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  • someone that isn't my fp: i care about you and i love you so much. i don't ever want to see you hurting yourself, you are so loved and cared for.
  • me: lol ok thanks
  • fp: hey bighead
  • me: GOOD SHIT 😩💯💯💯👏🏼🔥🔥👏🏼👌🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼😩😩💦💦🔥💯💯👏🏼

the boy who stole sweaters

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Just some little sketchy gift for @keiid bday cause I know you love this bae very much ( am I right BTW??)



I was thinking about this ‘everything that exists was first fiction in parallel world/different universe, that got written’ theory.

and i really like this thinking. Like, i know many people are scared of dwelling on this one bc it would mean someone else steers their life and basically no free will whatever, but just consider this: if you are fictional character somewhere it means you must be very dear to someone in the universe of your creation. Even if it’s just a person who wrote you. You are very dear to them. 

And your writer sometimes curses at you bc you are stubborn for wanting your story be written differently. you are fictional. you have free will. you tell them to write you stronger, braver, wiser. they like how it turns out, even though it’s not what they wanted and expected from your story.  They are proud of you, of how you stood up for yourself. They love how strong you have become, even after all this pain you been though.

And there are fandoms:like that thing you blame yourself about? that self-hating thoughts you have sometimes? that one thing that makes you embarrassed af? All of that means NOTHING compared to a love you get in metas about you. they defend you. they analyze you to get to know you better. they relate to you. they can see a better self in you.  it doesn’t matter you are fictional. all it matters is that you are there when they need you to be. always with your story, so similar, yet so different than theirs. They love you.

and if any bit of this theory is true, then you also must think : How many beautiful stories we as humans gave life? How many amazing love stories and perfect romances exist bc someone got the idea that true can be found, even if just in books? and then… they gave life to it in another world. How beautiful that would be?

 i like to think it’s all that way


Touken Ranbu Graphics (1/?)
↳Yasusada, Hotarumaru and Sayo

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El Secreto De Sus Ojos (The Secret In Their Eyes)

dir. Juan José Campanella - 2009

Academy Award winner for Best Foreign Language Film

vernon, who is way too happy (and a little too obsessed…) with the new wand he received from a fan~ (▰˘◡˘▰)
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