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Request: Hey. I’m not sure if you’re taking requests, but if you are could you something with Tommy (Fionn’s character) where the reader was a nurse on a ship that got shot down in the mole and he helps her up and they flak in love and he’s like trying to protect her and help her off the beach and can you tag me in it? I love your writing btw. It makes me smile all the time just so much (requested by @emily-ily2 )

A/N: I didn’t want this to spoil too much of Dunkirk, so I only wrote bits about the end.


You were currently regretting your decision to volunteer as a nurse to help the injured soldiers on the beaches of Dunkirk. The ship you were on was currently going down, having been successfully hit by a bomb off the Luftwaffe circling overhead.

Men were screaming around you as they attempted to get off the ship, jumping over the railings into the oil filled water below.

Seeing no other option, you followed suit and jumped overboard. The oil was slimy against your skin, weighing down the material of your nurses uniform.

You stayed back and attempted to help as many men as you could get out of the oil spill, but you were starting to grow tired.

Another bomb was dropped, followed by rapid gunfire. Arms were suddenly grabbing your waist, pulling you down under the water. You fought against the arms, before realizing they were protecting you from the gunfire.

When your lungs began burning for air, the two of you surfaced above the water. Turning to your rescuer, you noticed he was a young soldier. He had dark brown hair and green eyes, with sharp cheek bones and thin lips. His face was full of oil, which you were sure was on yours as well, but he still looked unbelievably handsome.

You thanked him quickly, before turning back towards the ship. You began swimming again, trying to get back to help, but the soldier once again grabbed you.

“I have to help them!” You yelled back at him, fighting against his hold.

“You can’t! We need to go now!” He shouted, one hand moving to point at the skies. You looked up and immediately noticed why he looked so panicked.

The German plane had been shot down, but he was heading right for the oil in the water.

“Come on! We need to move.” He said again, keeping his arm around you as he swam you both towards a small boat a little ways away.

You began swimming with him, allowing him to pull his arm away so he could swim faster. The both of you made it right as the plane exploded behind you, causing the water to go up in flames.

“Take her first!” The soldier demanded, pushing you closer towards the boat with a civilian and a pilot holding their hands out. The civilian pulled you onto the boat, while the pilot grabbed a hold of the soldiers hand as the boat began moving.

The boat managed to get away from the oil and fire in time, and the pilot pulled your rescuer into the boat. The soldier coughed up some water, catching his breath slightly, before he was moving towards you.

He grabbed one of the spare blankets, wrapping it around your shoulders as you shivered. You smiled gratefully at him, watching as he took a seat beside you.

“Are you alright miss…?” The boy trailed off, silently asking for your name.

“Y/N” You responded, pulling the blanket tighter around your body. “And yes, I’m alright. Thanks mostly to you.” You smiled, reaching out and placing a hand on his. “What’s your name soldier?”

“I’m Tommy.” He replied, sending you a small smile in return.

“Tommy. I owe you my life Tommy, thank you.” You told him, before squeezing his hand and then removing yours. His hand darted out, grabbing your retreating one and lacing your fingers together.

“You were so busy saving everyone else, it was the least I could do to save you.” He said, clutching onto your hand.

“Are you alright?” You asked worriedly, noticing how jumpy he was. His hand was clasping onto yours as if you were his lifeline, which made you worry more.

“Yes, It’s just been a long couple of days.” He told you, eyes darting to the skies. You understood then, pulling him up on his feet.

“The war is behind us for now. We’re going home, you’re safe for now. The war is going to follow us eventually, but for now we should enjoy the calm moments while we can.” You told him, keeping eye contact the whole time. “You should go below deck, get some rest. You’re dead on your feel.”

“Will you come with me?” He asked, not wanting to be apart from you. He had only just met you a little while ago, yet he felt connected to you. In a way he was asking for more than just you going below deck with him, but you didn’t need to know that yet.

“Sure.” You replied, pulling him along with you. As the two of you made your way below deck, you noticed Tommy had made eye contact with another soldier.

Pulling you beside him, the two of you slid down the wall. Tommy sent the other soldier a small nod, before closing his eyes and resting his head against the wall.

You relaxed against him, laying your head against his shoulder. His arm rested around your shoulders, head resting against yours. The two of you fell asleep like that, the worries vanishing for the time being.

Maybe something good had come out of you volunteering for the rescue after all.

Suddenly you weren’t regretting anything, as long as Tommy was by your side you felt safe.


I remember when you scolded me in Junior High. You said the same thing. It was right after we got crushed in a practice match before the tournament. I figured we were destined for failure in the real tournament. “Even if we’re not confident that we’ll win, even if other tell us we don’t stand a chance, we must never tell ourselves that”. End quote. 

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i was wondering if you could maybe write something like babysitting a little baby with the gang and stuff?? i love your blog btw!!💖



Your best friend had asked you to babysit her younger brother, who was only a few months old. Your friend was going out on a date with her boyfriend while her parents were gone to a conference in a different city for the week.

Since babysitting a three month old wouldn’t be that exciting, you decided to call the gang so they could stay with you while you were babysitting.

You heard a loud knock on the door and quickly rushed to open the door. When you opened it, you found all seven of them, standing on the doorstep.

