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I LOVE YOUR ART SO MUCH!!! i hope to see more stuff from you!! your art style is 💘💗💘💗👌😍👌😍💘💗👌😍💘🌹🌹🌸🌸💐💐💖💖💓💗💛💜💜💟💟💟💔💔💖💗

Thank you for your kind words Q///w///Q Here have a sm0l ball of sunshine

Got7 reaction to you randomly asking for sex

A/N - A fun little reaction for you all~ Thanks to the anon who requested, this one was very enjoyable to write haha. Requests are still open so feel free to keep sending them in and I’ll write them as quickly as I can!

do you mind doing a got7 reaction to you asking them for sex randomly ( btw you guys are together ) sorry if it’s to far but I just love your page !!

Mark: *cue flirty winks* Mark will be 100% down for this and won’t care even if the other boys are in the room. If you whisper to him saying that you want him, he will definitely oblige and get all touchy-feely with you.

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JB: Chic and sexy Jaebum will smirk to himself and pretend as if your words hadn’t driven him crazy on the inside. He wants to see you beg for it and will act like he’s not about to just pounce on you and take you right then and there.

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Jackson: This boy will go from 0 to 100 real quick like one minute he’ll be super cute then as soon as you so much as think about sex, he’s on top of you kissing and biting at your neck, leaving loads of little marks over you.

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Jinyoung: It depends on if the other boys are there or not. If they are, he’ll just blush and get all embarrassed even if they didn’t hear what you said. If you were alone, then damn things will get hot real quick.

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Youngjae: I feel like everyone thinks Youngjae is super innocent and cute and he probably lives off of that assumption. He’d love to see the look on your face when he catches you off guard and responds to your comment with an even sexier statement.

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Bambam: This little flirt will get so handsy with you as soon as you mention it and will make so many innuendos until you are in a position where he can have his way with you. Be prepared for him to flash little looks just for you from across the room.

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Yugyeom: He’ll be a little flustered at first and will probably blush at your forwardness but once he’s over the initial shock of you randomly asking, then this boy will not hesitate to have you feeling flustered over his intimate actions.

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random sentence starters!

here’s a list of dialogue prompts that you can request from bc i love making these and they totally help with writer’s block!! so feel free to send in a number and a muse :-) **i’ll probably continue to add on to this as time goes on btw

