btw sorry for the shittiness


HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELENA @chim-chimii !!

It’s been a few months since we started talking and since then I always had a lot of fun talking to you!
Thank you because without you mama (bangbangbang everywhere) and other shows (especially those that start at 8 am..) would have been boring.

I wish you a happy birthday and have fun at your party ♥ ♥ ♥ 

(btw you’re old now and sorry for the shitty gifset…)

My first cosplay bc I decided to just fuck if and go for it (it’s mikasa btw sorry it’s shitty)

what i can’t get over is Bucky’s face when shooting Tony (sorry for the shitty quality btw)

he shows NO mercy. he doesn’t hesitate one bit. 

karldinal asked:

1 and 56...

1: Do you have a crush at the moment?

i do aa

56: Have you ever “destroyed” a relationship?

i’ve destroyed plenty of friendships yea, i dont think a relationship tho. usually i break up with someone bc i stop having feelings for them aa