btw i hate this coloring so much


After saw those cool references and last beautifull @keiid’s drawing I had to draw my dear wears suit :3 

I tried my new sort of style (and this time looks quite similar Mashima’s one, I’m lil pround ^^) also with coloring, the colors look strange bc the phone destroyed them :,)  btw hope it’s ok ^^

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Is it just me or the outfits for NEVER team doesn't really match with the song and dance? I'm not an expert about concept thing and stuff, neither do i understand the meaning of the song, but i just have this kind of feeling about it. They should have worn something that gives a feeling about mysterious guy or sexy guy, i think(?) But still, I really love their performance hehehe pls don't hate me. . . Btw i really love your posts, i wanna give you lots of lots of hugssss

The song itself has a tropical house/modern sound so I’m just ???? about these amish/western/1940s outfits we ended up getting.

Their practice outfits were so much better compared to their stage ones:

Still iffy on some of the colors but at least they’re modern omrrkweljtw

Imagine they had Open Up’s styling????ewrklwejrew dead

(also thank you so much omg i accept internet hugs as well as paypal IM KIDDING)


what r u talking about this is def not an excuse to draw them in suits n looking hot

(click for captions)

( @krokees‘s modern elves spies au) (not much content but who cares let’s just draw them)


ive been hating my art style lately so i tried experimenting with a self portrait and it looked kinda decent without the sketch

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Hello Yuuba-Senpai ^U^! Could you possibly make a little tutorial how you usually start to draw?

Hello there ^^ alright :> usally i start with a sketch

the next step would be linienartig and clean the sketch!…. ಠ_ಠ   

but tbh i hate this part and its too much trouble for me so I actually  start to add the basic colors, and erase some parts which looks way too sketchy 

and the im going to add details 

and more details

and more 

more  (ノ ಠ_ಠ  )ノ*:・゚✧ *:・゚✧

and when im not too much lazyass i even erase some messy lines 

thats all :D, hope its helpful

here is another one btw 


Captain Swan and Outlaw Queen trust issues

Let me clear this up. If you’ve ever read the Maximum Ride series you would know that Max’s hair is brown. If you wanna get into the details, her hair is a shade of brown like “chocolate before it was barfed up” with tiny blonde-ish highlights and the tiniest tint of a red-ish (more closely related to a brown). So unlike the manga, her hair isn’t blonde and I have no idea why anyone would get the assumption that it was ever a full on red. The red hair seems even more insane with the fact that she dispises the redhead-wonder and keeps bringing up how much she hates it in nearly all the books after Maximum Ride: School’s Out. And if anyone says that she is indeed blonde because of the book cover, well here’s some news for you::: IT’S A MODEL. So unless u have text to text evidence, I won’t except that her hair color ever changed. Btw, for everyone who thinks she wore a side braid before Katniss, she didnt. She kept her hair down. In the books she called her hair a “mane”, suggesting she kept it down. Sorry for the rant but it’d been bothering me for a long time. If u think anything else then message me or whatever.

Kso, I live in a maternity dorm, aka I live with a bunch of pregnant women. It’s SO GREAT /sarcasm.
Anyway, there’s this one girl, we’ll call her J.
J is in her 20s, overweight, and has the mentality of a 16 year old girl.
She’s a fucking weeb, man. A hardcore, fucking weeb.
Every time I come out into the common room, she’s on the TV watching Black Butler or Ouran High School Host Club. Like, the anime shows everybody watched in middle/highschool. She’s always talking about how “SQUEE” (she legit says that. It’s horrible.) Various characters are. She’s “married” to Sebastian from BB. Normally I’d shrug the weeb off and carry one w my day, whatever makes someone happy, right?
She likes to pretend she’s a cat.
She calls food her “num nums”.
She mews at people.
She does that baby talk thing almost 24/7.
She’s also obsessed with Markiplier.
Recently, I bought the Sims 3 with a bunch of expansion packs bc the Sims 4 is still fucking expensive. As I’m downloading it, she comes up behind me and says, “ oh, I LOVE the sims! I haven’t played it in FOREVER, I miss it so much!!” and went on about how she used to play all the time and how she’s sad she can’t play it anymore blah blah blah. I know what she’s doing, she’s trying to guilt me into letting her play it on my laptop. Not going to happen. So finally she stops talking and there’s this awkward silence and I know she’s waiting for me to say she can play it on my laptop. My response: “lol that sucks.”
now, whenever I see her in the halls, she makes a point to say, “I wish I could play the supernatural/adventure/seasons/late night expansion on sims.” (Those are the expansions I bought.) And I’m just like, “lol I bet you do.”
she’s still in that “edgy goth” phase. She told a staff member the other day, “isn’t it so funny that I’m a girl and yet I like black veil brides? I just think its so cool how I’m so different than other girls, my favorite color is black, not pink, and I hate one direction.” 1000% serious. Said with a completely straight face. Sometimes, as I lay in bed at night, I pray she was just a really good troll.
That’s all I got so far. Idk, there’s so much drama here I might send some in later.
(Also BTW I’m typing this on mobile so apologies for typos/giant wall of text.)