btvs song


Stage one, initialise: “Small wins of time”
To wine and dine with neurons that know how to love

Me, the machine

Can dream


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You’re the one that I need / I’m the one that you loathe


buffyverse femslash week:

day seven → free space
tillow + hunger
by ross copperman
for @empresslilah

It’s like a hunger in me and it’s never ending
And I’ll b u r n for you

moment of silence for the missed opportunities in once more with feeling without cordelia, oz and faith

  • faith expecting herself to have some hardcore rock ballad if anything but it ends up being a slow, sad ballad about craving acceptance and validation and the whole time she’s trying to shut herself up through various techniques like holding her hands over her face and sticking her face underwater but she won’t stop fucking sINGING
  • cordelia is getting SO impatient waiting for her bursting-into-song moment that she just starts singing everything without needing to. when she Finally gets her moment and the music starts swelling for her, she coughs, and realizes she’s lost her voice. fu ck.
  • oz. my man oz. it doesn’t affect him but no one else seems to notice?? and every time there’s a group number when the camera focuses on him it just goes Dead Silent. no singing. every scene, every song– he just looks into the camera like he’s on the office.

I know you don’t like what you see
But I’m not going back to how I used to be

buffyverse femslash week >> missing scenes day | Bad Girls dance floor kiss 

Because she thinks it’s fun to have no remorse
She gets what she wants and then walks away
And she doesn’t give a fuck what you might say

does anybody else ever get emotional bc like in btvs s1 we see cordy singing alone, no one seems to be around to support her and pretty much the only person paying attention to her is giles who is Forced to be there and shuts her down midway through her song.

and then, 4 years later

buffyverse femslash week ❤completely au day

 Ex-lovers Encounter inspired by this gifset and Sometime Around Midnight

And it starts
Sometime around midnight
Or at least that’s when you lose yourself
For a minute or two

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