btw he's a director for like

I think other than the sexist wank what is pissing me off about the Doctor Who fandom is those fans pretending that Moffat did nothing to pave the way for this change when in the last few seasons he has most definitely taken on board all the criticism he faced initially and has gotten shit done, namely:

- Bringing in female writers and directors who he then chose to work repeatedly with not just in DW but in Sherlock too 
- Black LGBTQ companion
- Showing male Time Lords repeatedly regenerating into women (one of them into a black!! woman!! proving they can change gender AND race!)
- Giving Clara incredible agency not only in her death but in her posterior departure. 

But like whatever Moffat is the devil he has done absolutely nothing for the show to progress at all! LMAO ok. We get it, you hate him. You stopped watching when he came in. Apparently you also blanked out to everything good that he did to balance the bad out. 


- the way you guys started dating was so unexpected

-he started out as just another guy you knew but then you started talking,which led to being friends, which led to you guys falling in love so

- you’re his favorite person

- soooo protective

- kinda gets jealous easily

- whines when you don’t pay attention to him

- when he’s not out working he’ll be so clingyyy but it’s just because he loves you so much

-wants to take you everywhere like he’s Dora and you’re boots or somethin idek like



-you guys go to different islands together and you end up being dragged on huge hikes

- basically you disappear every month to be with him on his get-aways

- is always excited to show you his work after he’s done directing something or working on a huge project

-always holding your hand

- takes so many pictures of you

- started posting more pictures of you than himself on instagram

- so at this point you’re basically a model

- but you only model for him *wink wink*

- you go to the gym with him

- even if you’re not exercising, you still go to keep him company (and enjoy the view)

- “you’re so beautiful y/n”

- calls you babygirl, love, sweetheart, angel


- complains when you play with his hair but he lowkey loves it

- ends up being in the bathroom longer than you just from doing his hair in the morning

- btw you are now the mother of his dog CONGRATS

- you guys are so goofy together

- he is such a FREAK, this boy is so kinky

- walks around the house shirtless just to tease you

- long sensual kisses

- lip bites

- lots of hickeys

- curses a lot during sex

- wants to try everything with you in bed

- you know he’s a mv director right????

- so he has hella camera equipment…

- so like y'all have tapes… just saying

- i told u he was kinky


- dabin only gets annoying when he starts coming over to your place when chris isn’t even there like BOI IF YOU DON’T GET,

- but you guys end up being really good

- you and chris go out to eat a lot for dates when you’re not traveling to Nicaragua or something

- “babe come on instagram live with me”

- wants to start a couple vlogging channel with you on YouTube

- wants you around aaalll the time

- Christian loves you so so so much


Okay, so who would’ve guessed that a woman like you would meet and fall in love with the one and only Grant Gustin. Definitely not you. Sure, your strong dislike for spiders remained, but Grant taught you to not freak out, but to instead call him and ask him to kill it. Most couples have a few cute traditions, and sure, you two did as well, but you’ve never heard of another couple that the woman in the relationship fed her boyfriend a cookie eachtime he killed a spider.

