bttf iii

A classic scene from a classic ytp…

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What I love about Doc falling in love is that it’s prefaced with Doc going “women are the greatest mystery in the universe” and it’s setting it up Doc and Clara’s relationship to be a stereotypical man trying to figure out what the woman wants and the woman being “confusing” and “speaking a language that men can’t understand”. But it isn’t that at all. They just get each other and there’s no trying to figure women out, at no point does is Doc confused by her or trying to understand what it is she wants. She’s not a puzzle for him to try and put together. The beauty of Doc falling in love is that it shows that women aren’t a mystery, that they’re people who can be just as deeply passionate about the things that you are. All it took was for Doc to actually get to know a woman to realise that they’re not a mystery.


Unused Poster Concepts for Back to the Future Part lll (1990) By Drew Struzan