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Sho and Garry

Another day, another completed sculpture. He was particularly proud of this heap. The garbage was piled high into a tower reaching to the sky, with even more pieces jutting out of it than usual. The angles were even more perfect than usual, it was definitely some of his best work. Not to mention the wide range of materials, everything from busted up radios and bicycles to hub caps, old computers, and broken street signs.

After a hard days work, Sho decided to deviate from his usual behavior and take a quick nap. It felt like forever since he had slept in the middle of the day, he was usually too busy with calculations and other projects.

Sho closed his eyes and laid back on the heap, letting the sounds of Shibuya fill his ears as he drifted off. But not long after he began to fall asleep, he heard a rustling at the bottom of the heap. He stood up and leaned off the tower precariously to inspect who was down below.