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In honour of the official end of the Harry Potter timeline
ft Professor Minhyuk’s animagus

I can’t believe in the year of our lord, 2017, there are people that are annoyed that abraham woodhull was trying to get his money back after fighting for the cause and nearly dying like every episode.

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Is Cinnamon hyped for Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon?

Cinnamon can’t really play pokemon or things that are operated with small buttons in general. But I’m pretty excited! Have an ultra Cinnamon to celebrate


UPDATE ON UPDATE: did it, I can finally rest.

Date #2 with the old guy

So last night was date number 2 guys. Brace yourselves because this is a long one.

So we started out by going to dinner downtown closer to where I live. We ate and this time I did most of the talking so that concern is gone lol. We talked about work and school and I told him how I’m fundraising to go on a mission trip to an orphanage in Honduras. He said he would donate! I was like “lol no you won’t” and he was like “sure why not? :)” super sweet. We were going to get dessert but it was almost time to see our movie at 7:30 so we skipped dessert and walked to the theater. (He paid for everything btw. My dinner, my glass of wine, the movie, my candy at the theater, everything!) We got to the theater and he took my had as we walked up the stairs so I didn’t trip in my 4 and a half inch heels lol I refuse to wear flats with him because even in my high heels I’m still only up to his chest so if I don’t wear them I’ll be a miniature person in comparison. And I’m not even that short I’m 5'4"!

Anyways we got popcorn and candy and then went into the theater. (We saw Doctor Strange-highly recommend except it was pretty long lol)
As the movie started our hands found each other again and stroked my thumb with his thumb. Eventually our other hands found each other too and we were just holding all hands. Tangled up in each other. He started running his fingers along my forearm and wasn’t even looking at me it was so natural. And he wasn’t doing it hoping to get something out of it, he was just so tender and caring. We kept switching positions, holding hands, then I rested my hand on his bicep (which is very firm btw-that’s half the reason why I did it so I could find out lol. But I would expect nothing less from an ex minor league baseball player) I kept wondering if/when it was going to happen. If we were going to kiss. About midway through the movie I looked at him and he looked at me and we didn’t say anything, just smiled at each other and then it happened. He reached his hand onto my cheek/neck and pulled me in for a kiss. I put my hand on top of his and we had my second movie theater make out session of 2016. But this one was way better. He kissed my lips, my cheeks, my nose. When we pulled away, (side note-I’m literally smiling as I write this I can’t even handle it) we just looked at each other smiling and went back to holding hands and watching the movie. We kissed a few more times during the movie each time just taking each other in.

When the movie ended he asked if I wanted to get ice cream or dessert, since we didn’t get to get any dessert at the restaurant. I was like “sure we can go but I probably won’t eat any” and he said, “It’s really just an excuse to spend more time with you to be honest. We can just walk around the block or something.” So we did. He wrapped me up in his arms at every stop at a crosswalk and I rested my head on his chest. We walked around downtown, sat under a heating lamp at some restaurant and talked and kissed and then got the boot by someone who worked at the restaurant lol. We kept walking around, stopped at a crosswalk to get to the parking garage and as we were waiting for the light to change we wrapped our arms around each other and he started swaying back and forth. Dancing. We were dancing on the sidewalk. I was somewhere between self conscious and wondering if I was in a Nicholas Sparks movie. We crossed the street and walked to my car. He pulled me in close and tight and we kissed for another 5-10 minutes before getting in the car. I had to change out of my heels and into my sneakers to drive because I can’t drive in heels at which he laughed and said “no judgement.” I drove him to the train station and before he got out of course there had to be a goodbye kiss. Which lasted incredibly long. Because every time we tried to say goodbye it just didn’t happen lol. He literally had to like pull himself away and force himself to get out of the car. He waved goodbye and kept looking as I waved and drove off. I left so happy. I haven’t felt someone like me this much in a while. I’ve been just settling for people who kinda like me. But every time he kisses me, or smiles at me, or grabs my hand, I can just see it. I can see his feelings for me and it makes me so happy. Emotional even. (That could be because I’m PMSing but it really did make me emotional!) Because to see someone look at you and smile and like want to be there with you and want to get to know you and want to make you laugh, it’s such a good feeling.