“Hey guys.” you smiled.

“Hi, (Y/N).” They all talked at once and it was really loud.

“shUT UP!” you whisper yelled. “The baby is asleep!”

*baby cries*

“Nevermind,” you sighed.

“Do you need me to help you with that?” Johnny asked you.

“If you don’t care, I could probably use the help,” you laughed.

Johnny walked behind you, heading upstairs to the baby’s room. The cries echoed through the hallways.

You walked into the blue room and walked over to the baby’s cradle. His bright green eyes gazed up at you with tears pricking at the corners. Tears streamed down the baby’s face. You picked him up and rocked him back and forth, trying your hardest to get him to stop crying.

“Hey little guy, don’t cry. It’s okay.” you tried your hardest but nothing was working.

“Johnny, nothing is working.”

“Give him to me. I can try.”

He held out his arms and you handed over the baby. He cradled the baby in his arms and whispered sweet things to calm the baby down. He sang the baby a lullaby until he finally fell asleep again. You never knew that Johnny was good with babies.

“There you go, little guy.” He laid the baby back in its cradle.

After that, you two headed back downstairs and you reminisced on what had happened upstairs. You had never seen that side of Johnny before, and you hoped that you would see it again.

“Okay, if you all are going to help me take care of the baby, some rules might need to be set. No cursing if you can manage that, but if not, that’s okay. No eating any of the food in the kitchen. AbsoLUTELY NO SMOKinG. And that’s about it. Oh! And you have to be quiet.”

“Yes ma'am.” Two-Bit said sarcastically.

“I’m being serious.” you said.

Even though sometimes the gang was rowdy and obnoxious, today they really helped. Steve and Soda constantly played with the baby, Pony read it stories when it couldn’t sleep, Dally honestly held it really awkwardly, Two-Bit constantly made him laugh, and Darry and Johnny helped you take care of it.

You got to see sides of the gang that you had never seen before, and you hoped you would see those sides again.

A/N: Thank you for requesting!! I hope you liked it!! :)

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How would the lords act if they played Pokemon Go~? (Would they like go into random places to catch pokemon or fight over gyms and such~ ) Btw, I love your blog, a lot~! It makes me smile~ ^v^ -huggles- And I'm sorry if the ask is too confusing or long~! ^^;

Ahhh thank you so much, your kindness made me so happy! I had a lot of fun writing this! :)

- would go out of his way to catch pokemons
- but would totally deny it
- “just wanted to get some fresh air”
- absolutely OBSESSED
- “can you put away your phone for once???”
- “it’s about the meeting on…eh. Wednesday..about the thing..yeah.”

- isn’t too interested
- always forgets that he has downloaded the app and plays occassionally
- just catches pokémons, but doesn’t care too much for the gyms or battles
- knows about Nobunaga’s secret

- always wins in battles
- because strategy
- often goes to random places to catch Pokémons
- but doesn’t take it too seriously

- would always fight battles
- but 0% strategy
- the enemy is a water pokémon???
- just chose your fire pokémon then, it’s okay, Inuchiyo

- tells Hideyoshi immediately where he found which Pokémon in case he wants to catch it
- mocks and insults Inuchiyo but doesn’t help him
- makes sure he doesn’t ever pick up on all the tricks he tells Hideyoshi
- he doesn’t play it himself too often, as he cares more about Hideyoshi’s game

- doesn’t care a bit
- but is level 28
- ???????
- always gets dragged out by Yukimura who wants to catch Pokémons
- “Isn’t it getting a bit late? I’m going to fall asleep right here.”

- is extremely enthusiastic about it
- doesn’t see or hear anything when playing it
- utterly concentrated
- “Oh… Yes, yes. I’m seeing it, don’t worry.”
- it’s good that he always takes Saizo with him

- if he knows where a Pokémon is located and that someone wants it
- he doesn’t tell them :) :) :)
- makes others catch the Pokémons for him
- because he really is too lazy to go to random places just for that

- does like the game
- but doesn’t play it too often
- “Ahhh Masa, you play Pokémon Go? Which level are you on?”
- “2.”
- ….

- loves to play it together with Masamune
- and also plays it often for him on his device
- catches him the rarest Pokémons
- his Pokémon’s nicknames are all ‘Bontenmaru’
- his trainer’s name is also Bontenmaru

- wants to claim every single gym for himself
- “You have to accept every competition, no matter if game or not.”
- is never too lazy to go out and catch Pokémons, but doesn’t do it alone
- “Come on, lads, let’s catch them!”

- cares more for the appearance of the trainer
- these Pokémons are all so cute
- why not collect all of them
- and let them be your favorites

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Hey uhh I'm a new artist and I just got a computer, and would you mind me asking what program/app you use to make your art? (I love your art btw, it makes me smile ;3)

I use paint tool sai!  but as a starter you could check out FireAlpaca. its very close and its also free! 

thank you!! 

