Happy Pride

Some main LGBTQA+ Buffyverse Characters

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(I know the last three are ambiguous or only implied but I’m counting them)


Woweee, buffy prom was so much fun! There was a glory and ben! And a vamp willow who had the same name as me???? This world - I can’t believe there was an event like this and I got to attend, I was in such a good mood the whole night bc I was just so happy to be in a place with other buffy fans, eep!!!

Also making this post mostly so I can thank @gay4maclay for low key helping me and answering all of my long, weird anon questions about this cosplay - thank you!!!!!! Lots of help!!

I also won second place in the costume contest 😛

The Doctor: *regenerates*

Sherlock: *dies and comes back*

Sam Winchester: *dies and comes back*

Dean Winchester: *dies a lot and comes back*

Castiel: *dies and comes back*

Loki: *dies and comes back*

Harry Potter: *dies and comes back*

Professor X: *dies and comes back*

Buffy: *dies and comes back*

Superman: *dies and comes back*


Merlin: …Arthur?

Arthur: *loading please wait*