We texted last night and I asked him what he likes about me. I’m so scared of being in another situation where someone just wants my body. Or as bragging rights. Or something. He said, “A lot of things. You’re smart and witty, funny and beautiful and fun to be around.” Nothing about my body and everything about me.

I’m so excited to see him again.

Norman with fans at Nic & Norman’s  - July 10, 2017

paulamollerr  ||  NORMAN REEDUS. AT HIS RESTAURANT. IN SENOIA. I can’t belive it 🙈 now I really know what being starstruck feels like meeting face to face like that😊 He was super nice and friendly!

erikontour  ||  What. A. Day..!  Being huge fans of the walking dead we booked a “zombie tour” around the area where they shoot the show. After the tour (great tour btw) we had dinner at Norman Reedus and Greg Nicotero’s restaurant. And who did we fucking meet there!? #NormanReedus  #GregNicotero and  #RobertKirkman ! Greg told us he had invited Kirk as well but he couldn’t be there. How crazy is that? We need to go home and rewatch all the seasons again. Awesome day. Tomorrow evening we’re flying home to Sweden again.


The one thing you can’t replace - Good omens 

Because I saw @ragaynarok was making a salt & pepper dinner (btw you should totally watch it) animation and I checked the comedian and found this masterpiece and I just had to. First time I animated anything… not THAT bad, mind you. Also sketcky af but thats okay xD

Crowley just wants to watch the world burn.

I had more fun than I expected… perhaps I’ll make more of this.

I just baked for five hours straight lmao I am DEAD

In Which (of all people) Alice Cooper Learns Juggie is Homeless and Decides to Rescue Him
  • Alice (storms into the Andrews House): there you are!!! All right, get your things, Forsythe, you're leaving. You will NOT be living here!
  • Fred: Is this because he's Betty's boyfriend and you don't want her with a homeless teen?
  • Alice: Of course not!
  • Fred: But he doesn't have any place to live!!
  • Alice: Yes he does---my guest room. I'm certainly not going to allow the likes of you and your SON to corrupt this fine young man, who helped fix my family and is so devoted to my daughter!
  • Fred: but his father is a Serpent...
  • Alice: unlike yourself, Fred Andrews...I do not hold such things against people! Perhaps if you hadn't been so quick to judge and send this poor boy's family into destitution, none of that would've happened, now would it have? I hold YOU responsible, not poor Forsythe
  • Fred: I.....uhhhh......
  • Alice: come with me, you poor lost lamb. What do you want for dinner? BTW, ground rules, "Jughead", I've bought Betty a brand new chastity belt, but I also know someone of your character and no ginger hair would never stoop to the level of a Jason or an Archie.....My, you DO like the color black, don't you?
Manorian Baby Headcanons

Manorian baby Headcanons Because I’m obsessed and unashamed (If you want any other ship or Headcanons just ask because I ship like everything due to my apparent addiction to pain)

Feysand Nessian Rowaelin


-So pregnant Manon. Terrifying before, unfathomable now.

-She found out after she goes to ride Abraxos and he starts smelling her all weird like and then refuses to take her flying. She’s like ‘this is your fucking job take me flying you shit’. The next day she realises that she is very late and whoops that’s what happens when you have unprotected sex with a man that you can’t keep your hands off.

-She’s happy but nervous. She can’t help but think about Asterin and her baby and how she lost it. She stopped the practise of exiling witches who’s witchlings died as soon as she became clan leader, but she’s not nervous about that. She’s nervous about telling Dorian they were going to have a child just to break his heart if it didn’t make it.

