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Lost In The Snow// Open Rp

The storm had surprised him, when he was out in the woods, simply taking a walk. He had lost track of time and hadn’t noticed anything, until it was too late, far too late. The orange clad terrapin was shaking, arms was tightly wrapped around his body, as he fought his way through the snow that was piling up.

The prickly flakes was dancing around him, blinding him when he tried to orientate himself. He had been too far in. He shouldn’t have gone in so far. Now he was struggling to even find his way home to the farmhouse. 

Mikey huffed, gasping slightly for air, the frost burned in his lunges; every little breath was now painful to him. He couldn’t feel his fingers, his toes; he could only feel the pain that was coursing through his body. Soon, it was enough, his knees buckled beneath him and he fell, it felt like ages before he hit the ground. 

He couldn’t move, his vision was blurred, and soon turned completely black, his eyes shutting slowly. The only fact that gave off that he was still alive was the white clouds that appeared from his lips, quickly to dissolve, whenever he breathed out…