  1. ❝i think about it every day and every night.❞
  2. ❝i.. i can’t stay..❞
  3. ❝what did you just call me?❞ 
  4. ❝i couldn’t care less. i’m with you right now, that’s all that matters.❞ 
  5. ❝please, don’t go. don’t leave me.❞ 
  6. ❝you still love her, huh?❞ 
  7. ❝frankly, my dear, i don’t give a damn❞ 
  8. ❝i’m not ready for them to find out about us.❞ 
  9. ❝it was always you.❞ 
  10. ❝you’re a coward.❞ 
  11. ❝it certainly took them long enough.❞ 
  12. ❝you’re the best part of me.❞ 
  13. ❝stay the night. please.❞ 
  14. ❝well, well. my night just got better.❞ 
  15. ❝my life would be so boring if you weren’t in it.❞ 
  16. ❝i didn’t think love existed until i met you.❞ 
  17. ❝when were you going to tell me?❞ 
  18. ❝[name], you look tired. come to bed.❞ 
  19. ❝i want to marry you.❞ 
  20. ❝you’ll be fine, i promise.❞ 
  21. ❝please get up.❞ 
  22. ❝you know i’m/we’re here for you, right?❞ 
  23. ❝don’t look at me like that.❞ 
  24. ❝your lips are so soft. i could kiss them all day.❞ 
  25. ❝i can’t fall in love with you. i don’t want all the pain that comes with that.❞ 
  26. ❝it’s nice that your voice was the first thing i heard today.❞ 
  27. ❝aww, you’re blushing like a rose!❞ 
  28. ❝you don’t need to leave so soon.❞ 
  29. ❝i can’t believe i got the first date, let slone the first year!❞ 
  30. ❝i don’t think i can do this without you.❞ 
  31. ❝i tried to move on but nobody is you.❞ 
  32. ❝you know, [name], i’m glad we’re here together.❞ 
  33. ❝hello, i’m [name], and i’m completely available.❞ 
  34. ❝i never wanted any of this to happen to you.❞ 
  35. ❝whatever it takes, isn’t that what you said?❞ 
  36. ❝i’d give up so much to have another chance.❞ 
  37. ❝you think i wanted all this?!❞ 
  38. ❝i made mistakes.. and i can’t keep pretending they didn’t happen.❞ 
  39. ❝you made mistakes.. and you can’t keep pretending they didn’t happen.❞ [for a angstier fic] 
  40. ❝this is what life’s about.❞ 
  41. ❝i’m just saying.. please believe in something.❞ 
  42. ❝you’re going to be fine.❞ 
  43. ❝it’s easier to be by myself.❞ 
  44. ❝i made i promise and now it seems that i won’t be able to keep it.❞ 
  45. ❝they don’t hate you.❞ 
  46. ❝i’m an open book.❞ 
  47. ❝i’m not going to stop leaving marks until I’m sure that every knows you’re mine.❞ 
  48. ❝look! the is so beautiful tonight!❞ 
  49. ❝if you shut up people might actually think you’re smart.❞ 
  50. ❝you have something in your hair.. um–do you want me to get it out?❞ 
  51. ❝look, I know we don’t know each other that well, but i’m still worried about you. no one deserves to be alone.❞ 
  52. ❝you could’ve died, you know?❞ 
  53. ❝can i offer you a drink?❞ 
  54. ❝coming here was your idea.❞ 
  55. ❝chin up. there’s always next time.❞ 
  56. ’Fine’? Are you mad?❞ 
  57. ❝there are rules. even for one such as you.❞ 
  58. ❝there is a thin line between a martyr and a fool.❞ 
  59. ❝oh, c’mon! i came all this way.❞ 
  60. ❝shame.  i kind of liked you.❞ 
  61. ❝i still believe there is a good person in you.❞ 
  62. ❝you’re kidding right? Right?❞ 
  63. ❝i knew this day would come.. sooner or later.❞ 
  64. ❝i’ll be fine, i promise.❞ 
  65. ❝i just want to hold you.❞ 
  66. ❝you know we belong together. i knew it the first time i saw you, and you know it, too. i know you do.❞ 
  67. ❝could i sit here? all the other tables are full.❞ 
  68. ❝i came here to explain and i’m not leaving until you listening.❞ 
  69. ❝stay alive for me, please.❞ 
  70. ❝i promise.❞ 
  71. ❝you’re the best part of me.❞ 
  72. ❝are you really taking their side against mine?❞ 
  73. ❝i had to see you again.❞ 
  74. ❝help me understand.❞ 
  75. ❝look, i don’t have much time, but i wanted to tell you that i love you.❞ 
  76. ❝no one needs to know.❞
  77. ❝you people are insufferable.❞ 
  78. ❝yes, s/he is.. s/he’s perfect.❞ 
  79. ❝i don’t believe i’ve introduced myself properly. how rude of me!❞ 
  80. ❝may i ask for a name to put to a lovely face?❞ 
  81. ❝just hold me.❞ 
  82. ❝i’m with you, okay? always.❞ 
  83. ❝s/he started it!❞ 
  84. ❝i didn’t realize i needed your permission.❞ 
  85. ❝everyone i’ve loved has either died or left me and i’ll be damned if you name is added to that list.❞ 
  86. ❝how could you let this happen?!❞ 
  87. ❝i’ll be fine love.❞ 
  88. ❝stop worrying so much! i’m grown i can take care of myself!❞ 
  89. ❝if i didn’t know any better, i’d say you’re trying to seduce me.❞ 
  90. ❝i wish i never even met her/him!❞ 
  91. ❝you thought you had a choice?❞ 
  92. ❝i don’t have a choice, [name].❞ 
  93. ❝you’ll do amazing, just like always.❞ 
  94. ❝you’re ridiculously comfortable..❞ 
  95. ❝a little cuddling won’t kill you, i promise.❞ 
  96. ❝i always sleep better when you’re here with me.❞ 
  97. ❝it isn’t up for debate.❞ 
  98. ❝you’re so cute when you’re half asleep like this.❞ 
  99. ❝i can’t do this anymore.. not with you..❞ 
  100. ❝i’ve had a rough day and honestly all i want right now is a drink and someone to cuddle with.❞ 
Have You Ever Seen a Heart Shatter

