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anonymous asked:

Hi sorry to bother you... But I was wondering if you would be willing to name some of your favorite jongkey fics?? I really need some more to read, if you can that would be awesome! I you don't want to though don't worry about it. I love your blog btw! <3

Hello, sweetie! :D I don’t get messages often (besides spam) so I’m super excited to help you find jongkey fanfics! You’re not a bother at all! They are my ultimate otp of otps so ughhhhhhhhh /flails/ and I’m super happy to hear that you like my blog ^^ it may not look like it, but i try really hard lol 

but okay :3 here we go~

**First off, I have a ton of fanfic recommendations on my fanfic blip on my sidebar, right here~ LINK. They’re all labeled by ship~

But that list isn’t up to date (so I am so sorry if some links don’t work anymore) but I’ll add some more down below :D

tumblr fanfics and AU blips

Right Number | PG-13

Warm Kisses | PG

Meet Me | NC-17 (There’s 4 parts to this, links at the end)

Odd-Eyed | PG -13

Second Impressions | NC-17 (2 parts)

Who are they (drabble) | PG-13??

Of Books and Sticky Notes | R

You’re Headphones Aren’t Plugged in… AU | NC-17

5 Hour Energy | PG

Colors that Don’t Exist | PG-13

Haunted House AU | Cheesy

Tonitrum and Balnea | NC-17

Chocolate and Books | Fluff

Scared | PG-13

Drunk at My Ex’s Wedding (Prompt)

Lemon and Mint | M

Are you the bottom of my laptop? Cuz you’re hot and I’m getting nervous

Tattoo Parlor | PG-13

Surprise Party - BumDay

Dessert First | NC-17

The Fanart | NC-17 (picture is linked to nsfw fanart just so you know lol)

So that’s it for tumblr stuff and most of the other things are on that link above~ If you like, I also write jongkey fanfics shameless self promotion but since I’m a senior in college, I don’t write much anymore so it’s all pretty old and not up to date with my current writing style. But have fun nonetheless if you like: LINKFeel free to check out my subscriptions too :) There’s a lot of cool writers out there that I didn’t mention (it’s after 1am and I have to teach tomorrow I’m sorry FROWN FACE).

And for those amazing writers out there, if you would like me to take your story off of here, let me know and I’ll do so :)

Thanks for giving me something to do, anon and I hope you’ll message me again soon ♥♥♥

And take a bit of jongkey for the road~

yeah im pretty sure jjong just came right there but whatever

Happy reading~~♥♥