btvs confessions

I will never understand Bangel. When Angel doesn’t have a soul he’s a mindless killer who loses the ability to love as well as all other traces of humanity. When he does have a soul he’s manipulative and borderline emotionally abusive. Spike, on the other hand, is still a pretty decent guy even when he doesn’t have a soul. He’s made mistakes, big ones, but let’s not forget that he loved Buffy enough to be tortured into earning a soul. Angel would have never done that for her.

I don’t think that Andrew was ever particularly evil. I think he just wanted some excitement in his life and Warren’s Trio gave him that. I also think that seeking refuge in Buffy’s household suited him more as then he was in an exciting environment without being the bad guy.

I always thought that Fuffy had potential. Even though Buffy was with Angel at the time, and loved him, I always felt that she was at least attracted to Faith. That’s one relationship I wish they’d explored more deeply.

I really hated how Oz was written out of the show. He was pretty much the best boyfriend ever, and then the second a female werewolf shows up, he betrays Willow. I’m glad that had him come back and be accepting of Willow’s relationship with Tara, but it still wasn’t quite enough for me.

I appreciate that Buffy and Spike were pretty much the only pair to not have sex in the Touched episode. It was a wonderful change from their destructive season six relationship, and showed how both of them were different from the previous season.

When I first watched BTVS I shipped both Spuffy and Bangel hard. However, the older I get I really hope that there is another man out there for Buffy besides a guy who tries to rape her and one who’s just completely unavailable.

I’m actually disturbed by how many people ship Spuffy. It would eb fine if it was strictly Spuffy when Spike had a soul, but clearly most of the Spuffy shippers also ship them when he doesn’t have a soul, even thought they were clearly written as massively unhealthy and destructive. I’m not surprised though, since these are probably the same shippers who let Delena ruin Vampire Diaries.

The show was so ahead of its time in their portrayal of gay relationships. Willow and Tara were never treated as a gimmick or controversy sideshow, but just as a casual romance like any other. People today forget how rare and bold an achievement that was when the show was still airing.

I realize that this is a crack pairing, but I like to ship Willow with Drusilla. Something about her and Buffy having vampire lovers makes me smile. I also like to imagine that Willow can understand everything she is trying to say and, after having violence in her relationships as a vampire, Willow is very tender towards Dru. Of course, Dru becomes her over protective girlfriend.