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anonymous asked:

can you do a scenario with todoroki in the delivery room with his wife and seeing his son for the first time? Ahh I love your blog btw your writing always cheers me up!!

Aaaaa I’m so glad I’m cheering people up! Thank you so much anon, I hope this is what you wanted (\(^-^)/) we can totally pretend this is the continuation to the pregnancy scenario, the first request I had.

The clock ticking was about to drive him insane. Seriously. Each second going by with that constant, maddening clicking noise was sticking one more needle in his throbbing patience. The hospital’s air was dense and it’s characteristic disinfectant smell was making him dizzy. The lighting, of course, was white and dim, almost making the situation surreal, foggy, a never-ending coma dream. Todoroki was walking from one side of the waiting hall to the other, his pace constant and stomping, his forhead and hands sweated, his breath ragged and erratic and his heart beating like crazy.

He was going to sue that fuckin clinic, he was totally doing so. There was no way the labor was experimenting “complications”, there was no way the process could be lasting four full hours, and there was absolutely no way they couldn’t let the father, the DAMN FATHER of the baby into the room. He was about to panic. He needeed to see you were ok, that the baby was ok. He had nothing to do at that stupid hall. Some of your family members were waiting there too, as well as his sister,who was starting to get dizzy from watching him walk around the room.

“Shoto, calm down” she said “it’s gonna be alright, they are fine, the doctors know what they are doing”

“The doctors don’t know shit”


“Seriosuly! I just want to be with her, she’s probably having a hard time and I’m not there to hold her hand!” he was so mad Fuyumi was scared he’ll burn the hospital eventually “I’m the father of that baby, goddamit! If they don’t let me in in the following five minutes, I’m going to find that doctor, I’m going to freeze him into the ground, and then I’ll burn his damn…!”

“Todoroki, Shoto?” an eldery man in a medical gown suddenly opened the door right behind him and grabbed him by the shoulder with a rather firm grip “everything turned out alright, your wife is fine but tired, and your son is healthy. We are sorry for the inconveniences. You can come in now”

His heart went from an accelerated, racing rhythm to not beating at all in less than a second. He had no time to insult the doctor, nor to warn him about how he was goint to sue them, hell, he didn’t even have time to tell himself to get his shit together. Without further ado he hurriedly walked into the room. He was unprepared for all the emotions overflowing, the news came so fast and with no warning for him to digest them properly: joy, love, relief…he couldn’t control the way it all bursted inside of him as he walk through that door and his eyes landed on the image of you holding the baby, his baby, his son, both happy, both safe.

“Hello there” you said, smiling at the loving look in his eyes. Your voice sounded groggy, exhausted, but yet so content as you hugged the creature against your chest.

Todoroki stood still. He couldn’t move, he couldn’t answer, he couldn’t take the amazement out of his sweaty face. All he could do, was staring at that little bundle between your arms, sleeping soundly, still a bit stained with blood, but yet so beautiful.

“Come here” you giggled swiftly, softly, as not to wake the baby “someone wants to meet his daddy”

He got closer to you, slowly, his eyes wide and his mouth opened ajar. He just couldn’t believe it, even though he had nine months to prepare himself, the fear and anguish that had built inside of him during those four consecutive hours of wait at the hall had managed to erase any sense of acknowledgement from his mind.

As he reached the side of the bed you took his hand in yours and he squeezed it, as he sat on the bed right next to you, his eyes never abandoning the child.

He took a hand to the tiny head, caressing the few short locks of hair that had managed to grow. It was soft. Soft as his peaceful, sleeping expression, soft as your hand stroking his, soft as the warm, squishy feeling in his chest. As if he had just been stuffed with cotton. As it there wasn’t wrong in the world. Everything was right. Everything was perfect.

“He’s beautiful” he whispered, cracking a wholehearted smile “so beautiful”

“He got that from daddy it seems” you joked and he gave you a grinning peck on the lips “do you want to hold him?”

He nodded.

As he took him in his arms, the sudden movement made the baby futter his eyes wide open. Todoroki stiffened, fearing he would start crying…but he didn’t. Instead, he proceded to stare at his dad curiously, inquisitive, so innocently and purely it almost caused the man to melt.

“Hello, I’m your dad” he said, chuckling out of mere happiness. The baby just continued to look at him as if he was the world, not understanding his words, but feeling and enjoying the affection with which they were spoken “I will…take care of you, ok? I will make sure you are happy, my boy”

You were moved, seeing your husband in a way you had never seen him before. The love, the sheer adoration was so obvious in his voice and the glint in his eyes. He was going to be such a great father, you knew it. He wasn’t going to repeat the misdeeds of his family but learn from them, and protect his son with everything he got.

You took a hand to his face, pulling his hair back with your fingers, and giggling as you noticed how damp his forhead was.

“Hey, I’m the one who went through labor” you joked “why are you sweating so much?”

“Sorry, I was so nervous out there” he gave a long breath and smiled as he saw the baby grabbing his finger with his tiny, fragil hand “How are you feeling though?”

“Exhausted” you sighed “but way too happy”

He kissed you on the lips, fondly, thanking you. Thanking you for everything. Thanking you for your unconditional love, for such a beautiful, healthy son, for being the perfect mother you surely would be…and thanking you for making him the happiest man on earth.

Maybe, just maybe, there was no need to sue the hospital.