btw this gifset take me a lot of time

So, most of my gifsets are extra and they usually take time for me to finish them and btw by extra I mean I add a lot of textures and many scenes in one gif. so whenever I get requests, I feel like I should make my gifsets extra and make them so unique and different.

 I just feel like If I didn’t make extra gifset the people who requested will think that I didn’t want to make them the gifset. Which is wrong because I do love making gifsets to everyone.

 What I mean is that I feel like if I made a “less extra” gifset, people wont like it and get disappointed, because they may expect me making something artsy or whatever.

and btw that doesn’t mean I think that the gifsets without texture are ugly because hell no, I love every single gifsets starting from the color porn gifsets to the gifsets with no coloring. 

This make me seem like an asshole, anyways I love all of you and I want to make sexy shit for you so it might take time for me to finish all the requests!