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BTS reaction: seeing their crush in bikini for the first time.

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Hi! I really love your blog and you have now a new follower~ I have a request btw! How BTS would react if they saw their crush in bikini for the first time ?


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Jin would blush so hard that he won’t be able to look at you. He would start giggling to himself, confusing you because you had no idea why he was giggling. But after he gets over his initial shyness he wouldn’t be able to stop stealing glances at you.

“Oh my gosh…” he mumbled to himself and started giggling as he felt his face get warmer.


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He wouldn’t make a big deal out of it at first but after that he wouldn’t be able to stop himself from looking at you. He wouldn’t even try to hide the obvious way in which he was starting at your legs.

“Yoongi, why are you staring at me?”

“Because you look incredibly hot in bikini.” He smirked at you.


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Hope would be extremely flirty during the entire day. Constantly winking at you, sticking out his tongue at random moments, complimenting you, biting his lip, sicking on his finger and overall just being seductive.

“Hope, did you get something in your eye?” Namjoon asked after the 20th time Jhope had winked at you that day. 

“No,” he answered smiling before turning to you again and giving you another wink.


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Namjoon absolutely loves your curves. So seeing you in just your bikini would drive him crazy. He would be staring at your ass and legs without even realizing it, and licking his lip at the sight of it. 

“Namjoon were you just staring at my ass?” You asked.



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He would really enjoy it (obviously), but most of all he would be overprotective of other people looking at you, even if the two of you weren’t dating (yet). If you were at the beach or a public pool he would walk everywhere with you and if anyone even just dares to look at you he would give them the “glare of death”. 

“Y/N let’s go. I don’t like the way that dude’s looking at you!”


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Tae would be extremely touchy with you the entire day. It would start of as hugs, but each time he hugs you his hands would travel all over your body. Later he would start putting his hand in your thigh. And then he would initiate a tickle fight his fingers tickling you on a lot of…personal places.

“Tae are you tickling the inside of my thigh?”

“Yes, I’m sorry…But just tell me if you want me to continue.” He winked at you and started laughing.


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Completely shook! He wouldn’t even be able to say a word to you without stuttering. But would still try to act natural. 

“H-h-hey [Y/N]! Y-y-y-you look g-g-great!”


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Can I have headcannons of how Todoroki would ask his crush out. Such as what would convince him to finally ask them out and stuff. I love your blog btw!!!!!

omg thank u i lo ve u

  • he’d look into his crush’s eyes sincerely and would straight out tell them how he feels when they’re around him or just on his mind 
  • it was only a matter of time that he would convince himself to ask his crush out, he was just waiting for the right moment and for himself to warm up to the idea 
  • also he didn’t like when others tried to hit on them but he wouldn’t say that until they’re together 
  • he might be lost in what to say because his crush is so indescribable and he can’t say the right words to fully get his point across on what they actually do to him. He might stutter or rephrase his sentences a couple of times but he would get the right groove eventually
  • he would also give his crush a lot of space, he’d be very patient with his crush and would wait for their answer. Though, he would be very nervous and somewhat fearful of rejection
  • he might also bring someone that his crush likes, favorite flowers, chocolate, book, etc to physically show his love

@cactuarkitty replied to your photo post

Turned out amazing! Love how the blood is filling him; very poetic. I imagine it starts to taint his soul. Lol went a bit deep there!

Aww thanks! I’m glad that the idea came across!

Btw, thanks also for the amazing new header gif. It makes me soooo happy to see my dream team every time I look at my blog! 

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How did you start drawing bodies?! I CANT DRAW BODIES!!! It gets me so frustrated!! Can you give me any tips? Btw I love your art!!

(I just draw and redraw something until it looks how I want or close enough using things I learned/memorized in the past, sometimes it takes a long time lol)

BTS Reaction to You Not Liking When They Get Jealous

Incognito; Hi, can you do a bts reaction to gf not liking it if they get possessive of her or jealous without a reason, thanks 💕

Note: De nada love ((: Btw, new oneshot in a bit, so look out for that! (Requests for reactions are open!) *credit to gif owners*

Jin ➳ There he was, glaring at Yoongi’s hand in disgust as it laid on your shoulder delicately. Nobody noticed the atmosphere change, but you, and when time passed and you noticed his glare wouldn’t budge; your eyebrow twitched. “You don’t have to do that, you know.” Everyone soon trailed their eyes to you, and Seokjin raised his eyebrow in astonishment; knowing he was getting jealous over something so innocent but he just couldn’t help it. He wasn’t dumb enough to question you, and when Yoongi’s hand went to smack Hoseok and off you—his dark mood instantly vanished.