Hateful thoughts ran through Grant’s mind as he watched you and a new addition to your movie laugh after the director yells cut. His jaw is clenched, fists as well by his side. You had finished the first movie, which made the top movie of the year, along with many awards. Everyone seemed to like the movie so much that the director announced a sequel. A spot had been opened for your characters new love interest, and although Grant would’ve auditioned in a heartbeat, he was busy filming the season finale of ‘The Flash’. So instead, the roll had gone to a new-found star, Tom Holland. (I just died inside btw) And, ironically enough, Grant wanted to squish him like one of the spiders found in your now shared home, especially watching the male getting all touchy. Lost in his hateful thoughts, he hardly noticed you walk up to him, a grin plastered on your face. Your lips where a bit swollen, the results of the last heated sex scene scene. To say the least, Grant was not happy. He watched the way Tom stayed in character, ripping off your clothes, kissing your neck and grinding against you, grabbing your ass. He silently swore that Tom enjoyed it, getting close to you, grabbing you and grinding for a scene. Grant looked up, eyes hazy as he looked you up in down. “Hey babe!” You smile, running a hand through his soft hair. He just grunts, and your smile quickly fades, forming into a frown. You squat down to come face to face with your boyfriend, hand cupping his cheek. Grant inwardly curses himself for leaning into your touch by habit, still a bit peeved. His looked turned into that of a guilty one- he wasn’t mad at you, he was mad at Tom. He brings a hand up to hold yours, squeezing it lightly. “What’s wrong, baby?” You whisper, eyes filled with worry. He shakes his head, looking slightly behind you at Tom, facial expression hard. Your eyes widen in realization, biting your lip suddenly. “Grant, honey, are you jealous?” You ask, your teasing working as pink tints across his freckled cheeks. “I- yeah, maybe a little bit.” He mutters. You smile lightly, leaning forward to connect your lips with his. Pulling away seconds later, you notice him lean forward to follow your lips. “Don’t be, darling. I’m yours. You film scenes all the time, and we’re still together and strong. Don’t worry.” You nod, kissing the corner of his mouth, moving to peck his lips several times. He nods, and you pull at his hand, guiding him off of his off-scene chair and dragging him into your trailer. He plops down onto your bed, sheets ruffling around his thin waist. You stalk up to him, lifting his chin with your index finger and connecting your lips once more as you straddle him. You roll your hips lightly as you wrap your arms around his necks, fingers finding their way to his hair, twirling the shorter strands between them. Grant muffles the small moan about to escape his lips by biting your lower one, tugging at it between his teeth. Pulling away and leaving your lips cold as the cold air in your trailer hits them, Grant begins to leave open kisses against your skin, quickly finding your sweet spot and biting down, sucking at the soft skin. Succesfully leaving a bright, purple love bite, he pulls away to admire his work. As he looks up at you, you notice the lust exploding in his beautiful green eyes, lips swollen. “Now everyone will know your mine. Especially Tom.” He growls, and you’d be lying if you said that wasn’t a turn on. “I’ll always be yours, Grant.” You moan airily at his words. “Good.” And with that, Grant picks you up, hands underneath your thighs, flipping you around so you now lay on your back. He then proceeds to take off his shirt, then yours, and before you know it, you stare up as his naked body. You let a hand reach up and trail a finger down your boyfriend’s abs, going down until you reach his stiff member, painfully pressed against his toned stomach, desperate to be touched. You wrap your hand around his base, tugging up the skin, looking up and watching Grant’s face turns into an expression of pleasure, thick eyebrows scrunched, mouth ajar. You smile, watching him pant as you stroke his length. You slide your thumb against the tip, and Grant moans, opening his eyes to look at you pleadingly. You grin, biting his lower lip as he did to you, using his dick to pull his whole body forward. You guide the tip of his cock to your slick entrance, slicking him up with your wetness. His tip brushes your throbbing clit, and you moan, letting Grant take control. He fixes his eyes on you, suddenly and unexpectedly thrusting into you, giving you no time to adjust as he starts to pull out before smashing hard against you. “Mmph, fuck Grant..” You mewl, throwing your head back as he snaps his hips forward, pounding desperately into you. He leans down to take your nipple into his mouth, sucking on it fiercly. You gasp, wrapping your legs around his waist, trying to keep your eyes open. Grant reaches a hand inbetween you, fingers finding your clit and rubbing figure-eights as you buck your hips. He pulls away with a pop, examing the several hickies spread across your chest. “F-fuck, Grant.. please.” You beg, dragging your fingers down his back. “Please what, Y/N? Tell Daddy what you want.” He snaps his hips, and you cry out, now leaving red lines on his back. “I- I want you to make me cum! Please, I’m so close..” You moan loudly, face contorted everytime his dick hits your g-spot. He realizes what he’s doing, and he hooks his arms around your legs, spreading them before pounding faster and harder than before, burying his head into your neck. “God, you feel so good, wrapped around my cock and taking it like a good girl.” He moans. At his words, you throw your head back, toes curlying as you reach your limit. Your thighs shake, and you squeeze them against Grant’s side’s as you cum, pulsing around him as you ride out your orgasm. Meanwhile, feeling you clench around him as you drench his cock in your fluids, he bites your shoulder as his thrusts begin to slow, cumming inside you, unloading himself. He thrusts a few more times, coming down from your high before pulling out, giving you a small apologetic smile when you wince, your core still extremely sensitive. You lay there, waiting for him to come back. He returns with a damp cloth, leaning down to clean up his juices that started to drip down your thigh. You jolt at the cold feeling, and he chuckles, throwing the rag into your laundry bin before crawling into bed, wrapping his arms around your waist, abruptly leaving one to stroke your sides, pulling you against his chest. You smile as he buries his head into the crook of your neck, peppering loving kisses here and there. “I love you, so so much.” He whispers against your skin. You hum happily, “I love you too, Grant. I told you I was yours.” You giggle, gasping as he pinches your nipple. “I know. I don’t know why I was jealous.” He blushes. “I don’t know.. it was kind of hot…” You whisper, pressing your ass against his crotch. He groans, tightening his grip. “I’ll definitely make sure to keep that in mind.” He winks. You smile, glad to know that Grant was yours, and you are his. And your sure everyone was gonna know that, as no concealer could cover the marks he left on you, making sure everyone knew that.