A Change Of Heart (Young Sirius Black)

Request:  Hey, can I have a imagine about Sirius black? (Could it be relatively long? If not that’s okay) about how we didn’t get along at first because I’m a Slytherin and he’s a Gryffindor, and now we are in the Gryffindor common room cuddling and giving kisses and reading out loud. I love your account btw


Originally posted by breakfreemodel

September 8th, 1971 (First year)

Y/N smiled gracefully as she sat beside her sister at the Gryffindor table. Even though Y/N is a Slytherin, her older sister never treated her differently, she never abandoned her. Her father and mother hated her, just because she was sorted in Slytherin. After she was sorted, at her second day at Hogwarts, her parents sent her a Howler and made sure that everyone knows that her mother was a Hufflepuff while her father was in Ravenclaw. Making all her house mates hate her. She felt hated by a lot of people but her sister. “I have to go to class. You know where potions class is, right?” Y/N’s sister asked as she got up to leave.

Nodding, Y/N also got up to go to potions “I’ll see you at lunch” and with that Y/N’s sister left, but not before kissing her forehead. Walking out of the great hall, Y/N bumped into someone, 4 boys. She only recognized Sirius Black, as he was the talk of the school on being a Black and a Gryffindor. “Watch where you are going” Sirius snapped when he saw the Slytherin robes “I’m sorry, no need to get your knickers twisted” Y/N snapped back at the Black boy. Sirius narrowed his eyes at the girl “Now if you will excuse me” Y/N started as she brushed her robes “I-” smiling sarcastically at Sirius “-have to go to class” as Y/N walked away she bumped her shoulder harshly into Sirius’ chest, making the boy stumble backwards a bit. 

 November 23rd, 1972 (Second Year)

Y/N was doing her homework in the library. She’s in her second year at Hogwarts, and still hasn’t made friends. However, since the sorting of Regulus Black, the boy have been talking to her. Not much, but he is still talking to her.

Groaning, Y/N got up to look if there is any books in the library could help her with her homework that she can’t get done. Seeing the book she needs in the highest shelf of the book holder she groaned and started jumping, trying to get it. But failed, miserably. Suddenly a hand reached for it, and Y/N thought that whoever that is was getting the book for her. How wrong was she. “Need that?” The annoying voice of the one person that Y/N hates the most asked sarcastically “Black” Y/N spited the name, like it’s venom in her mouth “I do not need anything from you” Sirius frowned at the girl’s words, she was just trying to reach the book he is holding. So she needs the book from him. Sirius was so deep in his thoughts that he didn’t realize that Y/N has left the library. Gone. 

With that the tall boy placed the book back in its place, feeling sad that the girl left “Stop it” Sirius muttered to himself, he shouldn’t have been sad, that was his goal. Wasn’t it?

March 3rd, 1973 (Third Year)

Sitting in his common room, Sirius Black kept thinking about Y/N. Her hair. Her smile. Her laugh. Her eyes. Her small, pretty face. He kept recalling every single thing about her. And he couldn’t stop. He kept wishing to be the one to move her hair out of her pretty face. To be the one to make her laugh. To be the reason she smiles. To look into her eyes with the love he’s been holding for her. To kiss her all over her pretty face.

He doesn’t know when or how. All he knows is that he is in love with Y/N. And he won’t let anyone have her.

March 4th, 1973 (next morning)

Y/N and Regulus Black were sitting side by side. Talking and laughing. Sirius Black and Remus Lupin were sitting side by side. Remus eating his breakfast while Sirius glared at his younger brother.

“Who are you going to kill with your glare, Padfoot?” James Potter joked as he noticed his friend’s narrowed eyes. Sirius looked at his friends with a smile. That was obviously fake. “No one” looking back at Y/N he saw a 4th year Slytherin talking to her, making her blush “No one at all”

None of the Marauders were convinced but they let it pass as they didn’t want to push the subject. They know he will tell them eventually. He always does. Like the rest of them.

March 5th, 1973 (following morning)

“So you have a date?” Regulus Black asked his friend as he walked her to potions “Yes. Can you believe that” Y/N squealed.

It was her first date ever, and she’s always heard from her sister and the older girl how first dates are amazing and romantic. And boy, was she excited.

“Well, I’ve to leave. I don’t want to have a detention” Regulus said as he stopped in front of the Potions class “Okay. Take care” Y/N stood on her top toes to kiss his cheek. Yes, she was older than Regulus but he was taller than most people in third and fourth year.

Entering potions class Y/N sat on an empty bench, until Sirius Black took a seat beside her.

“What do you want, Black?” Y/N sneered at the Gryffindor. It was no news that Y/N hates Sirius Black. And Sirius Black hates Y/N. But what was new is for Sirius to not have a reply back. He always does. Y/N raised her eyebrows at the older Black “What is wrong with you today?” Sirius looked at the girl with a blank expression “Why do you care?” Y/N laughed lightly, in a way that makes you know she doesn’t care “You see, I am having a date later and I don’t want you to ruin my happy mode”

Sirius looked with the same expression at Y/N. Blank. No emotions, whatsoever.

Y/N stared at Sirius Black with her eyebrows raised “And I will start making my potion” Y/N said slowly and very awkwardly as she pointed to her ingredients.

June 13th, 1973 (last day of third year)

“Hey, Y/N” Regulus called from across the hall getting his friend’s attention, he also got Sirius’ attention. Not that he knew. Y/N’s lips broke into a smile upon seeing her friend. She quickly got up and ran, knowing that they will go to the lake even though they shouldn’t as today is their last day this year. And they’ve decided to make the last few hours of the last day memorable.