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Suga ➳ “It would be nice if you could step a few feet away from her.” Jimin’s mouth fell open from Yoongi’s sudden straightforwardness, and your eyes widened before you sent Yoongi a growl. He was never one to voice his thoughts out loud, but to say it so rudely and as if you were his property, you became angry; muttering a ‘really?’ to the man as it soon escalated. He didn’t touch you throughout the night, in fact, he ignored you while reading who knows what on his phone. You wanted to say sorry, knowing he was only jealous, and he couldn’t help it; but the man was also very stubborn and even though he didn’t show it, he was also hurt.

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J-Hope ➳ His smile went away, not knowing what to feel when you had asked him if you could tag along with Taehyung to get ice cream. “Sure.” He muttered a bit too forcefully, sending the younger one a scowl before you smacked his shoulder and began to scold him. He only shrugged when you yelled, only staring at Taehyung in annoyance and before you left, he waved towards you with a fake smile. Hoseok knew he was being too much, but he only wanted you to himself; even if you were going to do something so tiny with other guys, he only wished you had invited him to go along.

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RapMonster ➳ You snapped at him when he was being too clingy while you two were out with the guys, telling him to stop caging you in and that you weren’t his pet. What you didn’t expect, was for him to let you go and abruptly walk away in annoyance, giving you what you wanted but in all honesty, you didn’t want it to go that way. You felt cold with out him by your side, and when you stumbled while losing your footing, he quickly looked over his shoulder to make sure you were okay; only to find Hoseok grabbing your arm and helping you walk. Namjoon quickly rushed back, and you gave him a teasing grin. “So now you want me?”

“Shut up.”

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Jimin ➳ Whenever you spoke to a guy, especially Jungkook, the boy was quick to come by your side while pulling you possessively to his chest. At first, you found this cute until you figured out Jimin’s true intentions as he glared towards the younger man; inwardly telling him to walk away or he would regret ever speaking to you. You were speechless, and when you threw his arm off you to yell at him that you weren’t his toy and are in fact, a human being, he instantly felt guilty. “I’m sorry,” he apologized, biting his lip out of anxiousness as he grabbed your hand, “you’re just..too beautiful and I’m scared they’ll take you away from me.”

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V ➳ He was always clingy with you, showing his love for you whether you were lounging inside your home or in public, but when he was jealous; it was another story. He was becoming annoyed with how friendly you and Namjoon were being, and when one day he had roughly yanked you to his side and away from the older man while going towards the car, you screamed at him telling the man that you weren’t his possession; which angered him even more because you did belong to him, in a relationship sense. He didn’t ignore you, but he masked all his emotions from you for the next day, not being as clingy as he tried to give you your space even though it hurt him.

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Jungkook ➳ He tried to hold his jealousy in, to push it aside and he did a very good job at it, that was, until you two were alone. You irritated him when he saw you texting Seokjin, knowing it wasn’t anything serious to get mad over and when you asked him to carry you to the bed playfully, he muttered, “Why don’t you ask Jin instead?” Your face was blank, blinking at the man and trying to register what he had said into your brain until you burst into a fit of giggles at his ‘joke’.

“I will, then.” You were teasing him, and he only let out a sigh; wondering how you knew which buttons to push at the wrong times.

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when ppl keep rushing you to update your AUs && everything feels like a chore now (some are even rude about it and idk i feel less motivated to work on it if people keep pushing me to do it)


((but like – to those who are genuinely anticipating the updates – thank you for your patience and interest ;v; i’ll try my best))

