expected their reactions or some of their dialogue. Not to say at all that they are boring characters but just….predictable in some ways. and seemingly not as dimensional as the 77th and in the class trails everyones “roles” were kind of set in stone from day 1: Byakuya hot on the tail of the killer, Kirigri silently putting everything together, Makoto pointing out contradictions, Celeste sometimes seemingly keeping up, then the others just, tid bits gave information or simply were comic relief(Hiro and Toko). I almost feel like they were restricted in their archetypes from being more involved as sometimes a good 3rd of the group was just..there… and had to have stuff explained to them.

DR2: The cast were blatant representation of different talents by two things their looks and display of their talent they wore them on their sleeves and utilized them more than the 78th class throughout their killing game. However their personalities had absolutely nothing to do with their titles. The only one that was stereotypical was TeruTeru(to an extent Akane ) . Everyone’s else personalities were completely unique which gave them more energy life and color. This also made the class trails more interesting as you didnt have the moment of (oh obviously these people will know whats going on) more people were on the same level and less seemed useless /dismiss able during parts of the class trail (btw Sonia is disregarded but she had the most agree point sin the entire game) the cast as a whole followed along with everything much better (hell even Ibukis adhd having ass lol). They would offer up more to value and if it was comic relief it wasnt so predictable and shallow (unlike always expecting hifumi to say something nerdy or hiro to say something stupid).

All in all this is where i think the writers(and designers) found the perfect balance and showed their growth and ability in this series. The 78th class has their own style, flair and iconic courtroom music lol. But the 78th class were better written with more depth and unique personalities that made them very enjoyable and you saw who they were past their titles. Obviously you can tell which class i prefer however thats not to take away from the other. I think its just the natural process of a sequel.

In SDR2 they learned how to make them people not simply characters.

So with this id like to say im excited for the V3 class and see how their personalities unfold throughout the game and their class trails.