Request: can you write an imagine with newt scamander where the reader compares herself so much to tina??? angst angst angst please!! your writing is astounding btw ❤️❤️

Word Count: 2,156

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Part 2

Requested by Anonymous

Requests are currently open! Feel free to send one in

“Tina Goldstein, resident goddess.” You mutter as you storm through the front door and down the long staircase rife with splinters and creaky spots. Not to mention the unkind tenants that live on the third and fourth floors. Their shouts follow you down as your boots crash against the steps.

Tina this, Tina that, Tina the infallible. You skip three steps when you jump down onto the landing and yank open the front door. Tina can do no wrong, even when she’s unemployed and obsessive.

The wind slams into your side, trying to knock you off-balance. You shiver but stride forward, no real destination in mind other than to be far away from her.
No one had even looked up when you shoved your chair back from the kitchen table, too busy hanging on every word of some story about capturing some man that used a spell in front of some muggle to care about you. They love Tina’s stories about her adventures.

It’s not like you’re exactly employed. You’d met Newt on a research trip years before. The chemistry between the two of you had been obvious to everyone and it hadn’t taken long for the two of you to pair up for the study. Soon enough, Newt asked you to help him observe some mooncalves under the starry sky and, after some laughing and held hands, a new relationship began. The two of you agreed to work together and alternate research trips. This trip to release Frank was one of Newt’s ideas, meaning that you’re really nothing more than a magizoologist’s assistant.

Still, it’s more fascinating than just running after people and bringing them into MACUSA, right? You meet some of the rarest beasts on your journeys. Tina does nothing but arrest people and memorize the ridiculous laws on magic that Americans put into place. Every auror has stories just as mesmerizing as Tina’s, though the others disagree. Even Newt seems to think they’re interesting enough to warrant ignoring you.

You scowl and wrap your arms around yourself as you continue forward. If Newt wants to spend all of his time with some other girl with perfect hair let him.

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Short, Sassy, Sarcastic - Requested (Reggie x Reader)

request: yes - Hey can you do a reggie image where he’s into this short sassy girl but she likes to keep a wall up so when reggie talks to her she thinks it’s a prank?? Sorry if it’s too much!! Btw love your writing! 💖💖
pairings: reggie x reader
warnings: none
a/n: feel free to send in any requests !
word count: 1,011

Sunday afternoon: breezy, cool, calm. The ideal finish to another weekend in the school term. You quietly hummed along to the tune of your favourite song as your eyes trailed along the page of the book. It was quiet in Pop’s. Your back leaned against the wall of the booth with your legs stretched across the seat slightly dangled off. Opposite you was Jughead fixated on his laptop, furiously typing up the novel he was working on. The both of you sat in comfortable silence both heavily engrossed in your task. 

The chime of the bells echoed throughout the restaurant as a group of Riverdale’s star football players entered; rowdier than ever. You rolled your eyes, of course they were sporting their letterman jacket; you were starting to think they had one for everyday of the week. 

“Ah if it isn’t Wednesday Addams, still writing your manifesto?” Reggie smirked as he leant over the booth. Before Jughead could throw one of his sarcastic comments you fired one at Reggie. 

“At least he can spell Reginald. If I remember correctly, you could barely pass a 5th grade spelling test,” you said lazily, your eyes still focused on the book. 

“You’re lucky you’re cute (Y/L/N), otherwise I would’ve tackled your 5ft2 ass,” Reggie grumbled as he walked off with the rest of his group. Jughead rolled his eyes.