Boyfriend G-Dragon

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  • dating him is a long journey
  • since getting him to settle down was hard enough
  • he’s rich and good looking, with the ability to bounce from beautiful person to beautiful person
  • why would he want me?? you reasoned
  • seungri was your friend for years now and had introduced you to the boys at a party, near the beginning of their debut
  • years passed and you became really close to jiyong. it took a while but he started to trust and confide in you, even going to you when he had a creative block or was overwhelmed w scandals
  • you were always there to pick up the pieces
  • this is what led to him being interested in you
  • he’d always found you attractive but in a friend way until he starts to notice that the socialites and models or actors/actresses he “associates” w are never there when he needs them. but you are
  • he realised this as he was trying to set you up w a friend of his and immediately cut that off
  • w/out explaining why
  • a few months passed by w this weird atmosphere
  • he stopped telling you about his heartbreaks and if you were getting too close to someone, he would turn moody and sulk
  • seungri told you eventually, having picked up on your feelings years ago and was too excited that jiyong was finally returning them to keep it inside
  • eventually, you and jiyong go on dates and although it’s never been official, you’re his and he’s yours
  • he’s the silently romantic type
  • like, he won’t always say “I love you” or bring home flowers. he barely even texts you when he’s on tour or away for weeks
  • but when he’s with you, you’re his centre of attention, the only thing he cares about
  • he listens so attentively to the point where he’ll remember everything you say, no matter if it was joking or in passing
  • one time, you were getting ready for a date and couldn’t decide on what to wear
  • “Is it because you feel ugly?” he asks bluntly
  • he’s very blunt btw
  • “What?”
  • weeks ago, you had made a joke at your own expense, calling yourself ugly. it was nothing serious, nothing that plagued you. you really just didn’t know what to wear for the date. but jiyong remembered that incident, approaching the situation in his cold, loving way
  • “Don’t think like that, it’s stupid. And I thought you were smarter than that. You look amazing, no matter what you wear”
  • he’s so unashamed of you tho
  • if you wanted to go to a fancy, 5 star restaurant in pj’s he would damn well join you
  • he’s one of a kind too so never judges you, meaning you don’t need to feel insecure about possibly being trans/being into drag/your sexuality/your quirky habits/etc. he loves you for you, regardless of what anyone else might think of you
  • that’s the silent way he’s romantic
  • not with flowers or chocolates
  • but by strolling into a bougie ass place in matching pj’s with you like “yeah, table for two, please??”
  • the tabloids write about the relationship every other week
  • although it’s not official between you both, never mind the press, they still class you as his “boy/girlfriend”
  • the scandals are something you both like to read over breakfast for fun
  • you snort, taking a sip of oj; “Did you know that you’re having an affair with a Japanese model?”
  • “I am?” he queries. “I thought I was cheating on you with a YG trainee?”
  • “no, no, that was a different magazine”
  • “damn, it’s hard to keep track”
  • your name is always brought up in interviews and he gives the most vague responses that piss the tabloids off
  • “Are you in a relationship, G-Dragon?”
  • “Aren’t we all in relationships? With teachers, our friends, our families? Even hatred or friendship is a relationship”
  • you’re the weird famous couple that no one understands. they wait for the relationship to end but nothing fazes either of you. even if you’re not famous before, you’re sure as hell famous now. everyone knows your name. esp as the years go by and you don’t budge from his side. since the relationship is so unclear, many fans even deny that you’re dating
  • until ten, fifteen years down the road … you and jiyong decide to start a family
  • it takes him a while to settle down completely and he’s still a mysterious idol to the public, keeping his child hidden for the most part. the only pics published of them are taken by him, as he doesn’t want the child to grow up under flashing cameras
  • he’ll support their every decision and is a loving (if a little detached) father, from first step to first medal won or first art piece hung in Uncle Seunghyun’s gallery
  • a title like marriage doesn’t matter to jiyong, but he’d go through the rigmarole if you wanted
  • you’re Mr/Mrs Kwon to him regardless
  • and the beloved person he’s raising a child with
  • “How was I so stupid? For nearly a decade, I didn’t realise my feelings for you. If not for Seungri’s big mouth, we might never have had the life together we’ve had. I guess that idiot’s actually good for something”

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When it comes to the whole "Only a Shimada can control the dragons" thing, I personally believe it also extends when marrying into the Shimada family. So, could you do Hanzo and Genji's reaction to their s/o being able to control a dragon or dragons? (Hanzo and Genji separately of course). Please and thank you! Love your blog, btw.

Bless your icon, it heals my soul~
btw I believe this too. 


The word ‘annoyed’ was a severe undstatement to what Hanzo was feeling at this point of time. Both you and him were called for an apparently important mission in the middle of your honeymoon. Two weeks alone with you in Hanamura was all he wanted, but he should’ve known something like this would happen.

“HANZO LOOK OUT!” He quickly turned his attention from his current target to behind him where you were. You elbowed the man in the chest knocking the wind out of him then pointing your pistol to the sniper up above ready to shoot your husband. But before you pulled the trigger a blue mist spiraled around your wrist then around the barrel of you pistol and the moment you pulled the trigger Hanzo’s twin dragons erupted going through Hanzo and then knocking down the sniper and the other men behind him.

The both of you stood there shocked as to what had just happened. Your hand was shaking and you lost grip of your pistol causing it to fall onto the ground. Hanzo rushed to you hands firmly place on your shoulders.
“D-did I.. that… what?” You looked at Hanzo confused clear as day.
“Only a Shimada can control the dragons, you are a Shimada.” You had to let the information sink in for a bit trying to make sense of it amongst your muddled mind.
“Oh.” Hanzo hugged you happy as this proved that you’re a Shimada now.


Genji sighed happily slouching over with his arms propped up on his knees head in hands as he watched you train from his spot on the hill.
“You seem happy my student.” His master chimed watching his student stare of in the distance in awe.
“My apologies master. It’s just… I can’t believe I’m married, to (Y/N) at that.” Even though its been a good 8 months since you’ve bee married to each other he’s still on the high. He hopes that this feeling would never end.

He watched every step, every punch, every single movement that you make. Genji’s body was all jittery and chest all fluttery smile ever present. But a slight movement around you caught his attention. He wasn’t sure what it was at first until it was apparent that it actually a green mist slowly forming around your body. It seemed familiar.