“You can’t be ‘cool’ and drunk at the same time, Karamatsu. Just be drunk for now.”

I notice Kara carries his younger bros a lot so I wanted him to be carried for a change idk as a bonus here’s Oso not being a shitty older bro I guess loL

Although it was a side note, I did think the directors’ comment about Kara only being able to talk to Oso about certain things like the “how am I painful” conversation they had was cute… Kara wants his younger bros to think he’s cool so bad….. 

~MOD SAERAN~Do you mean me CAUSE IM HONESTLY SO CLUMSY ITS SAD this is my first request here I go :) this is really long sorry so just read under the cut 


  • lord Jesus Christ this poor man 
  • He is already paranoid with leaving you alone
  •  Now ADDING THIS give this man some wine
  •  He literally redecorates the whole pent house because he doesn’t want to want there to be any reason of why you would trip 
  • he still doesnt understand its apart of your nature 
  • wants to hire doctors but there is NO CURE 
  •  He doesn’t like to leave you alone for a second because he is scared to death you will somehow knock into the door 
  • Do you think you are going to have privacy ?
  •  Nope not even for one second
  •  Because somehow you manage to trip on top of Elizabeth 3rd
  •  Do you know how confused and conflicted this man was because he didn’t know who to help first
  •  Of course he helped you first…. 
  • Anyways
  •  You felt bad so you decided to go to the nearest market and make Elizabeth 3rd special food
  •  While Jumin was taking care of Elizabeth needs
  •  You sneaked off by yourself and went to the elevator
  •  It was a miracle you didn’t trip on your way there 
  • You hold onto the necklace Jumin gave you so it can give you strength to not eat shit in front of so many people 
  • You finally made it outside
  •  You may of tripped ONCE but it’s a record
  •  You were waiting for the white light man to turn on
  •  And it finally did
  •  You looked both way and proceeded to walk 
  • Jumins senses is tingling
  • he then heard a scream
  •  It was your scream 
  • He ran outside with his guards behind him
  •  And he saw you on the floor and a car nearby 
  • He thought the worst He ran to you frantic, desperate desperate in hoping you weren’t hit 
  •  Lord JESUS CHRIST he was balling his eyes out when he went near you you were okay all you had was a scratch on your face
  •  he was ??? and you were laughing 
  •  you told him you weren’t hit because you were still and then you lost balance and fell forwards 
  •  jumin sued everyone that day he never been happier with your clumsy self since that day

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Anyway, last night I made a bit of an angry post about queer representation in anime, and people seemed to enjoy and I thought I might talk about it some more points when I am a bit less fired up. I’ll tag some of you, but some of you I won’t because I’m not into internet drama.

@kittymeetsfandom said that there needs to be more w/w animes out there and I totally agree. In my last post, I mostly named animes with male queer representation (I.E Yoi, No.6) and there are little to none accurate representations of queer gals out there.  Kyoto Animation does seem to have a lot of lesbian characters but none of them are coupled with their girls at the end. There seem to be a lot of lesbians in anime but a lot of it is just no delved into or purely subtext which needs to change. 

(I didn’t add these last post, but I’m adding them now. Revolutionary Girl Utena, Sailor Moon, Cardcaptor Sakura, and Flip Flappers (@unraviolipeludo thanks) are some good ones with representation that I didn’t mention but am now mentioning)

@sunnyrae20 said that Samurai Flamenco is a good one. And I didn’t add that one in to my last post because it’s a bit too subtexty. I mean yes, the main male character did propose to the other main male character (naked btw) but then I heard a bunch of stuff about the director saying somethings like, “it was just a stressful time” and “he just went into this child like state” and the ending seemed almost like they were ignoring the fact all together. But thats really for you personally to decide whether or not it is representation for you. 

