btw sorry for the bad coloring

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Could you draw some blue berry x us pap please

I hope you like it sweetie, btw I was pretty busy and that’s why I didn’t answer your question previously but here it is :D also the color in this drawing it’s sooo bad because I it colored with mapita colors (one of the cheapest brands of colors here where I live) SORRY XC

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It's that annoying anon again! I'm so sorry if this comes off as rude but I actually wanted to ask for the settings of your lineart (the one that looks kinda sketchy)! Just asking if these settings you showed now work for the lineart or just the coloring? And if they're different could please tell them too? OH GOD I FEEL SO BAD FOR TAKING YOUR TIME FORGIVE ME! I want to thank you btw for being so kind

oh, those are for my lines!! don’t worry, you’re not annoying me at all :’) but yes both those settings are for lines, but I also use this for lineart sometimes

as for colouring I mainly use the airbrush I already linked to and the marker tool on default settings! I’m sorry I don’t really follow a specific process too much bc I tend to just wing it :’) but I hope this is of some help!

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today is the birthday of karma, nagisa, and itona s/o they decide to give her an accessories/jewelry, what kind of accessories/jewelry that they will give to their s/o, sorry for my bad english, it's not my first language

I finished this and then I pressed this key and the pAGE GOT DELETED 

I was so angry I wanted to erase this entire blog and throw my laptop out the window #writerstruggles

(BTW your english is really good)


  • Would get you something really simple but sexy
  • It would be the colors red (bc duh) and black because again, sexy
  • He’d get a ring and tease you with it. Saying stuff like, “I know you wanted it to be an actual engagement ring…” 
  • But of course it was a reminder on how much he loved you and how he was waiting to put the actual ring on your finger.


  • He’d get something that meant something to the both of you. Something symbolic.
  • So if you were really caring and he’s told you that a lot of times, he’d get you an elephant (heart as big as an elephant sort of meaning)
  • It would be a necklace with a silver chain and any colored pendant
  • He’d choose a necklace because he’s always wanted to clasp it onto you from behind and gaze at you while you admired yourself through the mirror.


  • Itona doesn’t really understand the appeal in jewelry when it could just get lost or when it could get stolen.
  • Which is why he’d get you something more personal both to you and him.
  • A Bandanna
  • But a really good colored one in your favorite colors. 

I did the redraw thing because my poor fangirl heart couldn’t handle the feels.

Bonus (aka my own interpretation lol):

[Original photo on Ichinose Hidekazu’s blog]

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ok so (i love malec with all my life, other ship whitch them is just, "no please, no, god please". But one thing i don't understand. Is maybe because i'm french ou white or pansexuel (so people are just people for me) so i don't understand why people say if you don't like malec you're racist. Is because people don't like magnus ? because he is asian ? i just don't understand :/ please help~ (wait there are people who don't like Mangus or Alec? it's possible ?! 0.0) ps: sorry for bad english :(

its bc ppl will rather choose to ship alec w a white person rather than his own canon boyfriend who is an asian man. or any other man of color if u think about it. like they would rather have alec be with his brother or a woman or a psychopathic villain who are all white btw, than his asian boyfriend like it doesnt take a genius to see where the real issue lies tbh

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Sooo... Uhm .. ( I'm not good to speak english, so I'm sorry with my bad english languange ;_; ) Sooo... Uh,, I love you art, and I'm very like it. So, I hope you can make some tutorial of coloring your art ( like skin, I always stuck when coloring skin )... Ehm... Ah... Sorry for hoping >.< ....

Thank you very much >.< I’m bad in English too haha LOLOLOLOL 

But I completely understand what did you say :) BTW for my skin coloring I was upload in my Facebook page once ago LOL

I re-upload this to .gif :) Hope It’s useful for you and keep going!! ໒( ♥ ◡ ♥ )७

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lol, you SS fans are all salty because Sadara looks just like Karin. It doesn't matter how you all say that that's not true because even ladygt has said it, and she is an artist so she knows when a character is similar to another or not. So fuck you all.


Honestly, that rumor about Sadara not being Sakura’s daughter is plainly stupid. Anyway, although I know this has already been done, let me show you how wrong you are.