-Dorian finds out its in the most mundane way possible. Like an 'oh yeah I’m pregnant btw’ over dinner.

-He doesn’t say anything for a good 5 minutes. Just stares at her.

-Then he starts crying.

-Then he runs to tell Chaol because this is one of the biggest moments of his life and wait he should probably go talk to Manon first.

-So Manon is this piece of work complete Bitch to anyone who even dares to come near her while she’s carrying not just the heir to the throne of Adarlan but also the heir to the Blackbeaks. Except for her thirteen of course.

-Even Dorian was wary of her for a total of 5 minutes before he realised he was being an idiot and went up to her and kissed her harder than he ever had before.

-Asterin is a blubbering mess when she finds out and is so excited and insists on having a baby shower but Manon is like 'I’m only a few weeks pregnant that is excessive and I’m right thanks see ya’ but then reconsiders when she thinks about what happened to Asterin and why she is so excited and decides that Asterin can do this one thing.

-As Manon gets bigger it’s gets harder and harder for her to sleep. She’s awake constantly which effects her more than she would like. Eventually her and Dorian find the perfect position to sleep in (her slightly on her side with her arms around him and him being on his back. He also plays with her hair which she denies she like but the girl lives for it seriously).

-Manon knows that they’re having a girl. There is no question about it. She’s a witchling and her eyes are going to be fully gold just like her mum.

-Towards the end of her pregnancy her and Dorian start receiving baby gifts from all across Erilea. Dorian happily opens them, storing away what they’ll use (like unnecessarily fashionable baby clothing curtesy of Aelin) and donating the things they don’t want (“why the fuck did they send us a cat?! We don’t need a cat. Feed it to the Wyverns.” “We’re not feeding to the Wyverns my Love I’ll just give it to Nesryn for her family farm.” “If you insist but I bet Abraxos would love it.” “We both know he’s far more likely to become best friends with it darling.”)

-Dorian is thrilled to be having a baby. He misses having a family and hopes that he’ll be a better father than the King ever was.

-He’s also a tad nervous because it’s not like he’s had the best father figures to look up to as he grew up. His father was Shit, Chaol’s father was an idiot. He wants to do the best for his child but he doesn’t know what the best is.

-Manon is fierce when it comes to continuing to be independent despite the fact that she’s pregnant.

-She’s with her thirteen planning a reconstruction of the wastes when there’s a sharp pain through her abdomen. She tries to ignore it (she’s knows that she has most likely gone into labour and it can fucking wait she’s not due for 2 weeks and she has work to do) but can’t when she starts bleeding. A lot.

-She’s taken to a healer straight away by Asterin and she’s screaming for Dorian and where the fuck is Elide she said she was going to be there for the birth to help her and the pain is waaaayy to much and she passes out.

-That’s how Dorian finds her. In a small cottage of the closest healer, any colour to her already pale face gone. Dorian nearly can’t walk in. It looks like she’s dead.

-But it takes a lot more than that to bring down Manon bloody Blackbeak.

-When the birth is over and Manon is resting after losing so much blood, Dorian has some time alone with his precious baby girl.

-She’s colourless except for the rosy redness to her cheeks. Even her hair was as white as the moon. Except when she opens her eyes, Dorian is shocked to see one is startling gold, and the other is a crystalline blue

. -He knows his baby girl is going to be a heartbreaker, but it’s doesn’t matter because he’s never letting any boys near her anyway.

  -everyone is a bit on edge to see how Manon handles being a mother, but like everything she does, she is a total badass at it.

-She also cries, for the first time in years, when she gets to hold her daughter for the first time. She can’t stop telling how much she loves her and how she’ll always take care of her no matter what.

  -Dorian is a better father than anyone could’ve expected. He takes to it so naturally.

-Dorian likes to walk her around (never in a stroller he always carries her) and introduce her to his employees, but also to the people of Rifthold. As much as he loves Manon, his people were still a bit nervous about the extremely powerful witch, but somehow their strange little family makes perfect sense to everyone.