Sirius saw how Y/N left everything she has and went to throw her arms around his brother’s neck and her legs around his waist. His fist clinched under the table as he tightened his grip around the fork. “I have to go” with that muttered he left the table and went to his dorm.

It has been an hour and Y/N’s and Regulus’ hair were wet due to going in the lake. Their cloths were clinging to them uncomfortably, Y/N was surprised to see that Regulus have a fit body, even though he seems skinny in school clothes, the boy has abs and she can see them through his wet, clingy, white shirt.

“I think I will sit like this more often” Y/N said as she sat on Regulus’ stomach while he was sleeping on his back “Oh, for Merlin’s sake get up” Regulus said as he tried to push the girl off of him “You’re not as light as you look” Y/N laughed at this and pushed herself down to make herself heavier “ And you’re ridiculously comfortable” both friends laughed as the camera that Y/N charmed took a photo.

October 9th, 1974 (fourth year)

“Y/N” and here again, Sirius Black kept poking Y/N’s arm while whispering her name in Potions class, to help him with his potion that he doesn’t even know the name to.

“Sod off” Y/N hissed as she tried to concentrate on her potion “but you have to help me” Y/N sighed as she started cutting the plants she has “And I have to help you, why?” Y/N asked as she dropped plants in the liquid potion in front of her “because you are kind. And pretty. And don’t wish harm for anyone” Sirius listed as he looked at the girl with hope in his eyes. Y/N smiled at his words and then her smile turned to smirk “keep listing, maybe I will change my mind” Sirius went quit for a while and then spoke “I will fail if you didn’t help me. You don’t want that, do you, love?” Sirius asked cockily as he placed a hand on the girl’s tights, Y/N’s eyes narrowed at the knife in front of her. Slapping his hand away with the back of the knife, Y/N took a quick glance at Sirius as a sarcastic smile formed on her lips “frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn" 

October 21st, 1974

“I’m not ready for anyone to find about us” Y/N’s boyfriend of nearly a year answered Y/N’s question to why they have to sneak around in a whisper as he got back to kissing her neck in an empty classroom. Y/N moaned quietly when he bite onto her neck, making her melt under his touch. Gathering all the strength that she has she pushed him, not wanting to sneak around anymore “Why? Are you embarrassed or something?” when Y/N didn’t get a reply she felt tears burn in her eyes, she never knew this. Is Regulus embarrassed of her too? 

“You know what. You don’t have to be embarrassed anymore” Y/N said as she straightened her clothes “We are done. Okay. Over” and with that she went to find the only one that could comfort her. Regulus.

Finding her friend in his dorm with other students, she called him and asked o talk outside. But seeing her tear stained face Regulus told everyone to get out, when no one moved he got angry “Get out” 

January 2nd, 1974 

Sitting on a tree Y/N saw a tall figure coming towards her. “What do you want Black?” Y/N asked as soon as he stood above her “Well, I want you to get some rest. You look terrible” Y/N laughed lightly “Well, that’s always a nice thing to hear” Sirius cracked a smile and stretched his hand to help Y/N up “Come on, please, get up” Y/N looked at Sirius and at his hands for a while, doubting if she should get up 

“Come one, everyone is going to leave to Hogsmeade without us. And if that happened I am blaming you for not going on our date” Sirius said as Y/N smiled and took his hand to get up “It’s a date now?” “Oh yeah” Y/N laughed and kissed his cheek “Thanks”

January 5th, 1974

Y/N laughed as she stood infront of the Slytherin Portrait. “I will come and get you tomorrow. Okay” Sirius said as he hugged Y/N “Yeah” 

Sirius’ eyes travelled from Y/N’s eyes to her lips, leaning in they shared a peck “You know, if this portrait lady woke up she is worse than your mum” Y/N whispered “I don’t care, I’m with you right now and that’s all that matter” Sirius muttered against the girl’s lips as both of them leaned in. His hands around her waist, her hands in his hair, both pulled the other closer, wanting them and nothing more. 

September 5th, 1975 (Fifth year)

“Is that Padfoot?” Remus Lupin asked James and Peter as they heard a voice reading “Merlin” Remus gasped “I know that book” James laughed “Of Course you would” Remus shook his head at his friend “That’s The Hobbit”

Going down the stairs Rumes, Peter and James saw Sirius with Y/N in one of his many V-neck shirts and her shorts in his lap, with one arm around her waist and the other holding the book. The three marauders smiled at the sight of their friend. They were happy for him. 

“I love you” Y/N said making Sirius stop mid-sentence “What” Sirius breathed, shocked. Y/N repositioned herself so she could face Sirius “I love you” Y/N placed her hands on Sirius’ cheeks “I love you, Sirius Orion Black. It’s always been you”

Sirius broke into a grin and kissed Y/N, dropping the book “I love you. I love you so much” 

The three marauders in the back ground smiled “Well, took them long enough” and with that they left the couple alone. 

