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revolutionary-spaghetti  asked:

You've probably answered this tons of times but it isn't on your FAQ so... I was only wondering what you use to animate? Probably a stupid question i know but i'm just curious, because back-in-the-day you inspired me to take my art seriously and to start animating!

ah!! I’m sorry for not putting it in the FAQ

[love your url btw]

I used to use MS Pain and 2003 movie maker

and now I use Paint Tool SAI and Sony Vegas Pro 13!

moved-to-gloams  asked:

Ya that part in the end where she's floatin up to defeat Nyx w the great seal and akihiko standing there saying "damnit not again" I cried

At first I was super happy when I maxed the Star Social Link like “yeah senpai noticed me senpai loves me life is perfect” but then I started thinking about the end of the game and I cried.

Worst part is even if you max Moon and save Shinji he will probably still die because of the drugs WHY CAN’T AHIKIHO BE LOVED AND HAPPY.

shutupweasley  asked:

do you have any tananoya headcanons? im weak af for them and i love them so much like best bros into best bfs like ugh UGH im so emotional

  • Tanaka helping Noya to dye his hair from different colors
  • Noya getting a driving licence and giving Tanaka a ride EVERYTIME even if he just has to go buy something in the neighbourhood 
  • ‘I’ve got a car now, Ryu, you will never have to walk again’
  • Saeko gave Noya driving lessons, so Tanaka is screwed
  • Both of them doing road trips together to nowhere in particular, just driving for the sake of it, singing along the radio catchy pop-rock songs
  • Both of them watching scary movies together and pretending they’re just fine but they end up hugging under a blanket and desperately looking for the remote control to shut down the goddamn movie
  • Tanaka being kinda insecure about himself, so Noya makes sure he feels loved by making him lots of nice food and kissing him until he turns bright red
  • Whenever they go to a concert, Noya always sits on Tanaka’s shoulders.
  • Tanaka struggling to find Noya a nice birthday present, and ends up buying nothing because nothing is good enough for Noya
  • Noya forgetting his own birthday (he remembers everyone’s but his) and only accepting hugs and homemade food as a present
  • Long weekend sleepovers
  • Both of them muffled laughing in class at something really stupid and bursting out in laughter and getting kick out of classroom, but still worth it
  • Noya wearing Tanaka’s t-shirts that doesn’t fit him (and they’re super comfortable)
  • Noya always talking excitedly about things Tanaka loves even if they’re not his obssesion
  • Tanaka thinking of Noya everytime he sees some small, loud bird (but he cannot possibly say something this cheeky to him, right?) 
  • They never can study together because they’re not able to focus and always get distracted by each other
  • They’re each other emergency contact (besides their own parents)
  • Somehow they manage to keep in touch even if they go study/work to different prefectures
  • They probably end up being flatmates for ten years or so
  • Their house is literally a zoo bc both of them love animals

Shiro: Nice work.
Lance: Thanks, dad.
Lance: Why is everyone staring at me?
Pidge: You just called Shiro “Dad.”
Lance: What? No, I didn’t. I said, “Thanks, man.”
Shiro: Do you see me as a father figure, Lance?
Lance: No! If anything, I see you as a “bother” figure, ‘cause you’re always bothering me.
Hunk: Hey, show your father some respect!
Shiro: Do you wanna talk about it later over a game of catch?
Lance: Yeah, I’d like that.

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I am suppose to be studying for my midterms but when I came across jean-has-a-nice-ass text post here. I JUST HAD TO DRAW A COMIC OUT OF IT. 

Last one is a bonus ;)

anonymous asked:

I was going to make a studyblr called Hayley studies but you already have that! Any ideas for my new URL? 😂😂 I love your blog btw, I just kind of want to steal it!

Hahaha sorry but I take it that means we have the same name so yay! Tbh it seems to be fashionable to put some kind of play on words in your url that’s to do with studying but I changed my URL two or three times before I found and stuck with this one so just have a play around until you find one that suits!

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for christmas, will you change your url to hohowoho?? (btw i love your url i think it reflects your blog and attitude really well, and i super like you in general!)

…well I will now. thank you! it was decided in a poll and I have to agree that yeah it really does fit me and my blog really well lmao

nicolettevargas  asked:

Hey miss, I want to do a question. Did you reading Harry Potter series? 🙈

Yeah I did! I love hp😍👏❤ Btw, if your url is your name… It’s sounds like a latina name :o
Do you mind me asking you if you speak Spanish by any chance? Because I’m a native Spanish speaker and I’d love to know there are more like me out there lmao.

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Hi ya sweety~! can I have a blog rate love your blog btw~!

Hiii! :-) Thank you!

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