some faith lehane thoughts that make me want to cry in amends:
  • faith putting up a strand of christmas lights in her motel room
  • faith changing her mind about going to buffy’s because she doesn’t actually want to be alone on christmas eve
  • faith finding presents for buffy & joyce
  • faith wrapping up her presents in old newspapers
  • faith wanting so much to be accepted by buffy & her family that she tries to dress like a ~normal~ girl
  • faith hesitating on the doorstep before she rings the bell
  • faith drinking egg nog with the summers family in a warm house
  • faith standing on the front porch and letting the snow fall on her face
For those of you who read my recaps...

I watched The Body a few days ago, but I can’t bring myself to write the recap. Would you guys hate me if I just skip it? I just don’t know how to go about it or how to make myself write it…

I honestly don’t feel good about skipping a recap. I’ve never done it before. And as painful as it is, The Body is one of my favorite episodes. But… I haven’t posted anything new in over a week. And I think that has a lot to do with the emotional impact of this episode. First, I had to force myself to watch it. And now it’s been three or four days since I watched it and I can’t bring myself to write the recap…

Thoughts? Ideas? Comments? Some motivation left to spare? 

Aesthetic: Jenny Calendar

(for @callistofisto, because a lot of this Character Exploration I’ve been doing for Jenny is thanks to her)

Ok as much as I love Killer Frost

I’m 110% over the whole “good girl goes bad and that means she puts on a revealing outfit and gets super sexual with her dialogue, movements, romantic partners, and random enemies.” Over and over again, heroic women are prudish and evil women are openly sexual, sexually liberated even, and the narrative keeps pushing that sexually liberated women are dangerous and deadly and like, have to be stopped.







Like is it so much to ask that when a woman goes to the dark side she doesn’t undergo the “Little Mary Sunshine” song from Reefer Madness? That’d be swell. 

Or y’know some of them could, but some of them could also not, and some of the heroic women could be sexually liberated without being evil. That would also fix this issue. 

Feel free to add your own examples, I just used the ones I’m most familiar with. I know there’s plenty more. 

notthebubblegumbitch  asked:

I fully agree about the back and forth thing of Spuffy in the comics. I love Angel, and I shipped Bangel during the seasons it featured, but to me it's over, they showed a million times it wouldn't work, they've had whole seasons and one offs that always ended with it not working. Spike and Buffy never REALLY got to be in a relationship until in the comics recently and if you ask me it needs to be stuck with, Bangel has BEYOND had it's time to shine, and every time it ultimately fails.

Yeah… I completely understand why the people who like it ship it, but it’s like… even when Buffy and Spike are being destructive, they only hurt each other.  When Buffy and Angel are destructive, the entire world suffers.  :P

RE: The Body Recap

Thanks to everyone who commented on my previous post, I really appreciate your support and thoughtfulness. 

I am not going to write the recap for this episode because for some reason I can’t bring myself to do it. However, I don’t want to skip the recap altogether because I’m a control freak, tbh.

Some of your comments and suggestions made me think of a way for me to deliver a recap without having to actually write it myself. And I need your help to do it.

Let’s do a MASS COOPERATION recap for this episode. 

If there’s a particular scene, character, bit of dialogue, behind the scenes fact, anything, from this episode you’d like to analyse and share your thoughts with the BTVS fandom, submit them to my blog. (make sure you go to the “submit” section and not the “ask” section, since “submit” allows you to write as much as you want.) 

Then I’ll make a post with all the submissions and hopefully we’ll have ourselves a recap for this episode. I’ll tag everyone who collaborates and I’ll try to organize the submissions following the order of events in the episode.