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In reference to fake donations, I generally donate to people others have vouched for but tbh there'll always be a chance its fake, so when I have money I see it as I'm choosing to believe they need this, and if it turns out that's a lie then so be it. If you want concrete proof that every $ you ever give is spent right you'll always be disappointed. And if that means you don't want to donate that's your prerogative, but I'd rather donate to 5 peeps and have 1 not rly need it than donate to 0

Not to mention, people spend money a lot of “legitimate” things that wind up being worthless garbage and far less than whatever was promised. But the only people who can EVER be dishonest scammers are the poor & destitute people in the world who are scrounging by on some spare change and fluff. Yeah. Right.

I’ve talked about this before, but this is another instance of the kinds of images that are coined together under capitalist media. The overwhelming myth of “welfare queens,” the idea that people who are asking for money are always lying, always cheating the “honest people” in the world. Even though there are corporations that steal, and cheat and lie to people on a regular basis in order to take their money. But yeah, sure, it’s the one-off Tumblr blogger who’s asking you to donate $5 to their Paypal so that they can find a meal to eat who’s lying to you. Right.

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