READ the (canon-confirmed) post-series Buffy comics:
A Buffyverse comics guide

ANGEL: After the Fall (read online
ANGEL & FAITH: Season 9 (runs parallel to btvs s9) (read online) (download) (buy)
ANGEL & FAITH: Season 10 (runs parallel to btvs s10) (read online) (download) (buy)
BTVS: Season 8 (read online) (download) (buy)
BTVS: Season 9 (read online) (download) (buy)
BTVS: Season 10 (read online) (download) (buy)
BTVS Season 11: (current season!) (read online) (buy)
RILEY: Commitment through Distance, Virtue through Sin (buy)
SPIKE: A Dark Place: (buy)
WILLOW: Wonderland (download) (buy)

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