First, look how all Sadara’s expressions are similar to Sakura’s, it seems like they have similar personalities.

There’s only one expression that doesn’t look like the rest, the smirk. Oh, is because Karin is her mother?????? No. Then why? Well, when we start reading the chapter we don’t know who is that little stalker. She just looks like a smarty and introverted girl. Then we discover that is Sakura’s daughter. Well, it seems like their personalities are alike. But then she mentions her ‘papa’ and smirks. And then you know. You know who is her papa. The master of the smirks, Sasuke Uchiha.
Buuuut even when she smirks, she looks like her mother. Can’t be helped.

And about looks, she is a copy of baby Sakura:

- She has straight hair like her mother and dark hair like her father. Both Karin and Sasuke have spiky hair, so there’s no way she would inherit straight hair if Karin was her mother.

- That forehead is 100% Sakura’s.

- She has the same eye color as Sasuke, and the shape is mainly like Sakura’s and a little like Sasuke’s. Karin has drooping eyelids and red eyes. Btw, Karin’s glasses are black and Sadara’s are red, so there’s no way Karin has given hers to Sadara.

- When Sakura was a child, she had the same face shape as Sadara. However, when Karin was younger, she had a round face shape.

So yeah, Sadara is Sakura with a different hairstyle and Sasuke’s hair and eye color. What’s the similarity between Sadara and Karin? That they both wear glasses? That they are drawn by the same man? 

No, SS fans aren’t salty. We can’t because our ship is canon and they have the cutest daughter in the world. And that makes NS fans salty. So fuck you all.

btw, sorry for my bad english.

Q: How strong is Haise compared to Kaneki?
If you are talking about Sasaki vs Kaneki before time skip, I believe Sasaki is stronger. He is better at controlling his Kagune. If you are talking about Sasaki persona vs Kaneki inside him, then it’s Kaneki, since Sasaki persona can’t even defeat Nishiki.

Q: I think the twins and Kaneki can not regenerate their Kakuhou, because they not were born Ghoul as Rize. What do you think?
A: Kaneki can regenerate his, or else he would be long dead by now.

Q: Just asking your opinion on Sasaki/Keneki’s Rc level. Its stated that his Rc level is 2753 (TGRe Ch2 Page 5), this bugged me abit reading it due to him being one of the most powerful ghouls in the series and I remembered the past conversation Mado and Amon had when they were first investigating together that the average Rc level in a ghoul is between 1000 - 8000 (TG CH29 page 9) So finally my question is do you think Sasken’s Rc level is being suppressed by CCG due to the centipede personality?
A: I’m not sure if his low Rc Cells count is related to him being suppressed by CCG, or it’s an innate nature of being a half ghoul. That part Ishida-sensei still has some explaining left to do, especially in regards of the Rc Cells gate.

Q: Does Touka have feelings for kaneki? Even just a bit? I feel like she does.
A: Yes, I think she does. The more I read TG, the more hints I found. I’ll write a more detailed analysis about this later.

Q: One of my favorite scenes. Thank you for fixing it, I always thought something was off about it. Most translations seemed off for Touka-chan
A: No problem. :3 Yeah, I have no idea why Touka always gets the short end of the stick when it comes to translations. I guess it has to do with how her words can be interpreted differently depending on how you see her.

Q: I dont know know if anyone asked his already… But are we absolutely sure the waitress at Re is Touka? Part of me was wondering if it was Rize because Rize was also last scene with Yomo and Rize has lighter hair than Touka.
A: Rize’s hair is just as dark as Touka in the manga, so I don’t see where you draw that conclusion from. ^^;;; Hair colors change all the time in TG, so I’m not surprised if Touka dyed her hair or wear a wig to match her hair color with Yomo, since she’s posing as his sister.

Q: In the picture of “Amon” in chapter 12 TG:re, one of his arm is not there…
A: I honestly can’t tell whether he has it or not. ;;;

Q: After i see Amon’s appearance at Chapter 124 and Sillhouete from Ghoul that Donnato mentioned at TG:Re chapter 12, I realized that both are holding same Stick (or maybe sword). Does that mean the ghoul that Donnato mentioned is Amon?? What do you think?.. hehe sorry for my bad English. Btw, thanks for running such a great blog ^_^.
A: Yes, I think Donato was referring to Amon. I doubt Donato has any interest in anyone other than his beloved son.

