btw have a great day @laura!!!!!

wowwow guys!! 5k followers!! i love u all!!

so for this follow forever i decided to do something a lil bit different.. instead of just listing a bunch of people off im gonna include some of my closest closest with a lil paragraph talking abt how much i love them lol, ok :~)


omg shay u were literally my first internet friend and i can’t believe it’s been almost two years since we became friends i love u… also i can’t believe that ur in america right now but u aren’t coming to Chicago.. what a loser.. just kidding!! i hope we get to meet soon tho, also i promise I’ll read The Young Elites I’ve been saying this for like a year but trust me I’m about to order it for my birthday SO IT WILL HAPPEN!


Kristen…. or should I say Kleo :~) I literally still remember the day we became friends and man it’s been great (btw have you decided whether you like pickle factories?) anywho I love u also


HI T! Ok so we’ve been friends for a little bit and let me tell u, U ARE SO AWESOME AND TALENTED, ur songs are my favorite and also u play the violin just like me :~) but yes thank you for being an all around awesome friend

akhlen / shefoundherselfs

Laura, ur honestly too cool for me I don’t even understand how we’re friends like….. have u ever really talked to me I’m such a loser and you’re like a goddess……… but yes I love u :~)

and now for a (kinda short) list of awesome people:

americaleger | amesmydear | celestenewssome | celesteschreave | fivetoone | maxericaforever | maxonsabs | officialmaxonschreave | queenillea | royalsofillea | schreaved | theselectionillea | AND FINALLY partylikeawordstar :~)

I probably forgot a bunch of people but yes, even if you don’t see yourself on this list I love you and thanks for being super cool!!