Y/N giggled when Sirius slapped her hands from his hair “Don’t touch my hair” Sirius growled playfully as he kissed Y/N’s nose “Come one. Stop it. I want to complete the book” Y/N said as she got up from Sirius’ lap to get the book, however, Sirius grabbed her waist and pushed her back down on his lap “Sirius” Y/N squealed as she held onto the chair arms, afraid to fall “I love you so much babe. Never forget that. Never” Sirius said as he placed a hand on her cheek and kissed her gently, he was holding her as if she is made of glass. And Y/N loved the way he made her feel like this. The way he made her feel safe, and that he’d never hurt her. 

“How did we end up like that?” Y/N whispered as they broke the kiss “I don’t know” Sirius whispered “And, frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn” With that Sirius positioned his arms, one under her knees and one on her back and stood up quickly, causing Y/N to clutch the front of his shirt and yelp in surprise



Sorry for any mistake and for late post but i had some packing to do :) 

I hope you liked the imagine!! 

Requests are open and ask anything you want, you are always welcomed to message me :)

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Midnight Snack

Word Count: 1554

Warnings: FLUFF AHOY (hah, geddit? Nah, not yet. But it’s a cookie joke!)

Summary: Bucky is unable to fall back asleep, so he goes downstairs for a midnight snack.

A/N: This is a rewrite of a Sam Winchester oneshot I posted a long time ago. I laughed when I realized the reader’s dog’s name was Captain (Which was totally because of Captain America)! XD 

I SAID FUCK THE STRESS AND DECIDED TO POST SOMETHING TODAY!! I really, really missed writing and posting for you guys! You all have been so kind and patient and I didn’t know how else to say thank you than to post a new Bucky fic!

If you would like to be tagged in any future oneshots, please let me know!! I hope you guys enjoy!

(btw this smile kills me. it’s so beautiful. i love that smile)

Originally posted by brego19

Your name: submit What is this?

Bucky felt the edges of consciousness creep up. He welcomed waking, because he was eager to share his dream with you. It would make you laugh. Like, laugh til you cried. Cap was on the moon and… Shit, nope. Wait. It’s right there at the edge of his brain. What was Cap doing? Was it even Cap? It was gone. He couldn’t remember the dream anymore. Damn.

Bucky turned over to his other side to make himself more comfortable. He bunched his pillow up under his head and reached for you. His hand brushed against your soft bare shoulder. He opened his eyes to the dark room and smiled when his gaze landed on you.

You were laying on your stomach, arms wrapped around your pillow. You were snoring softly, and your hair cascaded around your head like a messy halo. Bucky grazed his fingertips over your arm, up your neck and jaw, until he was gently brushing away the hair from your face. He wanted to trace your features and kiss you until you woke up. He was even content to simply cradle your sleeping face in his hands, but you needed your sleep. He did, too. It had been well over a week since he had slept through the night.

With that thought, he reluctantly dropped his hand from your cheek, shifted onto his back, and closed his eyes once more. He didn’t even want to look at the clock. He knew it was late; and if he knew what time it was, he would only obsess over it. Bucky heard a deep sigh from the foot of the bed, a lot of shifting, and eventually, joints popping. No. No, no, no–

Your dog, Captain, nosed Bucky’s skin until the dog’s huge spotted head was under his arm. Bucky thought that maybe - just maybe - if he laid still and acted like he was sleeping, then Cap would go lay back down. The great big mutt huffed and licked Bucky every which way he could reach. When that didn’t work, he started whining gently. Cap was smart. He knew how far he would have to push Bucky to get his attention. Bucky felt his resolve starting to crumble right before the dog let out soft little barks.

“Captain, cut that out! Mom’s sleeping.” Bucky whispered sternly. Cap wagged his tail while staring Bucky down with his icy blue eyes, just happy to have attention. Bucky groaned. Looks like that was all the sleep he was getting tonight. “C’mon, Cap. Let’s go outside.”

The dog let out a happy little noise and padded out of your room, his shaggy speckled coat swaying with movement. Bucky brushed his hand over your cheek affectionately, kissed your shoulder, then hauled himself out of bed and made his way downstairs.

You rolled over, half asleep, and groped for Bucky. You wanted to bury your face into his chest or his neck or his hair. You weren’t particular about it. You just wanted to feel him beside you, to be surrounded by him. When your fingers met cooling blankets, you let out a disgruntled whine. You opened your eyes to see that his side of the bed was, in fact, empty. Again. Where did he keep going, you wondered? He frequently woke up in the middle of the night and was unable to get back to sleep. You never went to search for him; but, tonight, you were upset because you couldn’t snuggle with him, and you needed to see what was so damn important to keep him from you.

Grumpy, you tossed the blanket off of you and pulled on one of Bucky’s shirts. Somewhere in the back of your mind, you realized that Captain’s bed was empty. You made your way down the hall to the staircase and descended as quietly as possible. The bathroom, living room, and patio lights were all off. So, if Bucky was in the house, he had to be in the kitchen. You wrapped your arms around yourself as you made your way there. You heard a soft thumping and a chair scraping against the floor. Captain was probably begging for a treat. A soft smile played on your lips as you pushed open the saloon-style doors.

The sight before you stopped you completely.

Bucky Barnes was chin deep in an oreo, enthusiastically licking the cream out like he’d been starved for years. There was an open package in front of him that was nearly gone. Nearly gone?! You crossed your arms and cleared your throat loudly. Bucky jumped and looked up meekly. Even Captain looked embarrassed as he slunk off into a different room.

