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30 day BJD challenge | day 18 & 19 | Companies

What is your favourite company? And what is your least favourite?

Well, first and foremost, and this is probably a very common answer, forever Volks. They’re THE original BJD company. I’ve been to the Tenshi no Sato twice and visited various Sumikas during my 2 trips to Japan like a pilgrimage. Luc, Eloise, and Tomy are SD13s. They have many items of Volks clothing, including some Volks x BTTSB and Volks x h.Naoto sets. The word Dollfie is a Volks word. SD and MSD are Volks terms. 

Don’t look at the dolls at Volks, they are often bland and boring. Look at the owner pics. They have so much potential. They are incredibly photogenic. They are sturdy and stand like rocks. They pose well. Volks! o/

Another favourite company is Doll Chateau. They make really interesting dolls. These guys are not going for realistic at all, they experiment with the ball jointed possibilities. Their dolls have antlers and spider bodies. They have extra joints in their wrists and neck. This is art. Helleboria and Rumina are from Doll Chateau.

I’m getting more and more convinced that it’s not quite my personal aesthetic, but I do love the Popovy Sisters. For one, they are a prime example of the amazing doll things that are happening in Eastern Europe. Their dolls are stunning quality and exquisitely beautiful. This too is art. Gloria is a Popovy Sisters Bony.

Not a doll company but I want to mention Dollheart. They make the most amazing outfits. Sure, sometimes they go crazy and put frill upon frill with beads on top, but their quality is uncontested and their more subdued stuff is wonderful. I actually have 2 sets from them on the way as I type this ;p From the top of my head I already have here: 2 Fers (purple and grey), Solomon Grundy (Born on a Monday), Shardgel, Duchess, and Obsidian Crown. Plus some random items. I have visited their showroom in Hong Kong!

Least favourite. Every single doll company has its merits. Some may not be to my taste but who cares. The companies that I dislike are the recasters. The amoral assholes who take other people’s ideas and copy them for easy profit. Recasts are theft. Support BJD artists.