Genji slowly stood up walking towards you. Your movements kept at a constant pace and the mist continued to form.
“Oh hey Genji.” The mist disappeared when you stopped to turn and went to give your husband a kiss which he returned happily with his arms around your waist. He saw a stick by your feet and picked it up handing it over to you.
“Try and hit me.” You tilted your head in confusion but stood back in a ready stance. You went to hit him which he block, you went to hit again and he blocked. This continued for a few minutes until the green mist formed again.
“Now hit me with everything you’ve got.” You nodded taking a few steps back then swung at full force causing Genji’s dragon to rush out at him but not affecting him.

All you did was star at your hands in awe then looked up at him with a wide grin. Genji tried his best to squeal in happiness for you and tackled you to the ground.

dating Jongin would include

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  • softest person in the world CONFIRMED
  • is really shy about talking to you at first so tries to get someone else to ask you out for him
  • shoves sehun in your direction to ask for your number
  • but is also thrown under the bus by sehun who points to jongin like ‘hes the one who wants your number btw’
  • and jongin has to give this lil wave at you like ‘hi’ so he doesnt look like an idiot
  • but even after texting you for like weeks or months he’s still v v shy and when you have your first date
  • he’ll probably only speak when spoken to and everything will end in a fit of giggles
  • which makes you fall in love with the smol bean even more
  • and he’d be so loyal that it’s unreal and leaves you questioning whether he’s legit
  • he’d always have your back at any given time 
  • and he has to know youre okay at every given moment
  • so he’ll be calling you every night so he can make sure everything is okay
  • and every problem you have he’ll listen to with the most intentive look ever
  • ‘but is everything okay now baby?’
  • ‘well yeah, i’m still annoyed though’
  • ‘want me to take ksoo over and scare them?’
  • aaaaa i want to cry he’s so soft and cute i lov him
  • he’d really like to just lay next to you and watch you do whatever
  • even if you’re just on your phone he’ll look over you with a smile on his face thinking how am i so lucky
  • and when you’re laying next to him he’d rlly like you running your fingers through his hair
  • he finds it very calming
  • if he’s away in another country then he’ll know you guys aren’t going to talk all the time 
  • but still likes the occasional text to tell him youre alive 
  • and every time you do text him he’ll have the biggest smile on his face and everyone knows
  • shows you his choreography for your own opinion on it
  • also likes it when you attempt to try and learn the same choreography  
  • rlly enjoys late night phone calls whenever you’re not together 
  • even if its just about getting ramyun at the 24/7 market near your house
  • he’ll come by and pick you up so the two of you can go together
  • and then sit in the park until it starts getting light outside just so you two can be together
  • most dates end up being in the middle of the night bc you’re both free then
  • and he’d call up your work sometimes and tell them you’re sick so you don’t have to go in bc you didn’t wake up to your alarm
  • but if you actually were sick it would be the best thing in the world 
  • he’d make sure everything with you is perfect and he’d give you all the attention he can
  • and he’d make the best soup for you until you’re well again
  • i feel like he’d like to whine about things a lot and it would make you laugh quite a bit
  • ‘but babeee, it’s so warm today’
  • ‘jongin idk what you want me to–’
  • ‘the air conditioning doesn’t even work!’
  • and sometimes i think he’d just like to get everything off his chest
  • so if something you’ve done irritated him in anyway then you’d know about it
  • and even though i dont think that big arguments w him are v common t
  • here’d be a lot of small arguments where you give him the silent treatment
  • and he comes straight back to you like pls talk to me
  • practically begs for you to pay attention to him again and ofc you do
  • but if he’d do anything small wrong he’d always let you win the argument
  • even if you were n the wrong he’d apologise bc he misses you smiling
  • unless it was something big then.. he’d fight his cause
  • but still
  • a lot of people would be envious bc you are literally the cutest thing
  • and jongin is always holding your hand and dragging you around w him
  • esp at parties you’re both invited to where he has a hand on you at all times so ppl know you’re his
  • and he’d love to show you off all the time
  • especially to his friends
  • he’d be chilling with sehun and then pull up a picture of you and be like 
  • ‘wow isn’t (y/n) beautiful?? i love it’
  • ‘you said this before’
  • ‘yeah but extra beautiful today so i had to bring it up again’
  • but everyone is used to it now so doesn’t mind~
  • and they also like how breathless he gets around you
  • so this is officially the best relationship 
  • jongin will give you everything and more
  • so love him like you mean it pls and take care of him
Sincerely, Me.

Jughead x Reader

Request: Ooooh can i do a request (jughead x reader) where the reader is kinda loud and seems real happy but then they have a lot of issues with confidence, and they have  a saying that they keep writing to keep them sane, and then a wild Jughead appears and just fluff fluff fluff. I’m sorry I’m bad at explaining things. I really love your writing btw!

Warnings: None, Chuck is there though. 