-he got an awful lot of reminders that “your highness, in no way am I trying to impose, but don’t you think it’s time to ask her to marry you?” Ah yes he should really get around to that.

-When the baby is 8 months old she starts to walk. However, she likes to do it when people aren’t looking so no one really realises she’s doing it. She’s being babysat by her Aunty Nes and Uncle Chaol when she just wanders off without them noticing and manages to get all the way to the Wyvern yard. Chaol freaks out and tells the guard instantly to start looking for her because oh my gods he lost his best friends child.

-When she’s found she is snuggled up with Abraxos sleeping after her big adventure.

  -Despite the blunder Manon still lets Chaol near her child. As long as another responsible adult is there of course.

  -In his daughters whole first year, she never sleeps away from Dorian. The war only ended a mere year before her birth, and he’s too nervous to let her out of her sight incase something happens.

-so behold his shock when he comes home to Manon telling her Asterin has taken the Bub for a night and if she has to go one more day without having sex with the love of her life she’s gonna lose it.


-When there done the sun is coming up and Dorian can’t think of a better time to propose to her.

  -She says yes.

my top 3 zodiac otps
  • taurus/cancer:
  • both like stability and comfort in a relationship!! they also both don't just date anyone; when they date, it's because they see themselves with this person for a while. so in this relationship there wont be any lack of commitment that they both so crave! they'd want to do everything together like brushing teeth and studying and taking showers and sleeping and reading and baking and partying and hanging out with friends and watching tv and playing games and kissing and cuddling and SEX-ING (which would be awesome btw)!! they'd cook dinner together while dancing to the radio. sickeningly sweet and perfect. it's all very domestic. crazy possessive and get jealous over the dumbest shit. they don't typically mind the other being jealous because it just assures them of how much they love them. their relationship is just so deeply passionate and effortless at the same time. just meant to be.
  • capricorn/aquarius:
  • aquarius admires structure (doesn't always use it) and capricorn lives off of it. capricorn takes care of their aquarius and keeps them on track. all the while aquarius adores being pampered by their capricorn. aquarius is like capricorn's safety in which capricorn feels they can be who they really are with them!!! they both have special somethings reserved for each other; smiles, gestures, faces, voices, touches, pet names. so cute you wouldn't even complain if you happened to catch the way capricorn looks at their aquarius and the way aquarius' eyes sparkle when they notice their capricorn staring at them with pure adoration. i could go on forever about this pair. or how capricorn could be going off on someone about something they did wrong and if aquarius screwed up the same thing they would be coddled and told "it's ok, baby, we all make mistakes." they just unexpectedly fit together and match up like legos.
  • scorpio/pisces:
  • THIS IS SO SWEET JUST LISTEN!!!! big bad scorpio and innocent sweet little pisces balancing each other out. ADORABLE! a scorpio would do anything for their pisces. pisces tames their scorpio and truly brings out the best in them. pisces is comforted by scorpio's nearly predatory claim on them, too. pisces loves being the only one able to calm scorpio down and help them stay that way. their relationship is kinda like a tightrope with scorpio hanging onto pisces for dear life while pisces gently coaxes scorpio down the rope. it's difficult for pisces to find balance within themselves but once they realize scorpio could use a little stability, they immediately are able to spread themselves out evenly to teach their scorpio to trust others and themselves. when scorpio falls off the rope there's another part of pisces there to catch them at the bottom. pisces learns through teaching others and within their relationship they will grow along with their scorpios. love it.
courtship period
  • Kizashi: Okay Sasuke, if i will allow you to, where would you like to kiss my daughter?
  • Smooth Sasuke: our wedding ceremony.

Nokkuso: well done on the Dinner Party in Nagoya!
it was nice to meet all the people after not being in Nagoya for a while ☺☺

tomorrow’s Fukuoka!
we also have photobook release event before it, so come there too, if you please ☺☺