“I could’ve handled that you know,” Jughead said. 

“I know you could’ve, but your ass would’ve been roadkill in two minutes,” you smiled as you packed up your belonging. “I’ll see you tomorrow Jug.”

Your Monday morning wasn’t off to a perfect start to say the least. First your alarm didn’t go off because you were stupid enough to forget to charge your phone, which led you to skip breakfast just so you could get to school on time and now your locker decided to be a pain and not open up. 

“Stupid piece of crap,” you grumbled as you banged your first onto the locker door. 

“No wonder your locker won’t open, it isn’t being treated with love,” a voice spoke behind you. You mentally groaned, an encounter with Reggie Mantle would be the cherry on top to your morning. 

“What do you want Reginald?” you scoffed, turning around to face him. 

“Not the reaction I usually get from the ladies,” he smirked down at you. 

“Yeah I bet, usually I see the look of wanting to vomit on their faces when they see you,” you shot, turning back to crack open your locker. 

“Here let me help you with that,” he offered, moving forward. 

“Yeah okay, good luck with getting that piece of crap to open. It’s literally jamm-”. You were cut off by the sound of your locker door swinging open as Reggie stood proudly next to it. 

“Thank you,” you mumbled quietly not wanting to give him the satisfaction of you being grateful. 

“I didn’t hear youuu,” he teased. You cleared your throat. 

“I said thank you,” you said a little clearer. 

“That’s better. And you can thank me at 7:30 for a date tonight,” Reggie said, casually leaning against the locker neighbouring yours. You dropped your books at the word date. 

“Sorry, excuse me but I didn’t hear you correctly and I’m gonna give you one more chance to repeat yourself,”. Reggie leaned in closer to your level. 

“Me. You. 7:30. Tonight.” Reggie said with a pause in between each word. You both looked at each other, holding the gaze. You soon bursted out laughing. 

“Oh you’re a funny dude Mantle. Oh you sure do crack me up,” you laughed and sighed as you picked up your Physics text book. You looked back up to a solemn faced Reggie. 

“You’re joking right? Like this is a dare from one of your pals right?” you asked, raising an eyebrow. 

“I’m serious, I wanna hang out tonight and get to know you,” Reggie said with a hopeful look. You sighed and shook your head as you shut your locker door. 

“That’s a hard no from me Reg,” you said as you walked towards the library. Reggie followed chase and paced behind you as your little legs attempted to fast walk. 

“Why not though? Why won’t you go out with me tonight?” Reggie asked in an almost demanding tone. 

“I said no Reggie, go find some other girl to ask out. i’m sure our school is full of girls dying to go out with you. Heck I bet Kevin would like to go out with you,” you replied, not looking back at him. Reggie ran forward and blocked your path. 

“Are you serious? I have classes to catch up on. I don’t have time for this,” you sighed as you attempted to walk around him but his movements were too quick for you. 

“Why don’t you want to go out with me?” Reggie asked, his eyes furrowed in confusion. 

“Because I don’t okay! I’ve heard what your and your friends have done to girls Reggie. A playbook? That’s just disgusting,” you scoffed. 

“Look, I know the whole playbook thing was shameful but I swear I only had on entry in there until I realised how degrading it was,” Reggie said, trying to reason with you. You crossed your arms and frowned.

“You’re not gonna stop until I agree to a date with you aren’t you?” you asked. Reggie shook his head with a sheepish grin. You rolled your eyes and caved. 

“Alright, fine. I’m agreeing to one date and one date only. And if by the end of that date I decide that I don’t wanna keep seeing you, you leave me and Jughead alone. Deal?” you asked with a raised eyebrow. 

“Deal,” Reggie grinned. “I’ll pick you up at seven,”. With that he sprinted off with a shout of a “YES” echoing through the hallway. You shook your head as your mouth formed into a small smile, giving a small laugh at his excitement. 

Little did you know that by the end of tonight, Reggie Mantle would be the one to finally hold near and dear to your heart. 