@notsenpai00 @dangerouslypleasantvictuuri @nauscica @dog-bonez

said things along the lines of, “Lets team up and do it ourselves.” And I’m like?? Yes??? Message me at anytime and we can talk about ideas. I have so many. Oh my lord. 

Then there two other comments along the lines of, “Japan has cultural differences” and “Watch more anime”

And sure. Okay. I get it. Yes, Japan is a bit more tight knit in their media I guess. But times are changing and do you know what helps it change? Media. Media and people. If we can normalize gay relationships in media people may start normalizing them in their day to day lives. And remember that queer couple in Sailor Moon? Remember how when it came to america they turned them into cousins? We like to put ourselves above these other countries, but we do the exact same shit. There’s this movie and I have no idea the name of it. But these two girls were apparently too gay and you know how we subbed it? We changed one of their pronouns to that of a boys. Maybe media won’t help the straights get their heads out of their asses, but it will sure as hell help some damn queer kid be brave, and strong. And if I have to go to Japan and break down barriers so that my queer folks will be happy, then hot damn, I’m doing it. 

7 Great Independent Films on Netflix

My boy chrisfanning93 asked for some Indie movie suggestions. I took his request too seriously and pulled a few from my master list (btw I’m a nerd with a master list) of favorites.

1. Short Term 12

 In my opinion, Short Term 12 is everything an indie movie should be. Writer/director Destin Cretton is talented (he went to my school!) and Brie Larson is killer.

2. Blue Like Jazz

It was blacklisted in a lot of Christian media for ‘straddling’ the line between faith based and non-faith based film with qualities like swearing, a homosexual major character, and a resolution that doesn’t involved God granting everyone’s prayers like a genie. So it’s like real life.

3. Fargo

Favorite Coen Brothers film by far. Everything gets crazier by the minute and it’s all perfectly constructed chaos.

4. It’s a Disaster

Kind of a sucker for Julia Stiles movies, and I don’t know why. It’s a Disaster is funny, unexpected, and it’s set in Austin (home state pride what).

5. A Bag of Hammers

I try not to, but I literally judged a book by it’s cover and didn’t watch this for the longest time because the poster is lame. I’m glad I saw the error of my ways.

6. Robot & Frank

I’m looking forward to a future where we have sick robits like Robot. Robot & Frank is great if you’re looking for a dose of originality, heartfelt…ed…ness?, and the Phil Collinsy sounds of Francis and the Lights.

7. The Brass Teapot

7. A story fit for the Twilight Zone, the Brass Teapot follows the dissolution of a young couples relationship due to a magical teapot that makes them money every time they hurt each other. I feel like I don’t need to say more.

Ok so ‘THE’ pancakes gif is circulating on another post, much appreciated btw, thank you! But seeing it always leads me to wonder… were they directed to do that?

Director: “Ok, let’s try that again… and can we get a little tongue this time?’

Or like Colin mentioned in our M&G in Denver that they were always challenged to one up the last kiss… paraphrasing: “this should be the kiss to end all kisses… the most epic kiss ever” so he and Jen would try to figure out how to do that. And, since this would ostensibly be one of the last kisses we would see between them, they pulled out all the stops? Well, most of the stops. Actual panties a-flying would have been ALL stops. 😏  Jen alluded to it I think in Van when she said to Colin, “don’t be embarrassed, they’re gonna love it”.

She was right.

Just me rambling and thinking while staring at hot Emma vs Killian make out action.


In Fear: Movie vs Behind the Scenes
scene: Tom, drive as fast as you fucking can. I have a knife to the back of her head. 

“The scenes are getting more and more emotionally tough, for all of them. Allen (Leech, the only actor working with a script) got out of the car and said, ‘Wow, that was tough, I think I need to have a little cry somewhere’. He really felt what he put them through, the emotional turmoil.”

fanfic idea.

chanyeol keeps hanging around kyungsoo. even visiting on set and making friends w/ kyungsoo’s cast mates. there to loiter around whenever he has no engagement. the director became fond of friendly pcy, decided to give him a small role, ends up being elevated into a main cast after a good response from viewers and good chemistry w/ the lead. on the side dks feels a mixture of pride and jealousy. he’s happy for pcy being recognized, but he does not like the time pcy spent with the main lead. oh, btw the drama they are part of is a coming of age and coming out drama.

anonymous asked:

Kit and Emilia have great chemistry, but since they are such good friends in real life I just hope that since they don't restrain themselves in their kiss/sex scene. I know that they're both professionals but given the fact that it's prob awkward for them I just hope they don't hold back ya know? Btw isn't it crazy how it's basically only two more weeks until the finale?!