Bucky wiped his face, hoping to get rid of any cookie evidence. “Hey, doll.”

You wanted to laugh. He looked so startled. You bit the inside of your cheek trying to contain your smiles, and sent him a glare. “What do you think you’re doing?” you asked tightly, jutting a hip out.

Your boyfriend had never looked so small. He spluttered a half-assed apology and explanation, swearing that he would replace them. You ignored him. It was taking all of your willpower to not burst into laughter. You weren’t mad at him in the slightest; you really just liked to see him squirm. “I mean, you know I have trouble sleeping. And they just sounded so good…” he tried to use his wide-eyed puppy look on you.

You had to look away or your facade would crumble. He was so good at getting you to forgive him. You forced a frown. “I’m pissed, James Buchanan. First, I wake up and you’re gone again. All I wanted to do was cuddle with you.” You made your way to him, slowly. “Then, I come downstairs to find you not only eating my oreos, but eating them incorrectly–

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, Y/N.” Bucky interjected. “Oreos are supposed to be taken apart and eaten. It’s science.”

You stopped and stared at him in disbelief. “Science?” You shook your head and padded to the fridge. “You’re an amiture. Dunking them in milk and eating them is far superior.”

Bucky scoffed, turning to face you as you got your glass of milk. “Amiture? I was alive when Oreos were first made, doll. And that’s disgusting. The cookie gets all mushy if you put it in milk.” The slightest hint of a smile was on his face.

“So, what do you do when you finish licking the cream out like a heathen? Just eat the cookie all by itself?” You made a noise like you were going to vomit and clutched your stomach for a dramatic effect. “That’s gross. You know the cream is the best part.” You sat on a bar stool next to him and reached for a cookie.

Bucky made sure to wait until your focus was on him. He locked gazes with you, opened a cookie up and licked it obscenely. “That’s why I eat it first.”

You held his stare, doing your damnedest to not bite your lip and let your eyes go hazy. He knew how to use that mouth. Fuck. Instead, you cleared your throat, licked your bottom lip, and preceded to dunk your oreo into the milk until the bubbles stopped. You bit the inside of your cheek to stifle your laughter. “Doing fancy tricks with your tongue isn’t gonna win this for you, Bucky. I mean, I still love you despite the undeniable fact that you eat oreos the wrong way.”

He laughed at you while you ate your milk drenched cookie. “If we have kids, we’ll have the answer. The superior way to eat oreos will be the dominant gene, obviously. Have you even tried to eat it this way?” Bucky prattled on about the highlights of his way to eat oreos, but you were stuck on the fact that he nonchalantly brought up having kids with you. Was he really planning that far ahead? The thought scared and thrilled you.

He was still passionately defending himself when you got off your bar stool and stood between Bucky’s open legs. You cupped his stubbled jaw and pressed your mouth against his feverishly. His debating abruptly stopped as he eagerly returned your kiss. He wrapped an arm around you and laced his long fingers through your hair and gripped you to him like he was trying to rebalance himself.

You pulled away slowly, smiling to yourself over the confused look on his face. He wasn’t the only one that could get easily turned on by your kisses. His warm, steel blue eyes smoldered yours instantly and he quirked an eyebrow at you, leaning in closely. “You get bonus points for tasting like cookies, but the debate is over for now.” Bucky reached for something behind you, chastely kissed your lips, then abruptly stood and left the kitchen.

Shout out to your boyfriend for effectively ruining the mood. Now it was your turn to be confused. “Babe, what do you mean?” you called. “This isn’t over.” You looked at the bright blue package of oreos and stopped. Your jaw dropped. “Bucky, you did not. I’m gonna kill you!” You pushed away from the counter and ran through the living room. “Those were mine! Why did you eat the last oreo?!” You ran up the stairs, following Bucky’s deep laughter.

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amami with c2? i hope i'm not bothering you and i love your art btw!!

Not a bother at all! have a smiling avocado <333 (and thanks!!)

Expression meme

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hey, uh can I get some cheating!oikawa angst? [i love your blog btw!]

Flashing yourself in the mirror a last sweet smile, you walked out of your home. Finally, the day where you could see your boyfriend again had arrived and you couldn’t be more excited. Bouncing your way to his house, you saw a cute bakery.

“I bet he would love to have a delicious cupcake.”. You sang in a cheerful tone, while you were entering the shop. There were so much pastries, each one looking better than the next. You decided to go with the one that reminded you of your partner, a beautiful looking cupcake, chocolate brown topping, just like his fluffy locks. You caught yourself grinning at the little package as you walked down the street. Excitement growing with every step you took.

However, when your eyes met with the piercing red of an unknown car, parked directly at your boyfriend’s house, the excitement was blown away, in fact it was slowly growing into insecurity.

Building up your courage you placed your hand at the doorknob, fearing something might be wrong, terribly wrong. Sadly, your instinct wasn’t wrong at all, woman’s laughter could be heard through the whole floor. Still, you were hoping for the best, he was your treasure after all, there was no way he could betray you. Deep inside you knew he was cheating on you, whether or not you were trying to persuade yourself with positive thoughts.