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Holy snizzle dizz I have an idea. Ok so y/n wakes up and she has a dream that Dally and Johnny die (she basically dreamt the story, but she's in it) and she runs to the Curtis house to see the gang, to make sure the dream didn't actually happen. She runs to Dally and hugs him crying bc of the 'dream' (same for johnny, but y/n is hugging dally longer) and he's surprised bc he and the rest of the gang have no idea wtf is going, and she tells them dream. 1/2

(request con.) and she tells them dream and they’re all taken aback by her dream? Could it be a dally x reader type of imagine? Plz & could it be long and detailed? Sorry if it doesn’t make sense. (I jus read the book anD OMG I NEED AN ALTERNATIVE ENDING BC MY BABIES DIED AND NONONO) ps. I really like your writing And your skills are AMAZING. Also thanks! 2/2


holy snizzle dizz I will try my absolute best to make this imagine what you were thinking. btw I rly love the prompt! and im glad you enjoy my writing (even though sometimes it sucks) :)


You woke up drenched in sweat and trembling in fear. The bed sheets were tangled around your legs.

You had absolutely no idea how your brain came up with the dreams it did. Your dreams usually never scared you at all, but this one did. This dream was vivid and it seemed as if it were real.

It scared you, it really did. At the moment, you were having trouble deciding whether the dream was real or if it was fictional.

It all started when Darry had yelled at Pony for falling asleep in the lot with you and Johnny. Darry pushed Pony and he ran out of his house. He went to the lot and told you and Johnny that you guys were running away.

While the three of you were at the park, you all got jumped by some Socs and they tried to drown Pony and they also started to beat up you and Johnny.

Johnny pulled out his switchblade and killed one of the Socs. when he realized what he had done, he sat on the ground and began to cry. You looked at him and told him to calm down and that everything would be okay. When Pony woke up, you all went to see Dally so he could help you guys.

Dally had told you guys to hop on the 3:15 train to Windrixville. He told you to go to and abandoned church on the top of Jay Mountain and he said to stay there until he came to get you all.

When you all arrived in Windrixville, everyone went to the church and got some rest. Johnny woke up before anyone else so he went to get a week’s supply of food.

And then you all stayed there for what felt like the longest week of your lives.

When Dally finally came to get you all, the first thing he did was take you guys to Dairy Queen and everything was fine until you all went back to the church.

The church was engulfed in flames and you, Ponyboy, and Johnny overheard two adults say that some of the children on the field trip were missing. All three of you quickly ran inside of the church to save the kids.

Even though you all saved the kids, before Dally could get Johnny out, the roof fell in on him and he broke his back and was badly burned.

You all visited the hospital many times and the night of the rumble you all went to tell him that the Greasers had won. He said that there was no point in fighting. Then he looked at Pony and told him to stay gold.

Johnny died right in front of your eyes. You saw Dally break right in front of your eyes.

Dally ran off, broken and unable to be fixed. There was no other choice to him but to die. The only thing he loved was gone, so what was the point anymore?

He ended up robbing a store and being chased by the police. The rest of the gang ran to the park and watched their friend get shot in the chest and slowly die right in front of them. They were all in shock that they had lost two gang members in one night. You saw Dally drop to the ground and that’s when you woke up.

You sat up and wiped your eyes. You were in shock and you were terrified. You were so scared that two of your closest friends had died. You needed to go and see for yourself.

You got up and slipped on a hoodie and a pair of your converse. Then you made your way to the Curtis house.

You knocked on the door and Darry answered. He noticed that your cheeks were tear stained and that you were shaking.

“What’s wrong? Come on in and we’ll talk about it.” Darry motioned you to  come in and you did. You looked around and your eyes immediately landed on Johnny and Dally.

You sighed with relief and ran over to Johnny. You gripped him tight and cried in his shoulder.

“Thank god,” you quietly said.

You let go of Johnny and ran over to Dally and hugged him as well. Even though he didn’t notice, you hugged him for a bit longer.