Yeah me too tbh, also i feel like Kit might’ve felt a little awkward at first because he has a girlfriend too. I wouldn’t be surprised if they held back a little because of their friendship but I don’t think they would bc they’re both amazing actors and plus the directors probably made sure it looked good!


anonymous asked:

If it isn't too late my crush is the directors son at my high school (I'm the stage manager) and he's always the leads and so I spend a lot of time with him and I've liked him for like two years now but if I don't see him for extended periods of time I forget I like him and then I come back and I'm like "well crap" the minute I see him again. He flirts with everyone and he hugs me everyday and I honestly wish he liked me but I'm not pretty enough for him :/

oh don’t say that i’m sure you’re super pretty!!!!! and if he doesn’t like u just because ur “not pretty enough” then he wouldn’t be worth ur time anyway (but he seems nice and tbh???? i say go for it!!! or at least like,,,,flirt back some to test the waters a bit :0)

anonymous asked:

Hiii. I was wondering what ur thoughts were on bughead 💙💛. I've been seeing on Twitter a lot for barchie from fans. like will the teen choice awards solidify bughead as endgame?? Cause I'm sure on of the directors said that he liked barchie until the great fan response for bughead.. what do u think? Do u think they will be endgame.. I hope so.. they have such a healthy relationship it would be sad to see it ruined.. love ur blog btw 💕 thanks

Hi!! Obviously I love them so much. The reason I love them so much is that they’re a genuinely healthy relationship. They talk about their problems. They’re happy with one another. They seem to only have eyes for each other. And I love that.

I really hope Bughead fans can come together and vote for them, but even if they don’t win an award, that doesn’t take away from how healthy and wonderful this pairing is (b*rchie fans may like their pairing, which is fine, but I don’t think that takes away from ours). 

I do think they’ll be end game, especially if we keep up the love! They’ve just made this pairing so wonderful it’d be a shame to make a love triangle or break them up for no reason. They’ve pushed past their troubles and have come out on top and are IN LOVE. 

I love you! Thank you for asking!

anonymous asked:

So Nightwing has been Romani in the comics since New 52 and rebirth, they revealed he was Romani back in he 90's I wanna say but I'm not 100% anyway the director of Nightwing Chris McKay acknowledges Dick's heritage and something tells me he's gonna do a worldwide search for a Romani actor since they're aren't many yet. Just like what guy ritchie had to do for Aladdin casting Mena (total eye candy btw)

hell yes mckay come thru !!!!

Stella Nox Fleuret

Okay…I don’t really like to talk about Stella and Versus 13 but some Stella fanboys/girls lashed out at me for my “FFXV HATE” post especially because of the bit about Stella not having a major role in the original story. In my post, i gave two reasons to back this up: 1) Tabata’s comment about wanting a heroine with a significant role and 2) some leaks i read about Versus 13. I don’t know if the leaks were legit but i wanted to share them anyway. Look I don’t have the time to search for the link of the original leaks that i read months ago but recently similar leaks surfaced on different ffxv forums. So here’s one of them:

According to these leaks, Stella had very LITTLE screen time in the original story, and in the first part of the trilogy she was to be rescued by Noctis and friends like i mentioned in my post. Eurogamer also gave us some insight into the making of FFXV and it kind of implied that the Versus project was a mess. There were tons of concepts but nothing connected yet which is why we got so many fancy concept trailers instead. 

Anyways, Nomura never said anything about Stella being a major character, what he said was that Stella would “stand out” from previous ff heroines. There is a big difference between these two statements! And why is that Tabata’s comment on Stella can not be used as a evidence to support this argument? I’m pretty sure Tabata knows a lot more about Versus story than some random fanboys/girls of a vaporware character. I even read Nomura himself didn’t like Stella’s design which is why her model was changed in the 2013 e3 trailer (when Nomura was still the director btw). Luna doesn’t look that different from that e3 version of Stella.