Feelings came over you. Firstly, anger. Secondly, regret. But one feeling was heavier than all the others together. Sadness. You felt numb, the tears that were covering your cheeks were the only thing you could feel. For this exact moment, you wanted nothing more than to scream.

The giggles became louder, until you heard Tooru’s voice. “You should better hurry and get your clothes back on, cupcake.~”. He hummed, overly happy. Staring at the bought cupcake, which was so heartwarming before, seemed like a lie now. Disgusting. This was supposed to be something special, was there no connection between you? You felt it for sure. All those happy memories, gone. All those adorable gifts that should’ve been something unique, they weren’t anymore. All those loving compliments? Never meant anything apparently.

You stomped to the doors where the noises came from and kicked it open. There he was, the man you wanted to spend your life with. Lying on his bed half naked with a female, you’ve never seen before.

His face showed nothing but surprise and guilt.

“Die in hell.”. You yelled at him, louder than you intended. Raising your hand, you threw the cupcake, fueled with rage.

“(Name) wai-“. His dumbfounded face only made you more furious.

“No Tooru, there is nothing to explain, you chose your path and I hope you enjoy your “cupcake”.”. Your back was already turned to him. “Still, throwing away something we built up for years. Disgusting.” Spatting out your last words for him, you ran out of this building as fast as your legs would allow.

How could something so wonderful be destroyed at only one night? How could he do something so stupid to them? They were special to him. They were something he would never be able to find again.

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Hi Daddy. I just wanted to know which of the 104th and vets would be good therapists and what kind of therapy they would special in? I love your blog btw, it always makes me smile :) I hope you are having a good day!

Levi: Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
Mike: Interpersonal therapy
Armin: Group Therapie
Connie:Experiential therapy
Jean: Psychoanalytic Therapy

12 - Jake Riley

[can you do a Jake Riley imagine please? Like something where he’s in the cordon and before they stop the Internet he’s video chatting with Y/N and their daughter & the whole time they are keeping hope and talking about all the good/fun things they are gonna do when it is all over ? :)❤️ love your account btw]


“Jake.” I whisper, smiling widely as tears slip down my cheeks.

He smiles to me, taking a deep breath. “Hey Y/N.”

“I miss you.” I say, trying to control myself into not crying. Jake runs his hand through his hair, sighing and nods.

“I miss you too, baby.” He replies, I smile feeling my tears continue to fall. “Y/N, please don’t cry.”

“I can’t help it.” I confess, wiping my eyes. “Jake, you’re stuck in there.”

He nods, biting his lip as he adjusts his camera on his phone, so its a better angle. I’m using my laptop, that is rested on the table. “I know.” He replies. “But its just 48 hours, baby. I’ll be out soon.”

I nod, wiping my eyes with my sleeves. “Please be careful, Jake.” I plead.

“Course, Y/N.”

I take a deep breath, choking on a sob. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” He replies, giving me a warm smile.

“Daddy!” I turn around at Olivia’s voice, she looks to me confused. “Mummy, why are you crying?” She asks, appearing in view of the camera. “And why isn’t daddy home yet?”

I lift her up, setting her on my lap. “Olivia, sweetie. Daddy isn’t coming home tonight or tomorrow.”

Her face drops. “What?” She turns to Jake. “Daddy, why aren’t you coming home?”

Jake sighs. “I’m busy, princess. I’m very busy with work, but I’ll be home soon.” He lies, I nod wishing his life was true and not the truth.

That he is locked in a hospital with a dangerous disease.

“Oh.” Olivia says, looking upset. “What about tomorrow? Daddy was suppose to come to my school play. He said he would.”

I cover my mouth with my hand, looking away for a second. “Olivia, I wish I could be there. But I can’t, my work is keeping me busy.” Jake tells her, while I focus on not crying.

Olivia’s eyes go glossy and I see her bottom lip tremble. “You promised.” She says, tears leaking down her eyes. “Daddy, you promised me.”

“Olivia.” I say, making her look at me. “Your dad is too busy, but he’ll make it up to you.”

“Yes.” Jake says. “Princess, I swear. As soon as I’m finished with my work, we’ll to that water park you showed me.”

Her face instantly brightens up and I smile a little. “Really?” She asks. Jake smiles, nodding. “With the big slide?”

“Yes.” He says, I smile mouthing thank you to him since she isn’t looking. I run my hands through my daughter’s hair, taking a deep breath to calm down.

“Daddy why I can’t visit you at work?” Olivia wonders. “Mummy does it.”

“I’m not at work, sweetheart.” Jake says. “I’m somewhere else.”


“I’m at the hospital, I was just delivering something.”

Olivia nods and I kiss her head, my arms around her. “Why can’t you come home?” She whines, pouting with disappointed.

“Because I’m busy, princess.” Jake tells her.

“But who’s going to tuck me in at night?”

“Your mum is perfectly capable.”

“Yeah, but its not the same. Mummy isn’t any good.”

I gasp, making her giggle. “I am good, you cheeky monkey.” I tease, squeezing her cheek. My daughter giggles and I smile as does Jake, I kiss her forehead.

“Daddy is better, mummy.” She tells me.

I roll my eyes, resting my head on my hand. “I’ll tell you what.” We both to look to Jake, he smiles. “When I can get home, I’ll buy you a present.”