“What was that for?” Dally asked you.

That is when you explained everything to them. You told them about the dream, how it scared you, and how you thought it was real.

None of them had anything to say. They didn’t know how to respond to that.

After a while you all just talked about it and you figured the gang had had enough of you for one night, so you began you trip home.

“Hey wait up, doll,” you heard a voice yell behind you. You turned around and saw Dally running up to you.

“Can we talk about that dream?” he asked you.

“Look, it was just a dream and I don’t know why it happened but it did. I was worried it was real so I came to check on you and Johnny and it turned out I had just dreamt it. No big deal.”

You started to walk off but Dally grabbed your wrist.

“Don’t leave. I’m still talking to you.”


“Why were you so worried that I died, Y/N?”

“Because you’re my friend. I was so scared that I would have to live the rest of my life without you and Johnny.”

“Oh. And another thing.”


“Did you mean to hug me longer or was I just imagining things?’ He laughed.

“Oh God, you noticed that,” you blushed, putting your head in your hands.

“Yea. Listen, doll, it’s kinda obvious that you’ve got a thing for me. You know that, right?”

“Well now I do.”

“Look, I don’t care. But would you wanna consider being my girl?”

“I thought you were dating Sylvia,” you said in shock.

“The broad was two-timing me while I was in jail, man.”


“So are you in or what? You wanna be my girlfriend or no?”

“Uh, sure. Why not?” you laughed.

A/N: the end! I really hoped you liked this because it literally took me three hours to write. thank you so much for requesting and I am so sorry you had to wait so long. There has been so much going on recently and I just now got around to writing yours since you wanted it to be long and detailed. and btw that ending sucked I am so sorry this probably not at all what you were thinking of. and it looked a lot longer when I was writing it. I apologize this is really bad. :( if you want another imagine, feel free to send in a request at any time!

They Slap You During a Fight *TRIGGER* (BTS)

Requested by the enchanting @poody1608 <3 (BTW guys we DO NOT condone domestic abuse in any way, if it is/has happened to you or you see/hear it happening to someone else, PLEASE HELP OR GET HELP! No one deserves to be treated like that ok)

Feel free to send in requests guys! We do Reactions, Preferences, Fake Texts, and Scenarios! Just tell us who you want, what you want, and how you want it! <3  (MalexFemale, MalexMale, FemalexFemale)

*Don’t own the gifs yo*

Author: Taebaby

NAMJOON: *exhales* Ok. I honeslty think it would be so out of character for him that it might even shock him more than you. There’d be a minute of silence between the two of you until the waterfall of apologies started rushing from his mouth. I feel like (even though you should never do this) it might be easier to get over this bump with him than a few of the others because he’d be so torn up about it himself

YOONGI: Yoongi would just freeze, he really wouldn’t know what to do. Unlike Namjoon, it would actually take him forever to even talk, much less look at you (but you wouldn’t be looking at him either so). Then once he got half his courage back, he’d hit you with a super anguished expression

HOSEOK: If you thought Namjoon would feel torn up about it, you haven’t met Hobi. He would be horrified of himself. He loved you more than anything in the world and never ever dreamed (nightmared) of ever hitting you. He would def start sobbing and he might even try to leave but (and I’ve got a soft spot for this boy) seeing how awfully regretful he was, you’d pull him into a tight hug, stopping him

SEOKJIN: Jin I feel could be a toss up. He’d either get super dissapointed in himself or super angry (you are the one he loves most after all). But mostly I think he’d see himself differently after that incident. He’d beg you to forgive him but he’d understand if you didn’t

JIMIN: (chimchim is such a sweetie why) So He’d be shocked silent as well, just kinda staring at your face and his hand. He’d never been aggressive towards you before (even the rough sex was pretty gentle) so you’d be stunned too. You’d start to walk away from him, but he’d clutch at your arm, begging you to stay (and probably hit him back)

