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I Don’t Wanna Know

Request: Could you please make a Robbie imagine with the song I Don’t Wanna Know by Astrid S? btw love your blog 😉❤️🙌🏻

Warnings: none

I Don’t Wanna Know - Astrid S

Actors Robbie Kay and Y/N Y/L/N have broken up. It’s been official that the pairing are no longer seeing each other–

You shut your laptop. You didn’t want to hear the stupid YouTube gossipers. You were tired of it. Yes, you were dating Robbie Kay. Yes, you guys were together for a long time. And yes, you two broke up… four months ago. It was still being talked about in Robbie’s and your own fanbase. The fans you two had, shipped the both of you like there was no tomorrow. Now you guys had broken up and it was still being talked about.

You were crushed at first, really loving him. But you were finally getting over him. Finally moving on. You two didn’t end on the best of terms, ending everything in a huge fight. But that was in the past. You were in the now, and you were finally over Robbie for the most part.

Robbie on the other hand, was not. He rested his head on his pillow, mind clouded. He was having second thoughts. He was the one who ended it officially. He was the one who broke up with you. Now he was having second thoughts about it. He wanted to talk to you, and he did text you the night before though you never replied. You were still trying to fully get over him. You didn’t even open his message. You didn’t want to know what he had to say. You didn’t exactly care what he had to say.

To make matters worse, he seemed to be seeing someone new. Another reason why you didn’t open his message. You didn’t want to exactly ignore him, but you also didn’t want to speak to him. So ignoring him it was then. You just couldn’t stand the thought of him with someone new. You couldn’t stand the thought of him holding someone that wasn’t you, or kissing another girl, touching her. You couldn’t bear it. However, you tried to ignore that as well.

“Did you hear? Robbie took that new girl to your’s and his spot.”Hearing his name made you cringe. And hearing that he took her to your spot, made it worse. You couldn’t help it, you walked away. Getting over him was going to be hard.

You went to the restroom, excusing yourself. You closed and locked the door, taking a moment to breathe.

“That bastard,” you grumbled. “How dare he.” 

Your’s and his spot was this place in Los Angeles. It was in Griffith Park. Trees surrounded the little area that was hidden. You both found it one day spending the day at the park. It was your’s and his spot only. 

“Please, don’t take her to our spots, you bastard,” you grumbled lowly to yourself. You stayed in the bathroom for a few more minutes before finally coming out. 

You were trying your absolute best trying to not think about anything that had to do with Robbie. But it was hard. Everything reminded you of him. The way someone would lightly graze your hand on accident. He’d do that when he wanted to hold your hand but was nervous to do so. The way someone would laugh would remind you of Robbie’s. If someone had green eyes, you’d think of him… it was overall hard for you to not think about him. He was hard o keep a busy mind.

Your days were long, nights longer. You couldn’t help but think about him. Did h miss you? Did he feel the same way? Part of you wanted to know, but the other part didn’t.

“I miss you…” you whispered. You were laying on your side in your bed. Facing the side where another pillow lay. It was Robbie’s spot. You hated sleeping alone after growing used to someone sleeping next to you almost every night. You stared longingly at the empty spot. It was so cold. It felt wrong. 

You opened the text in bed. You finally opened his text message. You were having second thoughts.

To: Y/N
From: Robbie
Hey… I feel like I messed up… a lot. I’m sorry, but can we talk? Meet up for coffee?

You closed out of the text he sent you a month ago. You didn’t want to talk to him. You didn’t want to know what he had to say. Besides, he was with a new girl. He was over you. You were trying to get over him. Little did you know, Robbie would still take you back in a heartbeat.

You closed your eyes, trying to catch some sleep.

If you don't already believe Taylor has magical powers...

You will after reading this story.

I give presentations for a big part of my job. Sometimes to small audiences, sometimes big. I was giving one such presentation not long after attending the DC 1989 concert where Tay’s propeller broke. I told the audience while I was watching her try deal with it and make the best of it (which she handled like a boss btw), I was feeling two things. First sympathy because I know how terrible it feels when things go wrong in front of an audience and second relief that getting stuck 15 or so feet in the air will likely never happen to me. (I worry about lots of other things like losing my voice, that one time I had to talk for four hours with bronchitis and not cough up a lung, how will I possibly have enough to say for four hours, etc).

Anyway, we laughed a bit and one of the attendees said I probably just cursed myself by saying I wouldn’t get stuck. And we went on with the day. Well, near the end of my presentation I took a small step back on the stage and suddenly my heel went right through the stage and I almost fell backwards in front of ALL THOSE PEOPLE IN A SKIRT! Fortunately I caught my balance and the same person called out ‘Taylor Swift’! Moral of the story, if you tell stories about T-Swizzle her powers will affect you. You won’t know when and you won’t know how, but they will! Taylor, because of you and your magic the group loved me even more in the end. Near major embarrassing moment and all.

@taylorswift xoxo, Joni