Now if versus fans will kindly stop sending me hate messages that would be great! I wouldn’t dare to touch this stella/versus business anymore because fanboys/girls with strong headcannons are scary!

P.S. I’m so glad that FFXV is coming out in 23 days!!!

sarcas-ticasshole  asked:

Idk if this is kind of personal, but would you mind sharing the story of your first kiss? U said it was a funny story and the guy was cool 😇🌷 sorry if u already did it. And btw im a huge fan of u and ur blog! U seem like such a sweet person! And i fully support ur dream of becoming a famous director, that would fit well with my dream of becoming a famous actress haha 🐞💞

ohh your so sweet lets do a movie together some time!!

first kiss story: he is super pretty and we were doing a show together, it was before a show and it was kinda messy but very funny and super cute!! it is such a good memory, he is a cool guy and a good friend!! we kissed after and nothing came of us, which was fine because the kiss was enough!! there are funnier, littler details (i couldntt stop laughing) but people i know irl follow this (including him, a ex, and many friends) so i probably shouldn’t disclose everything but it was great!!!

guingamor  asked:

not to be the latecomer but who's percy? & what's percy's story?

hes my sdv char!!! he has a communications degree and he was working at jojacorp in their social media department (idk how Familiar u are w sdv but jojas basically this crushingly soulless unrelentingly capitalist hellscape of a conglomerate) and he was on the fast track to graduating to Social Media Director but he had like a. mental breakdown/midyouth crisis and decided that he simply couldnt sit here and block teenagers telling the sodacan mascot they wanted to fuck him anymore and he packed up and quit and moved out to his gpas old farmhouse (his mom is chinese she was adopted and his dad is mexican btw; farm gpa is moms dad) and hes just fuckin chillin there now…hes got a dog and a boyfriend

redxbird  asked:

👫 👫 👫 👫 👫

Send a 👫and I’ll write four headcanons I have about our muse’s relationship

  • Jason hides Tim’s clothes so Tim will have to wear his stuff because it’s like he’s staking his claim 
  • Whenever Tim has to go away Jason takes the last shirt he wore before he left and keeps it under his pillow because it smells like him
  • One time Jason was trying to make out with Tim but Tim’s phone kept buzzing because Bruce was texting him so Jason took it and threw it at the wall and it broke into a bunch of pieces and then Bruce was like ‘Why didn’t you answer my texts’ 
  • Tim walks into Jason’s apartment sometimes and there’s just a kid sitting on the couch drinking hot chocolate or something because it was cold outside and they had accidentally gotten locked out of their house and their parents were at work and they didn’t know their phone number
  • Jason has, and will in the future, drugged Tim to get him to go to sleep because he hasn’t slept in like 48 hours and he’s being an idiot
  • When Jason is really upset or pissed or whatever he just starts yelling in Spanish and so now Tim knows every Spanish curse word you could imagine. 
  • Jason is the jealous type x100 so when they’re at a bar if Jason is gone for a second and someone hits on Tim he’ll come back and be like ‘Hey, hombre, you wanna fuckin fight? Let’s take this out to the alley’
  • This keeps happening so Jason gets a shirt made that says ‘Property of Jason Todd’ and makes Tim wear it when they go out
  • One night when Jason is drunk he manages to get ‘Property of Tim Drake’ tattooed on him as a tramp stamp. 
  • Jason prefers tea to coffee and he thinks coffee is kind of gross so whenever Tim buys bags of coffee he ‘accidentally’ donates it to a local homeless shelter and then tries to get Tim to drink some fancy herbal tea from Madagascar instead
  • Jason has like a sixth sense that tells him when Tim has gone too long without eating and he’ll make a bunch of food and basically shove it into Tim’s mouth. Or he’ll take away all his electronics until he finishes his dinner, “INCLUDING THE VEGETABLES”.
  • Basically just like Jason has this incredible urge to protect and take care of Tim and so yeah maybe he tracks his phone but in his defense, he didn’t think that Tim would find out.
  • The first time he refers to himself as Tim’s boyfriend is when they’re at Gotham Academy because Damian is in trouble and Tim is the only adult related to him that they could actually reach but he was with Jason so of course he came and the Principal is like ‘He said something under his breath in Arabic to these poor boys and we’re pretty sure it was a threat’ and someone gets Damian to repeat it and of course Jason knows Arabic because of his time with Talia and he recognizes it as something simple like ‘just leave me alone’ and Jason just goes OFF and he’s like ‘LISTEN HERE YOU RACIST MOTHERFUCKER’ and the Principal is like ‘Excuse me who do you think you are’ and Jason is like ‘I’M TIM’S BOYFRIEND AND HIS LITTLE BROTHER ISN’T GOING TO GO TO YOUR STUPID SCHOOL ANYMORE.’ [loosely based on a fic btw it’s lit but there’s no jaytim in it]
  • When Jason doesn’t have nightmares he’ll actually sleep for a long time so sometimes Tim wakes up and Jason is just completely curled around him and Tim is stuck and he has to wait for Jason to wake up before he can move
  • Jason sings spanish lullabies to Tim when he is having an anxiety attack or a panic attack or something 
  • literally any time Tim complains about something like how annoying the WE board of directors are or something Jason just goes, “Okay but did you die?” or “Wow that sucks I can’t imagine experiencing something so awful that sounds worse than being beat to death with a crowbar” 
  • They have their own secret contingency plans to deal with the bats like “Fuck Dick just watched the Bachelorette and now he’s gonna wanna tell someone every single thing that happened–Batingency plan 26.”
  • During the winter, Jason will go outside and get a snowball and Tim will be sleeping or working on something and Jason will just come it and throw it at him
  • One time the Joker took Tim and then he was in a coma for a month because Jason went OFF
  • When Jason is mad about something dumb he’ll cut the toes off of all of Tim’s socks

