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I had promised a KiriBaku kid something like months ago, and tbh most of the reason why it took me this long is because I couldn’t pick between these two so?? In the end just have them both I guess - some info about them under cut, in case you wanna know more!!

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What Taylor did for Jimmy Fallon warms my heart. Simple, but very meaningful gesture. And to the people saying “she talks about herself too much”, you’re never been so wrong. One thing special about her songwriting, is that even if she’s talking about her experiences, it feels like she got into your mind and wrote a song about your life, and suddenly her stories becomes your stories. That’s why it’s beautiful to see Taylor singing the “squeeze my hand 3 times” line right after Jimmy told that story about his mom, because despite what you think, she writes lyrics anyone can relate to, in one way or another.


Came home last night so mentally and physically drained that I wasn’t sure if last night was real life or a dream. When you’re dealing with burnout, the best things you can do for yourself are 1.) take some time to rest your eyes and 2.) surround yourself with good friends. I’m currently trying to accept that as organized as you’d like to be, some things just don’t go to plan and that’s okay. Some things are out of your control and you just have learn to go with it! // Keep going. I promise it’ll be worth it.

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hi guys its bening! aand i decided to sell adopts of these magical girls!

  • each adoptable is 33$
  • usd only! payment is via paypal
  • if youre interested pls contact me via email [] or tumblr dm
  • i will send the full res png file once youve purchased
  • first come first serve, no holds
  • if you want a sketched refs of your bought adoptable lmk it will be an additional $5!


feel free to shoot me any questions! its my first time doing this ahA;;; & if u cant help buy pls help reblog

  • *something horrible happens*
  • a rightfully concerned individual: omg are you okay?
  • my emotionally stunted air-moon ass: lol, whatever, it's No Big Deal, shit like this happens to people all the time... The Worst Thing I can do is blow it out of proportion,, god forbid I experience Emotions, much less Talk about them lmfao... what am I, five?? don't think so haha nice try but ur barking up the wrong tree here
the blue notebooks

time travel au

pairing: jimin | reader
genre: fluff, angst
word count: 8.575
warnings: none
author’s note: this story will have a sequel since there is much, much more I want to tell, but I wanted to keep it under 10k and I figured this part worked well as a standalone. please enjoy :)

You meet Park Jimin after a particularly rough landing.

You wish time traveling was as easy as the books like to describe, or as beautifully romantic as the movies depict. It is a concept that’s been overly embroidered with advantages that do not exist — and even if normal humans see it as a fortuitous skill, one they long to have, they rarely realize that having a normal life is out of the question for your kind. Even so, there is no point in wishing for something that won’t happen in this lifetime, not with the time traveling genes burning strong within your veins.

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