btvs ships

for femslash week, day #1 (late)

pairing: faith/mai
summary: faith and mai bond while faith gets in a little target practise. Angel & Faith 10x06 extended scene.
a/n: up until “Better,” this fic is a novelization of the comic scene in question, so that it can be read w/o knowledge of the comics. context: faith is on a rescue mission to save riley, along with a group of other slayers. 

Faith’s practising her shooting when Mai approaches.

There you are,” she says. “I’ve been looking all over.”

“Sorry,” Faith says. She keeps shooting at the target. And missing. “Didn’t know I was missing.”

Mai looks at the bullet holes, amused. “I’m guessing nobody ever taught you to shoot.”

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shipper meme: (1/8) established relationships (canon in the comics) | dawn summers/xander harris (btvs) 

dawn has loved me her whole life. it’s not unweird, knowing her since she was little, and i do feel a tad bit humbert humbert… or henry higgins — i can never remember which is which… but she’s grown. and shrunk. she’s not the same. i’m kind of in love with her.


“But you and Spike…”

Had a thing.”

“Didn’t last.”