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There really was an alien living on Earth. The little green boy that Dib had been telling him about for years was really from outer space. Membrane had constantly dismissed the idea, thinking it nothing more than a childhood fantasy. After all, Dib didn’t have any friends, so his imagination was the only thing he had to really keep him company (besides his sister). But this… this proof was impossible to ignore. This was proof coming from a fellow scientist he trusted. This was coming from a person he knew had only been wrong once in his entire life, and it wasn’t about anything scientific! That person was none other than Steep N. Hocking. Membrane’s mind whirled as he began trying to process all of the information at once. One thought came to mind over and over again, and he couldn’t ignore it.

Go collect him. He needs to be studied. We need to learn everything about him.

Membrane decided to do just that, and he decided that a subtle approach would be key. He recalled how his son had told him on more than one occasion that he was afraid of scientists cutting him open. He was afraid of white coat-clad men barging in and hauling him away. So he wouldn’t suffer that. Membrane wanted Zim to be willing to cooperate. Uncooperative subjects were more likely to die by accident. He formulated a plan and headed out of his lab downtown, stopping by Zim’s house on his way home. He approached Zim’s door with caution, activating his goggles’ electromagnetic scrambler in the hopes it would disrupt any harmful surprises lying in wait in the small yard. If there even were any.

He knocked on the lopsided door and waited for someone to answer.