Word Count: 1,311

A/N: Oh hey look another one based off something in Dear Evan Hansen who would’ve thought. Also sorry it’s so short I just think it’s time to publish this one.


Dear (Y/N),

Today’s gonna be a good day, here’s why:

Because today, today at least you’re you - and that’s enough.

You’re good enough, right now, just like this.

You’re not perfect- and that’s okay.

Sincerely, Me.

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mikinekonyanyanya  asked:

Um.... Hi, I've been following u for a while now, more like stalking but no worries, no bad intention and I just want to say OMG I LOVE U SO MUCH, I LOVE YOUR ART AND U REALLY INSPIRE ME TO DRAW AGAIN AFTER A LONG TIME , looking at your Yoi arts makes me feel so happy and u r also very friendly, so friendly that it makes me cry of your kindness. U R AMAZING pls keep on being amazing and spread love to this world. Btw I've been calling u my tumblr MEME queen, is it ok? If it's not then I'm sorry

THANK YOU!!!! (yas im honored to be a meme queen)

its-nanna-innit  asked:

Could I get Prompto on a date with his S/O and afterwards things start to get NSFW but his S/O has a flash back due to a not so nice ex that was abusive and has a panic attack? I'm not sure what format this would fall under. I love your writing btw! 💛


Prompto x Reader
Word Count: 1,789

Angst is too easy for me to write, apparently, lol. Trigger warnings for this one shot: mentions of domestic abuse, mentions of non-con/dub-con, cycles of abuse, and infidelity. Thankfully, Prompto makes everything better.

Tagging the always lovely @iinkpools because I feel like you need more Prompto fluff in your life and I love making your decisions even harder, lol.

You were happy.

For the first time in forever, you were happy. Genuinely, truly happy, and it was because of the boy that was holding your hand, looking at you like you were his entire world. Prompto Argentum had saved your life in so many ways—you’d met him when you were at rock bottom, working a dead-end job at a diner, trying to support yourself and also dealing with the aftermath of a bad breakup.

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Ok guys… ENOUGH. One thing is that in your mind Lena Luthor is lesbian, Lena is fictional and you’re fans and if you wanna read her that way that’s ok. But DO NOT MESS WITH KATIE MCGRATH’S PERSONAL LIFE!

Katie is a very private person and so far she has never made any comment that would insinuate that she is lesbian. On the contrary, she has talked about dating men, the fact that she has 2 brothers that are terrible at introducing men to her, that she wanted a very good looking man as a love interest (in Merlin), her big crush on Nathan Fillion, etc.

And I kinda get (no, not really) that you’re mad about the fact that Lena is also into men, but do not @ Rory (her brother) into your rants or speculations!(Especially about Katie’s own sexual preferences) That’s crossing the line and weird af. And also don’t attack poor Rahul Kohli. He’s a nice guy and doesn’t deserve that awful treatment. He’s also suuuper geek so I’m sure they’re having a great time. 

Btw, I am in NO way generalizing, I like to believe that the vast majority of the Supercorp fandom is actually quite lovely and respectful. So… let’s keep it that way.   :)

Sorry for the rant on Tumblr when this is mainly a Twitter problem but I know many of them are also on Tumblr so…

anonymous asked:

Hey I just had a major fight with my nest friend and I'm having a super bad night.. Can I request a fic where B and V have a fight, and Jughead comforts Betty about it? Love your blog and your writing btw xx

I’m sorry love, unfortunately fighting happens, it really sucks, but if she’s really your friend, she’ll come around just give it time!

She slammed into the blue and gold office, instantly heading for her laptop, not bothering with a hello to the obviously surprised beanie wearing boy.

“Well hello sunshine, how are you today?” He smiled at her bouncing ponytail. Her eyes looked up from the laptop and he finally noticed the tears welling up In them. He dropped his pen onto his textbook and moved to lean on Betty’s desk.

“Hey, bets. Look at me.” He placed a hand under her chin forcing her eyes to his. “What happened blue eyes?”

The tears finally fell as her lip quivered

“It’s Ronnie.. she .. she wants to go on a date with moose mason, and I tried to tell her it was a bad idea and she just.. she lost it, called me a bad friend told me I was unsupportive, I didn’t know what it was like. I’m just trying to help.”

He kneeled down so he was eye level with the pretty blonde, moving a strand of her smooth honey hair out of her face.

“You did the right thing. If you feel like something’s not right, you should say something. Ron didn’t mean all those things she was just hurt, you’ve done all you can now you just have to let her make her own mistakes.”

She sighed playing with the buttons on his flannel “he’s gonna hurt her, he’s not a good guy.”

Jughead nodded propping his hands on her waist and making her stand with him.
“It’s gonna be a hard lesson to learn, but it’s her lesson, not yours.”

Nodding her head, Jughead kissed the little wrinkle of frustration in between her eyebrows.

