btvs: season 2


Izzie: Everyone who is entered into the transplant program is clocked in to the second… to the second. Denny, you were clocked in to the second and so was the other guy. I checked with UNOS. The difference between when you entered the program and when he entered the program is 17 seconds. That’s it, Denny. 17 seconds. I mean, that’s not even the length of a decent kiss. So, this other guy? I’m not saying that he doesn’t deserve this heart. I’m sure he does. But so do you. So do you. And if you tell me anymore crap about heading towards the light or looking down on me from heaven, I swear, I will kill you myself right now.

Episode 21B: Scrambled Ed

Welcome to ‘Scambled Ed’!  This is another of my favorite episodes, and one of the first to focus on Edd.  It even has a good deal of kid-moments.  However, it’s heavily gag-driven, so I can’t imagine there’s as much to analyze as the last few episodes!

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Titled in reference to ‘Scrambled Eggs’, because that’s breakfast and the episode’s about waking up Edd.  The title card also makes a connection to the premise by showing a farmhand waking up and throwing a shoe at the cliche sunrise rooster.

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