Keren is Btseyti’s absolute favorite city to visit in Eritrea. 

Keren, which is a mountain city, is the second largest city in Eritrea with a population of nearly 150,000. It is home to the Bilen tribe, whom are Muslim and Catholic. The name Keren means highland. Keren is a major agricultural center and boasts the most delicious fruits and vegetables. 

At one time Keren boasted not one but two railway stations. One of them now serves as a central bus station, where you can catch a bus to travel to Asmara, Nakfa or even Barentu. 

Keren was also the setting to key World War II battles between the Italians and the British in the early 1940s. 

We can’t wait to go back and visit. 



“Ten things I want to say to a Black woman”…

A favorite poem of ours for the past three years when this video first appeared on YouTube. There are many variations of this poem now, but the most powerful is the original live version. Bravo, Joshua Bennett. 



Saba Sebhatu with discussion on women role in the diaspora and in Eritrea and also her experience as a communication strategist and program coordinator for Peacebuilding Center of the Horn of Africa based in Asmara,Eritrea. 

This interview is such a breath of fresh air.