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I’m so in love with Yuki Behr you can’t believe!

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(lets say for the sake of this post, tv and movies are a thing in thedas) when the team is out on their big, boring adventures in the wilderness kara carries around a bingo card and listens in on cole and solas as they reference tv shows and movies like a bunch of nerds. when they get back home they binge watch films.

*kara looks at the camera like shes on the office* pls bless spirit boi

I keep running around,trying to find the ground
But my head is in the stars and my feet are in the sky
Well I’m nobody’s baby, I’m everybody’s girl
I’m the queen of nothing, I’m the king of the world

crack au where TFC stands for “The Food Court” and basically all the Foxes work at or nearby a food court in a shopping mall. (@recklessopinions this is your fault)

  • I mean, imagine Allison being the owner of a small boutique. Her clothes, while few, are practically designer in quality. Her store is partially responsible for a lot of the traffic of the mall
  • Andrew works as a cook for one of the fast food vendors. (idk, burgers?)  With Roland as cashier, their vendor is definitely the most popular and is always flooded with customers
  • Renee works at a boba/milk tea dessert shop. She lets Andrew have free pastries at the end of the day if there are any left
  • Neil is the super shady guy who is always hanging around the food court looking hungry. His super unsubtle behavior catches Andrew’s eyes. The fuck does he think he’s doing??
  • Kevin Day, an up and coming athlete, is grumpily forced into a summer job by Wymack working at a healthy smoothie and juice shop. Seth is his coworker and they’re always getting into loud fights that disturbs everyone in the whole damn court
  • Whenever Allison comes up for a drink, Seth awkwardly tries to strike up a convo. Kevin notices and make it his duty to embarrass him in front of the infamous Allison Reynolds.
  • Matt and Dan are co-managers for a Japanese sushi restaurant nearby
  • Matt and Dan notices Neil’s wandering around and they start to feed him daily scrapes in the name of “free samples.” Neil thinks they don’t notice he’s the same person, but in reality they just feel sorry for him
  • Riko periodically and dramatically shows up to Kevin’s workplace to taunt him. (think Mean Girls: Food Court edition) 
  • Somehow, it’s Riko’s fault that The Food Court War happens

Imagine if before they started going out, Carlos’s team of scientists were adamant that Cecil went on about him on the radio and Carlos, face red with embarrassment, argues that he didn’t do it that much, and thus the NV Radio drinking game was created- take a shot whenever Carlos, Carlos’s hair, Carlos’s apparent perfection was mentioned on the show or Cecil sounded hopelessly lovestruck. Safe to say, they all had VERY bad hangovers that weekend.