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And all your little lame-ass friends are gonna be Kibbles ‘n Bits. Think about that when your boyfriend’s cuttin’ into you.

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You do realize that Nicole dying and being resurrected would be the most logical direction for this plotline setup and it is just as much a subversion of BYG as the bulletproof vest, especially if they're doing BTVS references, right

i didn’t say it wasn’t a subversion, i said i didn’t have time for subversion

i’m not interested in being put through the experience of watching a lesbian woman die on my television again, especially from a cast/crew that has been as vocal and direct about byg as this one has. it doesn’t matter if she comes back to life. she’d still have died, and we’d all still have panicked, and that terrifying sinking feeling is not something that they should be triggering for the sake of suspense or subversion or any sort of “”forward-thinking.””

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Isn't it heartbreaking that when Angel heard that Buffy died he probs thought how useless his sacrifice in iwry was?

(both a reaction gif to this ask because it gave me a wop of feels - and I agree, I always thought he must have thought that… he sacrificed the chance for true happiness and the love of his life so selflessly… he couldn’t do it, knowing it meant she’d die sooner… and then a year and a half later, she’s dead… and I always feel like he must of, at some point thought “THIS was more time?”. I also use this gif because I imagine this is basically how he reacted when he saw her again. Crying and Hugging… and intensity. Oh how I wish we got that scene!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)