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dave strider realizing hes gay/bisexual and coming to terms with his abusive childhood makes him so much more of a character than he was as the token “main character’s best friend who is cagey, funny, and a dick”

fandom often headcanons or reads labels/experiences like these onto lots of mediocre, kinda funny, and assholish dude characters – but dave is the real deal. dave strider expressed softness and kindness and introspection in canon in a way that was not corny or forced, and most importantly did not come at the expense of women (i would argue he was 100% more of a stepping stone for terezi’s arc than vice versa) and for that i appreciate him a lot

despite all of andrew hussie’s flaws and questionable/problematic/bad writing, he did a good thing by bringing dave strider into text. he did even more good by allowing his character to have depth in a way that is uncommon for boy characters.

homestuck broke so many molds (at least from my fandom experience) by having a super likable male character who was funny, witty, and complex… AND a gay/bi self-admitted survivor of abuse.

as promised, another clip from mbmbam. this one is from episode 1, “dorms & ghoulsmashing”. if you can, please get seeso and watch this television program today.

What Overwatch hero do you guys ship me with?

Psst…I’m curious! Feel free to reblog this if you’d like to find out for yourself as well. Also, maybe be nice and send in an answer to whatever blog you see this post on before reblogging it? It’s a little thing, but little things make a world of difference!

But yeah. Do you guys think I’d be compatible with any Overwatch heroes? Don’t be afraid to give your reasoning if you feel it necessary haha!

soo its still early into the night and im dying for some good fics to read until the sun comes up lmao. mostly interested in shance/klance/shklance, any length is fine. bonus points for nsfw w/ bottom!lance 👀

Hey guys

I’m really sorry for not producing art lately.. I’m simply out of art juice at the moment. I haven’t sketched or draw for days now. It’s one of those moments where I have no energy, laying on my bed, not being able to sleep and stare at the ceiling and entertain myself with my imaginations for 3-4 hours. The usual. *shrugs*

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I have a question! why does everyone hate the new lotor already? I watched the 80s voltron so I know how problematic he is there but who's to say he's going to be the same in this one? allura was very weak and delicate in the 80s one (sometimes) so like someone could just as easily started disliking her before s1 came out and then totally have their mind blown and be proven wrong. So my question is why is everyone already projecting onto the new lotor? (I love your blog btw! I'm a new follower!)

hi anon! the main reason why everyone is hating on lotor so much is because his 80s form was gross, and people are still obsessing over him and shipping him with lance in a usually abusive relationship that, shocker, completely fetishizes mlm. so we’re hating on him mostly to piss off straight fangirls who objectify mlm, basically.


I’ve finally managed to edit my theme, colors, Kinda Gothic page *coming soon, the link works, but I have to find all of my tutti frutti and nonsense Ghost posts*, and of course the very much loved by all of ya’ll Henke page!!!