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Good To Be Back

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Request: By @elenawrit OMG 27 ON THE BLEACHERS WITH THE COACH XD !!!!! <3<3<3<3 

Author’s Note: I haven’t written Coach before, so I’m really excited for this one!!!! I hope you like it! The reader in this story is 20 btw (to keep things legal lol) This is part of the 100 Kinks list, so enjoy c;

Warnings: Smut; language; public sex; basically PWP (porn without plot)

#27: Inappropriate location


“You know, I like to go home after practice. I’m stuck in this hell hole for seven hours a day already. I need a drink and some trash tv,” Coach Finstock called as he made his way over to the bleachers where I sat, perched and waiting for him. A grin turned up the corners of my lips at his words.

“So, are you just perpetually angry?” I asked jokingly, watching as he climbed the metal benches and sat next to me, biting my lip as I studied every inch of lean body.

“Don’t ask stupid questions, Y/L/N,” he grumbled before finally turning to me and meeting my gaze. I was leaning back, my hands braced behind me, my torso on full display. His eyes raked my body, his mouth actually forming a small smile.

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