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Ianthe: “I wish to begin by saying how truly sorry I am. I acted out of a desire to … to grant what I believed you perhaps yearned for but did not dare voice, while also keeping our allies in Hybern satisfied with our allegiance.”

The fandom, Feyre, Lucien, and my cat:

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Okay but imagine if the Alex Rider chapters were named like the Percy Jackson ones.

“I Shot the Prime Minister”
“A Madman Plans to Dissect Me Alive”
“I Set a Boat on Fire”
“I Enter a Party Illegally”
“I Steal Some Clothes”
“I Win a Race”
“My Godfather Gets Me Hit”
“A Caterpillar Loves Me”
“Jack Borrows a Knife”

PJO Headcanon #27

The Aphrodite cabin keeps a book in their cabin that holds every single sexual and romantic attraction they’ve ever heard of, each penned in with it’s own definition and each added to a list of what spectrum it’s in. When a love-confused camper comes in realizing they may not be that straight one of the Aphrodite campers goes through it with them to see if anything strikes a chord. If they do find that camper’s romantic/sexual attraction, they will also try and help them through discovering they’re LGBT and any possible repercussions it might have on their home lives.


Gratsu week:
Day 1: AU (more like Disney world universe )

I have been wanting to do this for ages tbh I am so happy I could at least manage those at least though there is so much more I wanted to do but the week has 6 more days to go I hope I will be able to make it 

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jungkook: “tell them where we’re going!”

jimin: “we’re going to busan!”

“although jungkookie has been really tired lately, he surprised me with this trip. i’m grateful. you all know, right? that’s where we’re from! it will be about two more hours until we arrive there, shall we sleep in the meantime?”

“…everyone, he fell asleep!”

“i want you to see how cute he is. i must warn you beforehand! he really is too cute! beware!”

“look at him… my jungkookie~ can you believe he planned all this out? he must be exhausted.”

“he’s sweet, isn’t he? i just-”

“did you film me sleeping!? hyung!”

“to be fair, you filmed me too remember! look, we’re almost there. go back to sleep, i’ll wake you up when they say we’ve arrived.”

“no way! you’re gonna film me again!”

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more of this youtuber au


And no matter how hard he pulled, no matter how hard he pushed,
The wheel stuck in the earth wouldn’t dislodge, just wouldn’t dislodge.

It was a curse in action, it was fate unraveling,
It was as if the the earth had wrapped her fingers around his wheel,
and she wouldn’t let go, wouldn’t let go.