Does it seem to anyone else that in BtVS Season 10, Christos Gage is sneakily revisiting a lot of things that should logically have proceeded from Season 8, and were brushed under the carpet in Season 9?  The government’s deep suspicion of Slayers, for example?  And the current public reaction to vampires and the supernatural seems a lot more believable than the mindless adulation of anything with fangs in Season 8.  But most of all, this:

This is what should have happened when the Seed of Wonder was destroyed.  A lot of people thought that the Seed of Wonder’s destruction would lead directly into the magic-less Fray future.  The fact that the writers wussed out, and nothing much really changed when magic as a whole was supposedly destroyed made it difficult to believe a lot of the premises of Season 9.  I mean, yeah, sure, Willow told us that the world was dying without magic, but we saw precious little hard evidence of that.

Gage ain’t perfect, but at least he’s willing to play for real stakes.