TAEHYUNG: When he saw your frightened, tearful face, he wouldn’t forgive himself. He’d stand there for a minute, feeling like a monster. He wouldn’t try to apologize or touch you, feeling like he didn’t deserve it. He’d leave, but he’d come back if you called out to him

JUNGKOOK: This kid would be so shocked and just confused (almost as if he didn’t realize he did it). In a daze he’d reach out to you, but when you screamed at him and walked away, he’d let you go. He would feel like he didn’t deserve to even be around you


Here’s a phone wallpaper of The Defender of Justice 707! I drew this in hurry because I’ll have a math test and supposed to be studying but lol, I just want to procrastinate on studying I want to thank you for the 100 followers! I’ll do the other RFA members as well after exams, but for now I don’t think i can sneak sometime to draw again because if my parents know that I’m drawing instead of studying they’ll kill me /asian kids screaming/

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if you're still doing ship requests, either clover/phi or aoi/junpei? (and I love your art btw, it's really great!! :D)

Man I love Aoi so damn much, I live for this guy. And I really like drawing happy Jumpy bc he DESERVE TO BE HAPPY!!!!

Thank you anon or your request!

Request are OPEN! Feel free to send me an ask or PM! (FE: Awakening\Fates\Heroes - Zero Escape Trilogy - Danganronpa games - Voltron - TWEWY)

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pearl and D4!!

*sees a rose quartz* 

narrator: ‘it was at that moment pearl realised, she was hella gay’

I tried cam scanner and it doesn’t work that well on pencil but it turned out better than anything else I’ve edited

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anonymous asked:

I dont know if anyone has asked this one yet but please can you write a headcanon with RFA (+V and Saeran) and MC running into MC's ex? But you know, with serious love past, maybe even ex might still love MC. Btw I just LOVE your headcanons I think Im not gonna be able to get out of your blog until I read every single one of them

Omg thank you so much! So sweet ~~ (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

And thank you for your request! I HOPE YOU LIKE IT!

Please feel free to send me a feedback, if this is NOT what you wanted, I’ll do it again in no time!
Any mistakes, report to me


  • You two were walking together through a park, you guys need some air after gaming so much.
  • That day was going so great, you two were laughing, joking, even running around to find each other.
  • While playing hide and seek with Yoosung (In a fucking park) you feel a hand on your should
  • “Okay…You win..My tur–” You look at the person behind you, it was not Yoosung, it was your ex.
  • You guys dated for some time, it was great, until he starts to be a douchebag…But let’s not be too detailed on it.
  • “Oh hey….” “Hey MC” He smiles “You’re beautiful…Seriously…Beautiful”
  • You are blushed now, you didn’t expect that “Thank you...” he laughs.
  • “What were you doing?” “I FOUND YOU MC” Yoosung came running, he looks at the guy, already knowing he was your ex and he hugs you
  • “It’s so good to find MY GIRLFRIEND, you know…I love to play with MY GIRLFRIEND…MC you could have another name you know, it could be…MY GIRLFRIEND”
  • The guy kind of understands so he back off, while Yoosung was looking at him, angry, holding you tightly
  • “Mine…”
  • "Yoosung you can let me go now…”
  • He looks like a grumpy little child.
  • He didn’t let you go until you guys were home.
  • “MC…I’m better than that guy right?”
  • He’s adorable.
  • You kiss his cheek.
  • He’s in heaven now.


  • So, you, him, some walk?Yeah?Let’s go jogging?
  • No, yeah? You’ll go anyway.
  • “HEY MC!” You turn around, your ex.
  • “Oh god MC…You’re so stunning”
  • Zen puts his hand around your waist, pulling you closer, looking angry.
  • “Oh hey…Long time no see.” You said,smiling.
  • Zen knew the guy and knew you two already had been in some serious relationship.
  • He doesn’t like the guy because of this fact.
  • The guy is ignoring his presence, HOW RUDE
  • Well, Zen’s the opposite of the guy, he’s calm, conservative
  • And then the guy kisses your cheek.
  • “ZEN!”
  • He grabs your hand and goes home.
  • When you two got home, he gives you a home lecture about how beasts guys can be and he was the only one gentleman and knight.
  • “But you were the one who punched someone”
  • Seven mode activate?
  • Dramatic.


