btw sketch brushes i really like omg

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What are your brush settings?? Your art is super cute btw

(thank you omg!)

ok so like, heres the deal: i found these online and have from there customized them into my own liking so WELP i can’t point back to original brushes since they kind are my originals now i guess?

i use this one FOR EVERYTHING okay. sketches and lineart. i usually sketch in colors and then line over in black. its also really blendy so be careful!!

this is my masterpiece, my opus magnum, the acrylic brush. its not very blendy at all but also KINDA blendy. you gotta color pick ALL THE TIME and just mess around with it tbh. the marker+lines work nice for details/sketching on this one. i also sometimes put the middle_flat over to middle_round since it’s smaller.

this one’s for coloring/making lineless things. it doesnt blend at all and will help u greatly. when i do hair i do the brush eraser trick/use white and just do whatever i did in that picture. its kinda sensitive so be careful

behold, the most boring thing in the world. i use it for sketching/quick doodles/details.

it’s listed as “:B” but in reality it’s called “annoying pencil” since it’s SO DAMN SENSITIVE. too hard of a push and your lines will die horribly. use with caution.