She sighed leaning into him resting her cheek on his chest.

“Why can’t all guys be like you? I just want her to be as happy as I am. Find the right guy, just like I found you.”

Laughing he rolled his eyes,

“Not everyone can have what we have, we’re different, special. You’re special.”

She looked up and smiled, bringing her lips to his

“Thanks for talking me down juggie.”

He placed his hand on the back of her head pulling her close

“What kind of boyfriend would I be if I didn’t help my girlfriend when she’s feeling sad? Oh that’s right Archie Andrews.”

She smacked his arm reaching around his neck and pulling him in.

“I think I’ll take Jughead jones, thank you very much.”

Advice to young ppl in retail

Hi! I’ve been following ur blog for awhile now. Love it, btw. I’ve noticed a lot of young people posting their stories. Was wondering if you would consider posting this PSA? TIA!!
To all the young people working in retail/customer service:

I totally get that you may be working this job because you need money. But if you’ve discovered that you really dislike working with the public–GET OUT NOW. Don’t stay with this job because it’s familiar. Don’t stay because looking for a new job is time-consuming & interviewing is awkward. Don’t stay because your mom wants you too, or your friend got you the job, etc. @fu

Self reflect and find something you really like to do. Take classes, read, research. Stay in school. Change your major. Take full advantage of any career services available to you. Do whatever you must to get out while you’re still young.

Why? Because one day you’ll turn around and be 40-something, married with children & working a job you hate. Only then you’ll be trapped. Self discovery will take a backseat to your responsibilities. It will be difficult to find work in a new field because all your work experience is in this field you hate.

Get out now while you still can.

Good luck and Godspeed,
A customer service veteran who hates customers.

Got7 Reaction: You swearing infront of them for the first time

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Got7 reaction to you cussing in front of them for the first time after tripping or something Pleasssseee?💗💗love your blog btw

Thanks for the request! Sorry for the wait :(


You had just woken up and you could barely see where you were walking. You went to walk out of your room, but it was dark and your tripped over something on the floor.

“Fuck!” You whisper-shouted (does that make sense? lol).

This resulted in waking up Jaebum and he just looked at you.

“Did you just swear?” He let out a little laugh while rubbing his eyes.

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You and Jinyoung were making dinner for you both and the rest of Got7. But the problem is- you aren’t the best cook-. You don’t know what you did, but you did something to cause the boilings water bubbles to pop up at your arm. 

“Holy shit, ow!” You didn’t even pay attention to the words that just came out of your mouth, and you ran to put cold water on your arm.

“While you’re at the sink, you should clean your mouth out with soap.” Jinyoung laughed at you while he cooked.

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You were chasing Jackson because he took your phone and won’t give it back. You were catching up with him so you ran faster. But he made a sudden stop, causing you to run into his back.

“Fuck” you whispered to yourself, but he heard you.

“Ha! I knew you weren’t so innocent!” He laughed as you covered your face in embarrassment.

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You were sitting next Mark while you played a game on your phone. The game started to get really frustrating, but it was really addicting. 

“Shit” You whispered as you lost for what felt like the thousandth time. 

Mark wasn’t too suprised, but he let a small laugh at how cute your frustration was.

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You were play some video game with Youngjae, and so far you haven’t lost against him. But after a few rounds, he finally won against you.

“Ah, fuck you” You laughed without thinking. He looked you with wide eyes, and you realized what you had said.

“You heard nothing.” You tried to laugh it off.

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You didn’t get much sleep for the past few days, so you decided to sleep in today. But BamBam thought it’d be funny to wake up…by jumping on you.

“What the fuck?” You asked not knowing that BamBam was the one to jump on you. 

“Excuse me?” He said in a jokingly way as he got off of you.

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You and Yugyeom had a duet dance stage (those are a thing right?) and you guys were practicing. Yugyeom wanted to go all out for the performance, and kept adding very difficult move the choreography. During one move, the giant maknae stepped on your foot, causing you to yell out profanity.

“Ow, fuck!” 

Once you realized what you said, you covered your mouth quickly as you Yugyeom laughed.

“Haha, sorry” he apologized.

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Could you do an imagine where the boys first time sleeping with their girlfriend and how they would feel about it? Thanks. Love your work btw.

glad you enjoy my work


     “you look tense leo” you said while looking at him laying on the bed 

“w-what? I-I’m not tense what are y-you talking about” leo replied while chuckling shyly 

     You just laughed a little and got on the bed with him, you snuggled up closer to him and you could feel him tense. You leaned your head towards his chest and looked up to see his face and you kissed his nose.

“don’t worry, you don’t have to be shy leo” you said while smiling at him

“o-okay (y/n), sorry” he said and kissed your lips 

     “no need to apologize” you said and cuddled into his chest. Leo blushed a little but he liked the feeling of your body against his, he was happy you were safe in his arms.