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You're seriously delusional if you think Ragnar was in love with Athelstan. He loved him in the same way I love my friends. I'll tell my male friend who is as hetero as I am "I love you" to his fucking face and hug him without the fear of being branded as a homosexual because it's a familiar and platonic love, not a romantic one. Sometimes I think people who ship those two have had neither a good family or a true friendship. Also, pls, I need a gif of Ragnar crying in the rain ;_;

I interpreted it one way and you another. You are basing your interpretation on your own life (which is commendable BTW, men like you are rare), I’m taking into account the entire series and all of Ragnar and Athelstan’s interactions. A scene of Aslaug directly asking Ragnar if he loved her and him responding with silence occurred, followed immediately by a scene —the full version which includes Ragnar propositioning another threesome and grabbing Athelstan’s ass— of Ragnar gently holding Athelstan’s hand and telling him that he’ll follow him wherever he goes. Ragnar later refuses to have sex with his wife and then tells Athelstan that he loves him and he can’t ever leave him. The message from the writers and director couldn’t be any clearer! To Ragnar his wife is just a vessel and mother for his children (he once felt lust for her, but now literally NOTHING), but it’s Athelstan he truly loves. And let’s not forget that Ragnar is canonically attracted to Athelstan in every sense including a sexual one, as he propositioned sex with him early in the series. Their relationship may have never had the chance to be consummated in that way, and thanks to Floki we’ll never know, but that doesn’t negate the fact that Ragnar’s feelings for Athelstan were deeper than he’s ever had for anyone (I don’t even think he loved Lagertha as intensely and I know he loved her very much and still does), and yes that includes a romantic attraction. If you think they are just bros, you are deluding yourself. Watch the scene again, there is no way Ragnar meant that in a platonic way. He is shaking with emotion, and I have never heard the phrase uttered with such longing and truth. He could have said, “I need you to stay because you are my closest friend.” NOPE. He said “I love you,” just like any man in history has ever said to the person they were in love with. 

And I could talk about so many scenes you are not puzzling into the full picture: All the times they’ve risked their lives for each other and saved one another, the significance of the arm ring scenes in S2, Ragnar’s torment over not knowing if Athelstan was alive during their separation, a raven visiting Athelstan’s window in Wessex to remind him that Ragnar is thinking about him, Athelstan’s choice to follow Ragnar no matter what the status of his religion or whether he is one of his people or not, Athelstan’s immediate guilt over having had sex with Judith (compare Athelstan’s face after she tells him she loves him to his face after Ragnar says it, THERE’S THE TRUTH) upon Ragnar’s return and implication in their conversation that Athelstan is a free man who can do what he wants with anyone, not just women (”Are we still talking about women?” in 3x04). 

