btvs: season 7

Season 7 queens as family members at a barbecue

Ginger Minj: The know it all family member that tries to one-up you at the barbecue

Kennedy Davenport: The annoying aunt that refuses to leave the barbecue and keeps telling you stories about her cats

Pearl: The introverted cousin who has too much to drink at the barbecue and strips on the table

Violet Chachki: The black sheep of the family who nobody else seems to like but you love her to death and she’s the twisted sister that always has your back

Katya: The stoner mom who gives the best life advice, but shows up at the barbecue drunk and brags about all the guys she’s slept with

Trixie Mattel: The cool aunt that everybody applauds when she arrives the the barbecue. She makes the best potato salad and you can’t eat enough

Miss Fame: The “supermodel” aunt that loves you to death and always supports you whatever, but you’re pretty sure she runs a cockfighting ring in her basement

JDF: The one that eats the rest of the food so nobody feels bad

Max Malanaphy: The cool grandma who brings you gifts and chocolate and you can’t stop hugging her because she won’t stop complimenting you and you’re sad to see her leave so you beg your parents to let you have a sleepover at her place

Kandy Ho: The adopted cousin who’s still trying to learn English and constantly irritates everybody with her shade, but you know what she’s pretty cool anyways

Mrs Kasha Davis: The aunt that brings her sugar daddy to the barbecue and eats all the food in an inappropriate fashion, but she’s a tough old bird

Jasmine Masters: The aunt that everybody seems to be really happy around despite the general mood

Sasha Belle: The one that everybody seems to forget for some reason, but she’s ultra adorable and you love sitting right next to her at the barbecue

Tempest Dujour: The grandma that rocks the karaoke machine and dances like a damn superstar but you miss her fried chicken