     You played down on your bed and turned off the light getting ready for bed. Once you were all tucked in and ready to sleep you suddenly felt a pair of arms wrap around you from behind. You were very surprised to see your boyfriend raph spooning you from behind. 

“hey babe, sorry for scaring ya” he said while smirking

   “w-what are you doing here raph?” you asked and started to blush

Raph just yawned and closed his eyes “I wanted to sleep with you, thats all” he said

   Before you could protest any further you saw that he was already asleep and you just sighed and continue sleeping. Deep down raph was actually squealing because he finally got a chance to sleep with you and boy did it feel good. 


     He was a blushing mess the whole time from walking towards you room until you two were laying on your bed. He didn’t dare to make any moves because he was too scared and shy to do it so you ended up doing it yourself. You moved closer towards him and you could see that he was slowly moving backwards as well.

“what’s wrong? do you not want to sleep with me?” you said while pouting

     Donnie felt guilty and so he hugged you tightly and he blushed a darker shade of red “s-sorry, I was j-just a little shy” he answered

You just chucked and continue sleeping so did he.


      he was so hyper the whole time. You almost thought that he wouldn’t be able to sleep because of all the energy that he had inside him, but alas he ended up sleeping anyways. You two cuddled adorably and he held you tightly not wanting to let go.  The whole time mikey couldn’t stop smiling like a nerd and you just chuckled.

The next morning you woke up because you wanted to pee and you saw that mikey was still sleeping. You heard from the others that he was a extremely deep sleeper so you didn’t have to worry about waking him up. You tried to stand up but sadly mikey had an iron grip on you, like you were literally pulling his arms of you and he still wouldn’t budge. Well rip you buddy

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top 5 haikyuu eyes? I'm honestly quite curious because everyone has eyes for days omg... love your top 5 posts btw <3

You’re so right, they all have such beautiful eyes!! And thank you dear, I’m so happy you’re liking the top 5s  (ノ´ з `)ノ♡

1. Nishinoya. The definition of eyes for days. They are so beautiful they should occupy all the 5 spots of this top 5. I can’t look away from this pic…literally…wow, they’re almost hypnotic. @Furudate THANK YOU

2. Bokuto. Every time I put Bokuto in the first 3 positions of the top 5 I laugh at myself because I’m the most predictable person ever. But what can I tell you, I’m so in love with his golden owl eyes and it’s a tunnel I’ll never plan to exit bye

(this is my favorite shot of Bokuto in the anime and an actual picture of how my heart looks like)


4. Kageyama. I know Kageyama is that regular tall-dark hair-blue eyes character that has a copy of himself in basically every single anime, but his blueberry eyes that shine with the power of a thousand suns (ahem) and are so special to me

5. Kenma. Sometimes I just thing of how beautiful Kenma is and I have lo lay down a minute before I start functioning properly again. And I think that a lot of it has to do with his stunning cat eyes…

This top 5 is so unfair, I’m leaving out so may character with beautiful eyes like Hinata, Iwaizumi, Oikawa, Akaashi, Tsukki (look I’ve made another one already)…so many, really so so so so many. But I can’t help that they made all so beautiful! 

Thank you for your message!

Ask me my top 5 things!

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How would the band react if they had an S/O who is almost like them? Like they have similar mannerisms, similar personality type, similar style and never realized until a certain moment.

I’ve been home a day and almost used the word “y’all’d’ve” unironically in this post. Lord help me. 

Murdoc Niccals:

  • Arguing between the two of you would be fun to watch. Because you’re so similar, you’d both always feel like you have to be right about everything. Even petty arguments would last forever. Usually, throwing things or snapping at others who feel the need to get involved happens (And poor 2D is the victim of twice as much verbal abuse when he finds himself unlucky enough to be around during a spout). In the end you’d find a way to compromise but only because you both care so much about each other.
  • The sex would be ridiculous. Like.. wild. You both finally have someone that can match up to your drive. And that shit is kinky.
  • You’re both really stubborn about anything and everything so most of the two of you hanging out is just lounging around and thinking about what to do, which usually ends in just making out and staying in bed all day amongst other things.

Stu Pot (2D):

  • You’re bother super chill and down for anything. You tag along with him for band stuff and he tags along with you when you want to do spontaneous things. You both really enjoy each other’s company and hardly ever argue.
  • CLINGY. You’re both literally attached to each other at every moment. He’s either wrapped around your waist, or he’s getting piggybacked. Hand holding is a must at every moment of the day and honestly watching the two of you in public is so sweet it’s sickening. There is no such thing as personal space and neither of you two really notice. PDA is a must.
  • You guys are always using the word “we” for every situation. You don’t exist as separate people anymore, you’ve absorbed into each other like a weird alien species. You’re always doing cutesy stuff like nose kisses and cooking together (neither of you can cook edible food btw). You can’t even breathe in the same room as Murdoc because just looking at the two of you being so grotesquely attracted to each other makes him want to shoot himself.

