I was gonna say Listen Up but then I thought you’d think this was about Darren Criss…

Tonight on Side B Radio, this super cool band that I know, Beneath The Sun is TAKING OVER THE SHOW!

You may be asking what does this mean exactly?

Well, basically, they are joining me live in studio (aka my bedroom), and we are playing songs THEY PICK and we are gonna chat and you’re gonna get to know all about them.

Beneath the Sun is Phil Evans, Anthony Evans, Caleb Schultz, and Joe Mauti. Some of them were previously in School Boy Humor.

The show goes live at 8pm eastern on

The chatroom is:

ALSO for the first time we will be incorporating GOOGLE HANGOUT so that you can WATCH as well as LISTEN.

More details on that part later, but the benefit of WATCHING is that you’ll get to see the behind the scenes- what WE are doing while YOU are listening to the music! ya dig?

This is a big deal, please reblog/share/tweet/tell ALL YOUR FRIENDS!

Let’s party tonight!