Olivia perks up. “What?”

“What’s the one thing, you’ve been asking for?” Jake asks her, raising his eyebrows. My jaw drops as I realise and he nods to me, I shrug.

Olivia scrunches up her face as she thinks. After a few moments she realises and gasps. “A puppy!”

Jake laughs, nodding. She practically screams with excitement in my ear and I wince. “Mummy, mummy, daddy is getting me a puppy.”

I nod. “I heard, Olivia.”

“But you have to be a good girl now.” He tells her. Olivia nods, rapidly and I laugh as does he.

“Thank you, daddy. And can we take it for walks?” She asks, resting her head on her hands.

He nods. “Course, princess.” She smiles. “You need to make sure to look after it now.”

“Yes.” Olivia replies, nodding. “But do I have to clean up after it poops and pees?”

“No, your mum can do that.” Jake says, I raise my eyebrows.

“Excuse me.” They both laugh and I roll my eyes but smile. “I will not be doing that, since its daddy’s idea to get the puppy. He can clean it.” I say, looking at Jake.

He rolls his eyes. “Whatever you sa-” Suddenly, the call ends and I bring my eyebrows together with confusion.

“Where did daddy go?” Olivia asks me.

“I don’t know, maybe he had work.” I reassure her. “Why don’t you go and make him a card for when we he gets home.”

She nods and rushes into her bedroom, I get my laptop trying to recall him. However, I get a sign saying the connection has gone.

I gasp, close to tears. “I can’t contact him.” I whisper.


The sounds of the door closing makes me jump and I drop the plate in my hands, food scattering over the floor.

“Wow.” A voice, I’ve missed desperately, says. I gasp, looking and up and run to Jake. My arms around his neck, as I sob a little into his chest.

“You’re here.” I say, smiling. He laughs, lifting my head and kisses me, I kiss back my hands deep in his hair. “How? What happened?”

“A cure was found quicker than expected, everyone has gone back to normal.” He kisses me again. “I’ve missed you so much, Y/N.”

“I missed you more, Jake.” I reply, smiling. He smiles to me and I kiss him once more, just enjoying the fact he’s with me.

“Never again, am I going to that hospital.” He tells me, I giggle and kiss him.

“What happened with the connection?” I ask when the kiss ends.

Jake shrugs. “It went, I have no clue why.”

I nod, my arms still around him. “I missed you so much.”

“I missed you too, Y/N. I love you.”

I smile. “I love you too.”

Another gasp makes our heads turn. Jake smiles and I smile as well. Olivia smiles back, her face brightened up. “Daddy!”

She rushes to Jake, who picks her up kissing her forehead. “Hey, beautiful. I’ve missed you.” He tells her, kissing her forehead again.

I smile as does Olivia, her arms around him. “I missed you too, daddy.”

Jake smiles. “Olivia, remember I said about getting you a present?” She nods, looking excited. Jake chuckles, setting her to the floor and leaves for a split second.

Olivia screams with joy, seeing him arrive back with a tiny dark brown puppy in his hands. “Mummy, mummy. Its a puppy, a puppy.”

I shh her, calming her down. “What its name?” Olivia asks Jake.

“What do you want to call him?” He asks her.

“Max.” She decides, grinning. Jake smiles and I kiss his cheek. “Can I hold him?”

He nods. “Be careful, alright?” She nods and takes the puppy in her arms. I guide her to the sofa, letting her pet him and sit next to Jake.

“I love you.” I simply say, knowing he is just the best.

Jake smiles. “I love you too.”


[New imagine, hope you enjoyed it. There will be no more parts, also requests are open]

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Hi! If you happen to be doing a "learn about robins" things for the batgirls, would you be able to add batwoman in there?? She just doesnt get alot of recognition. Sorry if this is asking too much!! You can say no if you want. I love your art btw!! It always makes me smile when I'm down :) I hope you have a good day!!

of course!!!! i promise i will do a lets learn about the batgirls
i’ve just been busy with schoolwork sorry!! honestly i just got into dc this summer im still very new i want to learn all about these babes b4 i go off trying to teach ppl lol but im trying! 

thank you so much that makes me so happy!!!! i hope u have a good day too <3

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Tsukiyama with 14 💜 Btw i love your blog and foremost your art! ●ω● It always makes me smile~

(14. Doing something they don’t normally do)
WAhh thank u so much!! ;0;
Have tsukiyama dressing like a complete and utter mess (even tho some of his outfits are weird, for the most part he’s actually a pretty snappy dresser)….i feel like if he was this sick tho, someone should take him to a hospital bc he might actually be dying

KBTBB GIF’s - MC doing something sexy and their reaction

Anonymous Request:  Can you do a GIF head canon of KBTBB reactions to MC doing something sexy for them like the one you did for PIL? BTW I love your works! They always make me smile😊

Awwww :) I’m glad my stuff makes you smile, that makes me so happy!!! Special order of KBTBB boys coming right up! 

Soryu’s MC:

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Soryu’s Reaction: 

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Baba’s MC: 

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Ota’s MC:

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Mamoru’s MC:

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Eisuke’s MC:

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Eisuke’s Reaction: 

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