After the “I love you” there is a moment that Ragnar thinks that Athelstan is rejecting or leaving him and then Athelstan assures him that wherever he is, he will also be. Ragnar then lets out a sound like a gutteral sob mixed with sublime relief and clutches Athelstan in his arms. In all my years I have never heard such a sound, it is the moan of a man who loves another with all his soul. 

And finally Ragnar is completely shattered that he may not be able to spend eternity with Athelstan once he enters the next life. He’d rather be with Athelstan than any of his loved ones, his wives, his sons, his friends or so called friends (looking at you Floki)… for Ragnar that sun sets and rises with Athelstan and always has.  But Athelstan’s memory will live on through Ragnar, though Ragnar will be changed forever because of this tragic and insufferable loss. When Athelstan died so did the Ragnar we once knew. Athelstan was his light.

Of course there’s no denying they were best friends, but to diminish what they really were into something as banal as that doesn’t seem fair considering what they’ve been through and meant to one another. Their relationship was the best written, most meaningful and beautiful on the show (perhaps that I have ever seen portrayed on screen), whatever way you see it is meaningless to me.  I believe that Ragnar is attracted to women in a sexual sense, but romantically and in every other way he is attracted to Athelstan and the same could be said about Athelstan. Just because two men fall in love doesn’t mean they have to be labeled as gay or bi. But that’s beside the point because to me Athelnar transcends lust or sex, it’s a love so pure, special and deep that it is almost undefinable. 

And you add a gif request at the end? Are you fucking serious?  Well I had planned on gifing the whole private funeral scene and Ragnar’s “rebirth/transformation” at the end anyway, but it wasn’t because you requested it. 

TVXQ KBS Radio Translations

Yunho said that because they have reached 10 years, he wants to go back to having “idol-like” hair, hence the pink hair

Yunho: I didn’t really feel like we are in our 10th year, but when I see so many juniors, that’s when I feel like time has flown by really fast

Yunho said that the convenience store ahjumma got shocked by his hair btw HAHA

Yunho said that he feels maligned when there are mistakes when shooting the Spellbound MV, because it is one-take and they have to restart

They did many rehearsals with the camera director for the Spellbound before the real shooting

Yunho said Changmin laughed a lot while shooting Spellbound because there are female dancers haha

Yunho became interested in inventing 5 years ago. His invention has gone past the 1st round of document checks for patenting. It’s cup-like

Yunho: The “dot dot dot” in the Korean title of November with Love means something like “yet to happen”

Yunho says that the “dot dot dot” in the Korean title of November with Love means “the end is yet to come”

Q: difference between actor Jung Yunho and the stage’s U-Know Yunho?

The U-Know Yunho on stage can detect the response from the audience immediately and strives to show an even more confident appearance. Actor Jung Yunho strives to be more reticent (something like reserved?) and to have more room to manoeuvre

Yunho said that the person he thinks is the most handsome in SM is Eunhyuk because Eunhyuk always says he is handsome ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Chami says that Yunho has more contacts saved in his phone and he himself didn’t turn that much brighter from his introverted personality

Yunho says his contacts aren’t as many as people think and that the number is almost the same as 10 years ago

Yunho is calling out to Son Ho Joon now

Yunho: my birthday? SHJ: erm in February? (without saying the exact date immediately haha)

Yunho has had 3 relationships before. Yunho likes Korean food. The city he wants to go to the most is Las Vegas.Feet size 280 (omg I am 235)

Changmin is calling out to CN Blue’s Minhyuk now

Changmin’s first kiss was when he was 19, Best ranking when he was a student - 5th place

Changmin dislikes women who curse, talk a lot and have extreme actions

Changmin: do I buy anything for you? Minhyuk: have you bought anything for me before? Changmin: just you wait, Minhyuk ah" HAHAHHA

Changmin dislikes women who are materialistic (money-grubbing), rude and have no manners

Changmin’s mission was for Yunho to say “let’s have a meal once”. Yunho’s mission for Changmin was for Chami to do a hi-five with Ryeowook

Changmin falls asleep in the recording studio. Yunho will ask him, “Changmin ah, are you sleeping?” Changmin: “No..” Yunho: Changmin ah, are you sleeping? Changmin: No.. Yunho: but you were sleeping just now! Changmin: No, I was thinking!

Yunho doesn’t think that people with distinct deep-set features are good looking. Changmin then said to him “so you like faces which are dull?” and got scolded by Yunho, “Be quiet!” HAHAHAHHA

trans by: mug_ping