The all new Festival of Fantasy Parade debuted at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom yesterday. 

I LOVE the swinging Tangled float (how fun would it be to be Flynn Rider?!) and Prince Phillips new outfit! I like that they also included Elsa and Anna - a last minute addition I believe. I also love how Dopey is up on the shoulders of another dwarf!

Bit disappointed with the soundtrack though…..

"To hold the Taylor name is simple: Just be who you are and be willing to help others" Drag Family Trees interviews the legendary Bob Taylor
We were honored to interview Bob Taylor– Former Continental and USofA pageant promoter, social media director of All Starr Management, and Central Florida drag scene celebrity. He is the creator and father of the Taylor drag family and has touched the lives of many drag performers all over the country. Read on to learn how he got involved in the drag scene and hear his words of wisdom to up and coming queens. Name: Bob Taylor Age: old enough to know better than to answer this …lol Location: Melbourne Beach, FL Home Bar(s) or Venues: Parliament House Pageants or Companies: Former Continental and USofA Promoter and All Starr Management

Drag Family Trees: What was your first encounter with live drag? Bob: 1983 in Savannah Georgia. I saw and met Lady Chablis at The Who’s Who Nightclub. Drag Family Trees: How did you get started working in the drag industry? Bob: During college, I went to the infamous Rene’s Lounge in Tampa one night and Tiffani Middlesexx literally pulled me off the dance floor and offered me a back up dancer position with her and the cast, which consisted of Chena Kelly, Bobbie Lake, Lakesha Lucky, Middlesexx, Peter Fernandez and Simplicity Heart.

Drag Family Trees: What do you consider your role in the drag industry? Bob: Well, that position has changed over the years… Currently I feel that I am considered a mentor to up and coming entertainers.

Drag Family Trees: How did you make a name for yourself? Bob: By listening and learning from the best in the business. I always paid attention and understood that the roads had been paved for me just as my generation has paved the way for many up and comers.

Drag Family Trees: What first attracted you to pageantry? Bob:  I attended my first Miss Florida FFI Pageant in 1986 and witnessed Candi Stratton, Mahogany,  Bobbie Lake and many more Goddesses compete. I was awe struck. I had never seen so much beauty and glamour before. I knew I was destined to be involved in some way or another. Drag Family Trees: What is the most rewarding part of working with drag pageantry? Bob: Seeing other people’s dreams come true. 

Drag Family Trees: What is the hardest part? Bob: Experiencing my friends not do as well as they had hoped (only one can win, ya know).

Drag Family Trees: Any funny pageant stories? Bob: Too many to tell here!! 

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Drag Family Trees: Tell us about the Taylor family and what it means to hold the Taylor name? Bob: You mean the “Cult” as many a hater likes to call it? Lol. I learned a long time ago that we as entertainers in the gay community may or may not have a support system (i.e. family, friends, or whatever).  It was my intention to give the younger generation a place to “belong” and to have a family that could help guide them into great lives in the entertainment arena. To hold the Taylor name is simple…. just be who you are and be willing to help others. Drag Family Trees: Why do you believe drag houses and families are important? Bob: Houses help the younger generation learn about the past and the history of the community and gay entertainment. 

Drag Family Trees: Has drag helped you overcome any life obstacles? Bob: I can’t honestly say that it has helped me overcome any…. BUT… I can most assuredly tell you that it has sent many obstacles my way.

Drag Family Trees: What appeals to you overall about drag?  Bob: The creativity and talent hands down!

Drag Family Trees: Do you believe there is a right and wrong way to do drag? Bob: Talent is subjective, so this question is a tough one! For me, YES, I do believe there is a right and wrong way to do drag.

Drag Family Trees: What makes the drag scene in Orlando distinct and unique? Bob: Central Florida is a melting pot of all things Drag! This is what makes it unique! Drag Family Trees: How does drag benefit the community? Bob: Many ways. Fundraising is one of the biggest benefits. Plus, when you are new in town, a drag queen is always the go-to person to learn more about the community. 
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Drag Family Trees: Tell us about All Starr Management. Bob: All Starr was formed by and for Latrice Royale. After Season 4, Latrice needed representation. We (the All Starr team) knew that she was going to be one of the biggest stars ever to be on RuPaul’s Drag Race! So, Latrice gathered together five of her closest friends (we all knew each other from back in the 90’s) and created this company. We offer travel, public image consulting, social media management, contract negotiations, merchandising and shipping, and all around management services. I love being a part of this amazing and talented group of people. We all work beautifully together. Currently we represent over 30 reality stars, plus a former Miss America and an amazing photographer. Drag Family Trees: What do you look for in a drag performer? Bob: Someone who understands that drag is a job and not just an adventure. Someone who takes their craft seriously and yearns for success.

Drag family Trees: Do you have a favorite queen? Bob: Yes, but it would be unfair to name just one!

Drag Family Trees: What are your favorite drag hot spots? Bob: Parliament House, Honey Pot, PALACE (south beach), and Revolution.

Drag Family Trees: What are your goals in the industry for the next few years? Bob: Well oddly enough, April 8th marks my departure from public life and pageantry. I resigned from pageantry in 2011 and just last year, had a “Final Bow” retirement performance at the Parliament House. I love the business and the community, but, after 30 years of serving the community, I am now looking for new goals and a new way of life. Don’t assume that I wont be back, but for now, I need to remove myself from being a leader in the community and simply “lay low” for a year or two. Drag Family Trees: Any words of advice for new queens? Bob: Yes!  Beware of people who could care less about your well being. So many people out there want to ride on the coattails of those who have paved a way for themselves in the community. So many bullies come into our community and bring chaos with them. They are self-indulgent and will only be here for 15 minutes, but those 15 minutes are sometimes enough to ruin others lives! Watch our for those people and know who you are and what you stand for at all times! Being true to yourself is the BEST way to gain success!!