Q: What is your theory as to why Donato kept Amon alive? And do you think he actually cares for Amon?
A: Donato clearly has strong preference of Amon over everyone else in the orphanage, so yes, I believe he really loves Amon despite his ghoul nature.

Q: In chapter 83, while Amon is speaking to Donato in his cell, he advised Amon: “Instead of the white rabbit, pursue Alice. The destination is the same.” What do you think Donato meant by this? Who or what are the white rabbit and Alice?
A: There are many different interpretation of who they represent, but if we go by Amon’s deduction, he thought “Rabbit” is Touka and “Alice” is either Kaneki or Dr.Kanou.

Q: Hey why suzuya still have 2 leg what i know one of his leg get cut didnt it?
A: Most likely prosthetic. Only time will tell what the other leg actually is.

Q: the Tokyo Ghoul Wiki says Eto and Takatsuki is the same person??? is that true? I was looking through Eto’s bio on the wiki :) thank you for your hard work
A: Yes, it’s true

Q: sorry if this sounds crazy but how do ghouls reproduce? like humans? i think i read somewhere they cant be pregnant or something
Ghouls reproduce just like human. The one that is difficult to get pregnant is humans x ghouls. It’s kinda the same as cross hybrids in real life.

Q: It feels really weird and coincidental that Pierrot and Studio Pierrot are used in TG… Any explanation as to why…? Or just strangely linked together.
They are actually called the Clowns. The Japanese for clown is “piero”, and I think Imperial Scans took the liberty of calling it Pierrot which coincidentally is the studio that animated TG. (Or perhaps Ishida-sensei purposely chose it for the lulz)

Q: I took a glimpse of Saiko’s room and I think I see a poster of Himouto Umaru chan on the wall. Do you think ishida has a love for other manga?
A: Yes. I think so. he made reference to many things, including novels, poetry, games and manga.

Art Commissions(Updated: Check Below for new post link!)


So things are not looking up at all. We won’t have enough for water after all, same with the electricity and we have to pay taxes soon. So yeah…I don’t even want to put the amount we need to earn but its more than over $400+, and we have to somehow magically earn this all this upcoming week. Hell…we have to pay the water tomorrow so we need $30 for that soon…This really fucking sucks…So I’m adding more commissions options in hopes this helps me raise the money we need to raise. Again sorry for this all, I’m sure its annoying but I have no other way of working or trying to earn money. Hell i can’t even sell my own comic books on ebay, no one will buy them, that’s how bad it is now.

I am only drawing mobian characters, ocs, au verses of them and fcs are acceptable too. Robotic limbs like example for Bunnie are fine too.

Sketch(Will be clean sketched btw):

Head - $3

Waist - $5

Full - $5.50

Add $0.50 extra if you want base/flat color added to your commission.


Head - $6

Waist - $8

Full - $8.50

Add $0.50 extra if you want base/flat color added to your commission.

Personal Drawing Tutorial Videos(Honestly, I’m not the greatest artist but I really need the money. So am doing whatever I can now to make it):

Sketching Mobian head tutorial(any character of your choice)  - $10

Sketching Mobian full body tutorial(any character of your choice) - $12

Line work tutorial(any character of your choice) - $14

Rules for commissions:

  • Please talk to me first before sending money for a commission.
  • Payment first, then art. Simple as that.
  • Ship/pairing art is acceptable for now(but am not too great at drawing them so you’ve been warned)
  • Sonic characters/style only
  • Detailed references will be greatly appreciated
  • No humans, robots, fetishes, offensive, rude and hateful stuff.
  • No NSFW, gore or torture.
  • Minor blood or bruises are fine
  • I have the right to decline a commission if I feel I can’t do it or am not fond of the offer given to me.

Payment method: Paypal only, sorry!(usa dollars)

Contact Information: (Email)

If you want to just donate to help. You can send money through the same link for commissions too.

Please share this around, I really need the help…Thank you!!

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