Russel Hobbs:

  • You guys are both suuuper chill and love to spend time together just talking about the world. You share the same views on things and understand the dangers that are the world around you. You could talk for hours about politics, conspiracy theories, etc. When you’re not together you don’t talk much, but your personalities mostly have an unspoken agreement that it doesn’t mean anything. You both just aren’t super into social media or phones and enjoy face-to-face contact.
  • You’re like an activist power couple. You guys are always going to rallies and some people even look up to you both as figures of the truth. The two of you together are unstoppable. You guys are literally the unstoppable force vs. unmovable object meme except you’re not against each other, you’re working together.
  • You both appreaciate the finer things in life. You guys have an eye for fashion and are always the best dressed couple in the room. You like to buy each other things, and it’s always exactly what the other wanted. You guys are in sync.


  • Life is a party when you two are together. You’re so positive and uplifting, it’s absolutely adorable. You two often throw legendary house parties and both know how to be the center of attention, but somehow without stealing the other’s spotlight.
  • Neither of you are big on PDA but occasionally you can’t resist a kiss on the cheek or cutesy hand holding. Being at home is a different story, though. You’re all over each other. You guys do everything and I mean everything together. 
  • Occasionally the two of you will spark an argument over something trivial just because you feel you’re right. Eventually, you don’t even remember what the argument was about and end up making up through a series of kisses and giggly admissions that you don’t even remember how it started. You guys don’t get much done when you’re together.

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How would hanzo, zenyatta, 76 react to their s/o screaming awake in the middle of the night? Only to find out the next day that their s/o has had severe ptsd for a very long time and the boys never even knew about it. (BTW I love your work it's really well written! 😁)

Interesting little idea here, if this is something you suffer with then my thoughts are with you. I’m not particularly familiar with PTSD so there aren’t any details of it in here, but I hope this is what you were looking for and apologies for the delay! Also, that comment is just lovely, thank you so very much!


His eyes snap open instantly

  • Not that he’s a particularly light sleeper
  • Just that at the first sign of distress from you and his body is in overdrive
  • He turns to you instantly, brow furrowed in anger and ready to kill whatever was hurting you
  • He softens when he realises this is an inward demon

His arms wrap around you hesitantly

  • Not wanting to scare you, but hoping to provide some sort of comfort
  • You nestle into him and he takes it as a sign
  • Wrapping tighter around you and tangling his legs with yours
  • Just making sure you knew you were protected
  • He stayed awake until you were snoring softly once more

In the morning, he asked you about it

  • In his usual blunt manner, of course
  • But also making sure you knew that you didn’t have to answer if you didn’t want to
  • You decided just to explain your PTSD to him
  • He listened attentively, refusing to speak until you had talked as much as you wished
  • Afterwards, he pulled you close again, keeping you in the safety of his embrace
  • He told you to talk to him next time, and you agreed


He was sitting by the side of your bed, as he did every night

  • Having no need for sleep, he enjoyed watching over you instead
  • When you began screaming for seemingly no reason however, he was almost paralysed
  • Unsure of what exactly to do for a few seconds

Soon, his calmness returned and he placed a reassuring hand on your shoulder

  • Whispering soothing words in your ear
  • At the same time, his mind was working furiously to work out the issue
  • For the rest of the night, he worked through all the possibilities logically
  • Whilst also checking on you every two seconds

By morning, he had worked out was what wrong

  • But he wanted you to feel able to tell him rather than him telling you
  • He explained his concern, hoping you’d feel able to tell him
  • You decided to, taking your time
  • When you’d finished, Zenyatta smiled and stroked your cheek
  • Telling you that you’d works through this together from now on


He’s a super heavy sleeper so he doesn’t wake up at first

  • Its only when you start truly screaming that he begins to wake, sleepily
  • When he realises what’s happening though, he’s quickly alert
  • Jumping out of bed and grabbing his gun to confront what he assumes is an attacker
  • Gets extremely confused when theres no one there

Eventually, the soldier instincts die down, and he realises this isn’t something he  can fight

  • He actually has to fight back his own tears when he sees yours rolling steadily down your face
  • Carefully he climbs back into bed next to you
  • He doesn’t hold you, he’s too afraid to scare you again
  • Instead. he just takes your hand in his, rubbing his thumb over the knuckles
  • Its all he can think of to console you

In the morning when he comes downstairs, he stays quiet

  • He doesn’t want to push you at all, it has to be your decision in his mind
  • But luckily for him, you’ve already decided you want to tell him
  • He keeps butting in by accident to ask questions but you can tell its only because he wants to know everything
  • Afterwards, he goes online straight away, looking up ways he can help you
  • Constantly scribbling on a little notepad, making your heart soar