btw i'm 17

unpretty rapstar 2 episode 1 tl;dr
  • sua: fighting fightING FIGHTING btw i'm 17
  • yezi: i've done this before a lot i'm confident
  • ash b: kasper what's good?
  • hyolyn: i like hiphop but i forgot my lyrics please forgive me
  • gilme: i'm old and tired can i go home
  • truedy: i don't sound like yoon mirae
  • kasper: dafuq is this dafuq is that haHaHAHAHAaa
  • yubin: i'm good at this and having fun jyp suck my balls
  • kitti b: you're so pretty you're so cute unnie (●♡∀♡)
  • ahn soomin: hardly any screen time
  • heize: does great looks great
  • san e: i won't go back on my decisions this time
Chapter 17
  • “Okay first, is that a wolf thing? Being super in tune with the sun’s alignment and all that? Second, I gotta say you and mama McCall being grocery buds is kind of awesome. Weird and totally unexpected, but awesome. Like those mugs that change color if you put hot or cold drinks in them— Ha! Hey, there’s a beetle on my shoe. Sup, beetle— like if you pour hot coffee into it and the mug turns orange—  weird and unexpected, but awesome. Actually jk, the beetle’s actually just some dirt. Is that mint? I need Adderall.”
  • Derek chokes a little on his orange.
  • “I’ll bring a giant Cthulhu pillow and we’ll see who wins in a fight to the death.”
  • “Draw me like one of your French bread girls,” Stiles begs as he tries poking Derek with a baguette.
  • Because shopping with Lydia is a mall-crawl filled with winks and coy smiles. And if Lydia winks at you more than once within an hour, you should either assume she is winking at someone far superior and good-looking behind you, or be very worried that something terrible is about to happen to you. Stiles tried to tell her that it’s no big deal, no it’s not a date, that he and Derek hang out all the time, they literally live together, and her response had been to cup his cheeks and pin him down with her green gaze and say, “Stiles Stilinksi, for someone so intelligent you can be so incredibly stupid.” —He gets that now. He’ll have to call and tell her the good news later.
  • OH! Oh, ohhhh, oh my friggin’ holy Millennium Falcon on a toasted BUN, Derek—!”

anonymous asked:

I'm new to smoking weed and I feel so clueless sometimes like how do l learn more about it I don't wanna ask my friends and seem stupid. like for example I don't know what a bowl is edibles the best way to get really high I don't even have a weed man! I give my friends money to buy it for me Lol :( & the differences really between diffrent weed if it's good or whatever. how'd you learn?? (I'm 17 btw)

Sorry its taken me so long to reply. But really you learn from experience. When I first started smoking, i felt the same way. I didnt know much and i didnt want to look inexperienced in front of my friends.. but you live and you learn, there are some things today i come across of that I dont know what it means. You learn from experience. 

Just make sure you trust the people you are giving your money to for bud, like know your prices and it helps if you have a scale. Thats like one of my favorite tools I have, its important because youll know for sure exactly how much youre getting and youll know if they shorted you or not. Just to give you an idea, street value price usually ranges from $20 for 1 gram. $60 for 3.5 grams (eighth) $100 for 7 grams (quarter) and so on.. It depends where you live and who youre getting your weed from, but just make sure you trust that person. A bowl is a smoking device, Theres different ways to smoke.. Theres bowls, blunts, joints, bongs, rigs, bubbles, etc. Edibles are fun, but they effect people differently. And it really just depends how they are made and how much weed people put in them. 

The more you buy weed, the more youll be able to tell what the difference between good weed and shitty weed. Just google pictures of bud if you arent familiar with nugs. Theres midz which is cheapp and bad weed. And then theres bud like dro and its excellent. Theres 2 different kinds of weed. Sativa and Indica. Indica is usually more purple and very dense, smells skunky. It gives you more of a body high and make you wanna sit on the couch and eat chips and then sativa is more of a mind high and its light and fluffy and smells fruity mostly. 

Always carry eye drops, they will save your life. Know your limit. Gum is helpful. Munchies are very good. remember also, that a lot of people lie, they will tell you this bud is fire but it may not always be true, just make sure you look at it.Think before you say things haha. if youre riding dirty, always carry an envelope with a stamp, address, and returning address and if you get pulled over put all your shit in there, because its illegal for them to go through mail. and most importantly, do what you feel comfortable with, dont give into peer pressure just because you dont wanna look dumb, make sure youre always feeling comfortable with yourself. :)

 hope this all helps. Much love.