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  • ily: i love you
  • ilysm: i love you you so much
  • ybswodtwshfiadtw: you better support wanna one's debut they worked so hard for it and deserve the world

Message from kozaki?

OK SO one of the first things i noticed about the lucina art was that her new lance, the geirskogul had something written on it

As u may remember, the knights of iris artbook revealed that the falchion also had a message on it, and provided a table for transliteration

I compared the artwork of the geirskogul in idle, attack and damaged portrait and traslated the markings to read,

“ANIMEQROJECTSUBCESS” so, excusing those that are probably typos,


Ofc i have no idea of what this is about, but clearly it was something important enough that it’s been placed specifically on all version of lucina’s brave costume artwork, for us to see!

Chat Noir Finds Out

Summary: This is the simple, straight-forward tale of how Chat Noir found out Ladybug’s true identity and how he dealt with it.

He dealt with it expertly like the heroic cat he was and definitely didn’t mess anything up.

Nope, he didn’t mess anything up at all.

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This was the fic that was supposed to be angst but turned into fluff and attempt at humor. Writing dork Adrien is just too much fun. im sorry angst week ive betrayed you

Chapter 1: The Day Chat Noir Found Out

Chat Noir found out Ladybug’s identity.

He didn’t mean to! He just slipped!

Literally, he just slipped. He’d been hurriedly jumping across Paris’ rooftops trying to get back to the photo-shoot he’d abandoned because of an akuma attack when he slipped on a loose roof tile. Fortunately, the fire escape along the side of the building had stopped his fall. But he fell stomach first onto the railing and had his breath knocked from him.

He’d been so busy groaning in pain, draped across the bars like a used washcloth, that he didn’t notice Ladybug dropping into the alley below and de-transforming.

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I wanna laugh at y’all OT8 stans/fake Yixing supporters who are shocked and offended that there are solo Yixing stans out there because really??? You basically drove them to be solo stans when you attacked and hated on Xingmis?? After all the shit you threw at Yixing–calling him a ”traitor” or “fake”, undermining his works, dismissing his achievements, turning a blind eye on the discrimination thrown against him just because he’s Chinese, not acknowledging the many times he had to fly from China to Korea and back and forth just so he could be both a solo artist and a group member, etc. I mean, really??? And that he has his own career where people knew about him and became a fan of him not because he’s an EXO member but because of his movies, TV shows, and endorsements??? Are you honestly not getting the irony in all of this wyd

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I'm glad you're enjoying writing: I'm really enjoying reading, your characterization is awesome! Do you mind taking a request? Genji, McCree, and Hanzo reacting to their S/O being the big spoon for once and when they wake up their S/O is all nuzzled into their neck?

(Cute af! I do this with my bf.)


He can’t sleep unless you’re there pressed against his back. Your breathing against his shoulder and the faint sensation of your fingers brushing against whatever skin they find calms him. It makes him feel human again. Some nights you kiss his scars and whisper sweet things in his ear until he’s asleep.


He’s never used to being the little spoon, but he thinks it’s cute when you’re the big spoon. When you’re curled up behind him, stroking his chest, his hand is either on top of yours or reaching back to hold you closer to him. Most nights he waits for you to go to sleep before turning towards you so that he can be the big spoon again.


He never outright says he likes it, but every time you need to get up he seems genuinely disappointed. Cuddling with you makes him happy. Any kind of contact is enough for him so you get to choose how to sleep. If you put your arm around him while you sleep he’ll hold on to it, occasionally kissing your hand.

if he sees (m)

reader x yixing 

“If he sees you like this, I won’t be able to forgive myself.”

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Chat Noir Finds Out (Part 3)

Summary: Chat Noir drops in for a visit and things go as well as expected. 

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Coincides with Day 1 of Marichat May (Milk). Hope you all enjoy this mess of a chapter— C: (Thanks so much for giving me the courage to post, btw.)

Chapter 3: The Night After Chat Noir Found Out

What could possibly go wrong?

Apparently, a lot of things.  

He was Chat Noir, after all. Why he ever thought this was a good idea was beyond him.

His plan was to knock on her window, give her his two-finger salute, let her squeal a little because he knew she was a total fangirl deep inside, and maybe flex a little just because he could.

Then he would spend a bit of time with her before easing into the fact that he found out she was Ladybug and that he was actually Adrien Agreste, her classmate.

All this while acting like the cool cat he always was and not the blundering, embarrassing boy he had been that morning.

Simple, to the point, and completely fool-proof, right?

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FINALLY I FINISHED!  :D  I’ve been working on this picture for weeks! (about 14 hours total of work time)

I guess its a little sneak peak of Game Overtale  ;)  Don’t piss off the wrong family.

Also I just reached 59 60 followers!  :D  So its time for more shoutouts!!!!  I’ll just keep my description short XD  Cuz any longer, and it’ll be a novel.

Thank you to my biggest supporters and even my smallest supporters.  Y’all are the reason why I am drawing and striving to improve my style.  Also, thank you to those who gave me tips critiques and tutorials on how to make my style better! I feel so much more confident in my work.  Finally, thank you to my biggest inspirations.  Y’all are the reason I draw and strive to be a great person. Keep up your wonderful work cuz it means so much to us little guys!  O3O

Heres a short list of some of these wonderful people and I encourage you to check them out cuz they might affect you the way they’ve effected me <3

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@official-marinette​ You are right. Miraculous Hell is a beautiful place.

And I am not alone. I have all of you with me.

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We are all in this hell together——