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BTS as things my friends and I say.
  • <p> <b>Jin:</b> Honestly, sometimes I get overwhelmed at how pretty I am.<p/><b>Yoongi:</b> (car passes by) fucking run me over, I dare you.<p/><b>Hoseok:</b> Is2g I will break my neck if I do that flip.<p/><b>Namjoon:</b> So if our cells keep generating are we still the same person?<p/><b>Jimin:</b> I'm like an okay potato, not too cute but also not to hot like French fries.<p/><b>Taehyung:</b> I want a tattoo (a day later) I GOT A TATTOO.<p/><b>Jungkook:</b> fite me weeb.<p/></p>
So #saunamaksu just started trending in twitter because of this:

You don’t know where that pic is from? Let me help you

It’s the first picture BTS uploaded from Finland. How do we know it’s from Finland? Behind of Jimin is a sign which says saunamaksu 5€ in Finnish. It means Sauna fee: 5€ (5.5$). We were so happy to finally get one picture of them in Finland so we kind of accidentally started trending #saunamaksu with these.

“I need 5€ for sauna”

“Now we can go to sauna, the sauna fee is paid” This is really hard to translate, it’s 100x funnier in finnish.

“I’ll pay for your sauna”

“When seagull stole your 5€ and you can’t go to sauna”

“Guys, it’s time for sauna”

“Jimins pockets are empty because of the 5€ sauna fee”

“When you pay 5€ sauna fee and realize that you can’t afford a towel”

“I’m the most badass wrapper Min Suga who uses 3 dollar chains. Why would i pay any sauna fees”

When you can finally afford the sauna fees VS When you realize you’ll need a towel too.

Bangtan Boys had a vacation in Finland. Did. They Rememer. The sauna fee?

When you can’t get a grip of your life because of #saunamaksu and #pyyhemaksu (towel fee)

When the sauna fee is too much but you are damn desperate.

“BTS armylaine we did it again”

All 4 most tweeted tags in Finland are now related to BTS

I’m done with Finnish Armys. 

The adventures of #BTSinFinland part 1 part 2

No eyes for you. 01

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Jimin x reader

Gender: Male x Female
Genre: Highschool/college au, angst, fluff, smut.
Warning: -
Word count: 1989 words

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Summary: Having a crush on your best friend’s sister was already hard enough for Jimin especially when Jungkook made clear his sister was off limits. The idea of his older sister dating on of his friends made him feel sick. Lucky for him he didn’t have to worry about that since Y/N made clear that she didn’t have eyes for high schoolers no matter what.  
But things might change when he hears his named being moaned out in the shower.

“Can you believe him?” Y/N half-yelled. 

“Would you be mad if I said I did?” Y/N locked eyes with the black haired driver, despite the situation he looked like he was having fun

“I would explode, Yoseob.” She said in a joking manner, only Yoseob was sure it would happen.
Turning his attention back on the road. “You should go in here.” Y/N pointed towards the left at the upcoming interchange, Yoseob was no stranger to Y/N’s house but the way there was still a blur for him. Nodding Yoseob turned on his signal light indicating to whoever was still on the road at 2 in the morning that he was going left.

Once the highway turned into a residential area it wasn’t soon until both Y/N and Yoseob heard the faint sound of music blasting into the night. The two of them let out a disappointed sigh.
“Kids these days.” Y/N mumbled “and one of them is your little brother.”
“Ha ha, not funny Yoseob.” Yoseob couldn’t help but let out a chuckle, but that lasted only for a few seconds. Turning around the corner the two were greeted with flashing red and blue lights and a bunch of teenagers running into different directions. One of them having a familiar red jacket on that failed to escape the grasp of the police. “For the love of-” Within the blink of an eye Y/N was out the black SUV and marched her way towards the police who were pushing her little brother against their car with force. “Hey excuse me!” She yelled out earning the attention of the two agents along with her brother who looked both relieved and afraid.

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