  • One of your ex-boyfriends visited the cafe.
  • This was not a very comfortable situation.
  • Yeah, not at all.
  • Jaehee doesn’t look happy about it, so she excuses herself saying she need to pick something.
  • You know what is going up.
  • While your ex-was talking to you, you were thinking about Jaehee.
  • “You’re thinking about your friend, right?She seemed upset”
  • “She’s not my friend, she’s my girlfriend”
  • He guy looks really surprised, but before he could say something you go after Jaehee
  • “Hey love…I need your help back there” Jaehee look at you, smiling, understanding.
  • She gets back there and smiles to your ex “So sir, what can i do for you? Want a coffee or something?” She says smiling.
  • She realizes this ex is nothing anymore to you, well…Now it’s a client.


  • He was shopping with you, buying you some dresses, you know.
  • Until one ex touches your shoulder making you look at him, and Jumin too.
  • “Hey!” Your ex said, smiling before you could say anything Jumin replies “Hey.”
  • That was awkward.
  • “Well…Mc, what you were doing?” Your ex said, trying to ignore that...Weird conversation.
  • “I was actually buying some hmm…” You was cut because Jumin starts to kiss your neck, you laugh blushing, looking at your ex “…Buying some dresses!”
  • While your ex was talking about something you were not even listening, Jumin sucked your neck, making a mark there, making you leave a little moan by that.
  • Ok…Things are awkward…This made your ex said goodbye to you.
  • You look at Jumin, wanting some explanation
  •  "Now you have a mark…Everybody will know that you’re mine.“
  • You can’t believe this was his explanation.
  • "I can’t wait to come back home love…I’ll do even more marks”
  • Well, shit.


  • You two were laughing after getting out of a movie theater
  • Your ex stands in front of you when you and Seven were walking.
  • Seven already knew that man…His enemy!
  • Ok, he doesn’t hate the guy, but sometimes he’s a little jealous.
  • That guy already kissed your cherry lips! OMG, all man must die.
  • “MC…Is that you?”
  • “No, this is not MC…This is my girlfriend”
  • You two laughed, your ex is not understanding.
  • “Well…Mc you’re beautiful”
  • “I’m not beautiful…I’m his girlfriend”
  • After some puns, your ex excuse himself.
  • He can’t take this anymore.
  • “Seven…Do you think i’m a dork?You see the way me treat the guy…”
  • “You’re not dork…YOU’RE MY GIRLFRIEND”
  • You two are laughing, and everybody is wondering…
  • After some minutes, you two are running from the securities.


  • Well…He can’t see very well…
  • But he can listen that you were talking to somebody else.
  • He greets that person and let you two talk.
  • He trusts you, he has nothing to worry about.
  • He gives you privacy.
  • When you are back you kiss him on the cheek “Sorry for making you wait.”
  • “It was nothing, my love…” He smiles “But do you mind if i ask…Who was it?”
  • “Oh…My ex” The smile doesn’t fade away from V face 
  • “That one that you already told me?It’s good to know that you guys are good friends”
  • You smile “You’re so precious”
  • He laughs “I’m just a man who loves you”


  • Your ex approached you when Saeran was going to buy an ice cream for you two.
  • He starts to talk about you, getting closer sometimes, but it was all a friendly conversation.
  • When Saeran’s back, he looks at your ex, your ex can see death in his eyes.
  • He takes some steps back from you while Saeran is watching him “I don’t punch you because i’m holding one ice cream”
  • “I have some business to solve…"Your ex runs, while Saeran is looking at him go, how can he be scary holding ice creams?
  • He looks at you and gives your ice cream "Here…Before it melts.” You pick up and he starts to lick his ice cream, enjoying the moment, he got closer to you.
  • You laugh and he looks at you “What?”
  • “You’re so cute Saeran!”
  • He’s red now
  • Someday kid…Someday